I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Went to the woods to mow the grass... went and helped people

I went out to prune Hedell the next day.

I carry a basket, because I'm too suspicious, and Dr. Olvé and Mr. Helga instruct me to remove the cloth covering my mouth, and I ask the knights to accompany me on a patrol around the picking place.

The captain told me, "If I let you go alone from the beginning, I will definitely do something about it." He asked me to give him guidance.

I was going to ask Mr. Helga to introduce me to someone, and I thank him very much - if I worshipped the captain of the regiment for a long time, he looked disgusted. Why.

Don't tell Mr. Frey, by the way.

Because I think if you don't prove you can go and go home first, you must say something troublesome.

While everyone was holding their mouth, Mr. Frey set off for a tour of the streets.... forgive me. I'm very grateful you're worried, but sometimes it's important to act alone.

When I dropped Mr. Frey off, the coffee shop put a bill on him while he was closing and went to collect!

We arrived quickly in the woods where we could collect.

Having been briefly lectured on the situation and the rules around me, I broke up with the knight and started acting that I was going to patrol deeper.

Start by activating the magic of the shield. Because it's too late since something happened.

I used intermediate magic even though it meant that if I did, it would be a very preliminary demon or a creature such as a snake or mouse.

"Uh, give me the windshield LV1."

When I pressed the button, a fluttering green wind surrounded my body. Though that hasn't stayed that way for a long time, I can see a glittering green light on the tip of my hand, so I can see the activation going on.

"I guess the effect time stays the game. Suppose it's about 30 minutes, I'd like to call you back... I'd like a macro"

I want to be able to automatically rework the magic every half hour, although time would increase if I used it more than once and got to the level. Ask Sora next time if she knows how to use it.

Anyway, I wandered around with the shield magic activated.

Discover Heddell immediately.

Well, it's like weed, so I can find it right away.

Using a knife, cut the chisel, weigh it and pull the chisel tangled over the top to collect it. Not many people came to pick it up, it had grown long. Thanks to it, I repeated it about twice, about half the basket was filled.

"It's going to be over in a few more bottles"

As I thought, I took about three bottles and the basket fills up.

Having run errands sooner than I imagined, I decided to go back in the direction of town and collect the nuts.

"Oh, there's a lot of kiwi"

There was a place crowded with red fruit like nawasiloi strawberries from the original world. I shouldn't have picked them all, but let's get some.

Picking it, a spirit sings out looking like a squirrel in a beret, which was jumping near a quickie strawberry.

"It's Yura. Yura's here."

"We're making sweets again!

"Make a treat and call someone!

The spirits' interest is like a snack.

"When am I, the spirits everywhere, going to remember my name..."

Come to think of it, I've even been called a witch by spirits I met, and maybe that's what spirits are for.

That image spreads through me, like I'm exchanging information in the simultaneous sending of emails, around spreading instantly when I tell one person, "Call me Yura, not a witch".

"But right. If you make a cookie mixed with tea in a strawberry, it'll be a snack."

If you don't forget to mix tea, magic will be added to everything.

"I don't know why it's tea."

Tea master has a skill name, but I think maybe this, because of the powers of the witch, or because of the fusion of spirits, can be used now.

"I wonder if it's a system that automatically creates skills like that when you first want to make something. Because it's close to the Spirit... something like that happened?

Will Sora tell me everything one day?

While I was thinking, while I was picking the kiwi strawberries, a big rat jumped out of somewhere and bumped into me, but the windshield bounced me off Ponyo and flew me somewhere.... Will it be all right?

When I'm done picking the quickie, I'll go further towards the town.

Walking cautiously in the meantime, I ran into a snake along the way. The snake was not in danger because it would have gone away if it had been quiet.

The problem was next.

I'm out of the woods to the streets because I'm done collecting enough.

But in the street, there was a carriage being chased by something.

"So, someone!

My uncle, who was at your table, probably tried to tell you to help me.

But I'm the only person you see. No. I guess you didn't think you should ask for help.

"Lady there, run away. No, no!

That's what I said. Your uncle on the podium looks behind the carriage without a front.

Looks like it was a giant, rat-shaped demon Moulis the size of a person, not a big rat.

Chasing the carrier somewhat pleasantly, he's a bit of a hand slapper, so maybe he was loaded with something.

I use an intermediate magic windshield towards the carriage.

The rat-shaped demon approached the carriage rolled around behind it to be bounced.

Where the carriage passes and the distance is free, I use attack magic.

"Pound the ice spear."

I wonder what it will be like. I was wondering if there would be footage of the same ice spear as the game.

Mixed white and blue, one, two, three chilled spears...

"Wow, hit the demon quickly!

Weird. Too many though LV1! This was not good. I was in a hurry, and the five ice spears hit the demon and froze it by the way, collapsing all at once and the demon disappeared.

Has your uncle witnessed it? I looked back and the carriage finally stopped and my uncle, who saw this one, looked at me with a grin.

"Oh, could your daughter be a crusader? You've already defeated me! Thanks for the help!

My uncle, who got out of the stopped carriage, rushes over and holds my hand, turning with joy.

"Hey, I had an item that could get rid of that amount of demons, but I forgot I was running out of uses. I had no choice but to escape. I'd like to thank you, if you don't mind, but after going to the Sigur Knights castle first, I'd love to have you over for a meal!

Oh, are you running errands for the Sigur Knights?

Then there's one thank you I want.

"Then why don't you give me a ride to the Knights' Castle? I'm just on my way."

I was going to walk home a lot, but now I have a leg.

I was glad to move easier, and the merchant said, "Is that okay? Even so, he agreed."