I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

I tried brewing tea with the captain.

That's why I asked about the area that day because there was a rare time when the customer was alone with the captain.

"Master Commander, I'd like to ask you a favor"

"Did you come up with something weird again?

While I thought it would be amazing if the white cup, which was not so fancy, became an item that would look good when the captain had it, I cut out an errand.

"No, about the research on tea."

Probably not a weird thing. Until then, if they say the tea itself is weird.

"You research how to make tea, you want to produce more in bulk. So, to do that, I want to do a collection of Heddell and Durke. A lot. I wanted permission to go into the woods alone for that."


The captain just didn't look good.

"It's okay. I was able to safely learn magic and even advanced. The magic is pretty inexhaustible, too, and I think you can walk with the magic of a shield, and then you can walk with ice spears and other magic."


The captain holds his forehead.

"It would be theoretically possible. Your magic is stupid, too. Instead, they're going to be suspicious when they take Frey."

"That's right..."

About elementary magic.

If you're a crusader and have magic, it's not strange to be able to use primary magic.

But in this short period of time, when I said I even fixed advanced magic... just suspicious. I'll be talking about what the hell skills make that possible.

"There's a place for people from the town under the castle to pick it up, right? I don't think it's a problem to go out there like that."

There are many people in Ichii who can't even use magic. There is a place where even these people and children can collect.

It's a place where you're taking care of your surroundings. If you don't cross a certain line, you won't be attacked first. Probably around here, inside the Knights' line of alert.


The captain also nods.

"And that tea, too, I wanted to sell it if I had any excess. To many more people, I want to spread the goodness of tea!

I will insist with my fist all the time. I didn't think you'd be suspicious. That seems to have worked.

"It would be nice to spread the word... I would be willing to sell it as a cup of tea that can only restore my strength. But for your tea, it's only after you verify that normal people don't mind mixing something up."

"Oh, right"

I know I'm the only one who can make tea by frying it.

But you can do it, you should make sure that my magically altered tea doesn't have a weird magical effect, that it doesn't degenerate when someone mixes what they like.

"You'll be in a hurry, so you can check now"

"What, the captain?

If you will cooperate with the experiment yourself, I will be stuck in the head by the standing captain.

"You're the owner. You'll be obliged to see what your pet can do."

"... thank you"

"And you can't let Frey do it."

"? What's wrong?

When I checked before to see if I could make tea other than mine, I wondered if it was okay because Fray did it for me.

"Are you dissatisfied with me?

"Not really!

If the captain will do it, that would be enough or awe-inspiring.

But I said I'd do it, so I'll just take you with the captain and move you to a room with a kitchen.

"Then mix whatever you like with your tea and try to brew it. What can I do for you?

"Speaking of which, I was bringing this"

The captain offers a square can. Speaking of which, I thought it was unusual that you were carrying things today.

"I'll do it to you. Even if I do, I'll have to ask Eval to keep it and make some tea."

"Is that tea?

When I open it, it smells sweet, noble and heavy with a fluffy scent......

"You're a rose! It smells so good..."

I can't help but smell the smell. It's a fluffy scent. It makes me feel like I'm coming to a huge luxury store.

"It was brought yesterday by the Earl of Barkaus in his place of greeting. I don't have much. I'm sure you'll only be able to use it for personal use."

"If you don't mind, if you order from the captain, I will serve it"

"Even so, doesn't it have other effects when you brew? We have to make sure of that."

"It was..."

Subtly, this ability, it's troublesome. That's the first time I thought.

It's hard to drink milk tea or something. Oh, but I'm in potion with magic, so I guess I should get out of magic. Then I feel like the magic effect is going to go away.

First, ask the captain to brew the rose tea.

On the side I also poured hot water into a pot of tea leaves mixed with roses at the same time.

But I can't help but worry about my neighbor. I feel like I've witnessed the captain brewing tea or something about the holiday captain.

Pour it into the cup and confirm.

Of course, my tea worked perfectly.

"Rose Tea. Effect: Scent of the shield, +50 for defense. Skill Proficiency + 30"


A fuzzy rose tee became an armed potion. I can't tell if it's okay, but would it be pretty good if I had +30?

And the captain's rose tea.

"Black Tea. Effect: Restoring Your Strength +10"

"Oh, the captain's is just staying the same, restoring strength. Good......"

"What happened to your tea?

"Eh, defense is up. It may be stronger than the magic of a shield."

"You're insane, anyway."

That being said, that's what my magic is all about, so I can't help it. Yeah. I'm glad it wasn't a weirder effect.

He experimented with some as it was and confirmed that even if it were a milk tea, it would only restore his strength for what the captain would make.

I've produced many cups of tea as a result, but I couldn't drink them all.

"Uh... Captain, of?

"No particularly suspicious effect"

I handed out to the five knights who came, no matter which one I chose, saying no charge.

The captain told me not to be suspicious with a serious face, and the knights roughly took the tea away.

Don't tell me the captain, who was somewhat satisfied when he told me it was delicious later, thought it was a bit awkward.