I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

The range of coffee shop guests is likely to widen

My uncle by the name of Mr. Jörn seems to have been a businessman.

"I'm walking all the way around the southern half of Arlendar. That's why I'm used to demons on the streets. There's a lot of demons here."

As a result, they ran out of items that could be attacked by magic.

Ah... I'm sure the massive collection of demons the other day is also relevant...

At the same time, I get a little anxious.

Are you saying there are witch candidates everywhere? I gather magic on demon stones, so I think someone is going to be a witch. Otherwise, we don't need to gather magic.

Oh, you know, after the fusion experiment, I'm going to try and replenish the magic right away and prepare it? I'm going to need a lot of magic to be a witch.

... Let's hope it doesn't matter.

"Whatever, it's good to follow you safely. I keep the letters, too."

The round-faced uncle smiles and manipulates the horse as if relieved.

"Is that a letter?

In this world, postmen operate only inside the town. Or not by the name of a mailman. Ask them to keep it in church and take it far away from the pedestrians and the people who come and go from town to town.

"This is what makes a good penny, isn't it? Even when the product isn't selling well, it adds up a little bit."

"Really? That's good."

Sure, letters, they're expensive when you think they're about to come out. When you pay an approximate fee, the letter is stringed and a ring of iron for the price is put through the string.

The letter is accompanied by the first amount paid and the starting point, as well as the signature of the person who carried it. Whoever carries it can have it turned into money when he accumulates the ring and goes to the nearest church.

If it had been decreasing without a signature, it would be a system that would allow you to reach the person you carried if you followed it, so if you wronged it, you'd be blacklisted in the church.

And yet, the church is so scary.

I'm holding the registry, and I'm holding the mail. I can look for people if I want to.

When I think you're holding personal information, I get a little nervous.

But one thing, I was convinced.

"Oh well..."

The captain reminded me of a story about an old time when Auntie and I were alone in a lonely place.

That was because it annihilates the Spirit to nagging, but I thought it was a terrible way to treat a child, even though it doesn't affect people, but it doesn't get anywhere near them except for certain people, or even though they were noble sons but only a few servants.

But what keeps me away is that maybe when I was involved with the leader of the Spirit Church, I was frightened when I was also frightened.

Still, I don't know about the parents who left their children, although I think the aunt of the captain who has been with them for a long time is a very good man.

"Is your daughter a wizard? It's not uncommon for me to come pick it up alone, but instead of driving it away, I was surprised I knocked it down in no time! When I found out, the demon collapsed and tried to disappear."

Mr. Jörn seems to have seen only occasions when demons disappear.

Good...... If you're a pedestrian, I think you watch the demon battle a lot. That's why I want so many ice spears. Something that might make me realize it's strange to come out.

"No, what a rush I am. I can only use a little magic. That's why we can only go to the woods where the Knights are patrolling."

Good thing I didn't see it, I deceived.

While I was doing that, I was coming back to the castle.

As soon as I got to the castle, the knight at the gate told me:

"Yura, did you ask that person to help you!?

It was.

If I was the only one who could make a previous cup of tea, that's definitely how I reacted. Yeah.

But now I have intermediate and advanced magic! It feels like the Wizard 40LV is going to the level. Even though the witch's skills are still 20LV.

For the first time, I tried to help people, and Mr. Jörn went to the knight first.

"No. I helped this crusader. Oh, I say Yorn the pedestrian"

The knight watched with amazement the good-looking smile of someone who thanked him.

"Oh really, Yura...?

"Even so. Please defeat Moulis like he magically made that rat giant. Oh, I've been entrusted by the church with the task of delivering letters. This is the Knights' letter."

Uncle Jorn leaves a grin, takes a bunch of paper out of the carrier and gives it to the knight.

The knight who received it still looked incredible.

"I knew Yura was closing the coffee shop today, and I went to pick it up, but I didn't know I could even help people..."

"For once, magic is available. I didn't have a problem collecting it."

"I thought she was the only one who could make tea..."

Mr Jörn, who hears the words of a smudged knight against my claim, says there.

"What is a coffee shop? Is she running it?

It must have been strange that he was a crusader and could use magic, but he was running a coffee shop and making tea.

"Yes, it is. Will you get some rest? I keep a little rare tea."

I grinned and asked Mr. Jorn out.

"Well, is that a rare cup of tea?

Looks like Mr. Jorn, the merchant, ate up there. If it's really rare, you thought it might be business.

Maybe I'll make Mr. Jörn my first customer about spreading what Sora says about tea, and it'll go well.