Mr. Jörn wants to sell the product at last.

A knight's squire was first to lead Mr. Jorn to Mr. Eval. Because Mr. Eval has an accounting relationship.

"In the meantime, why don't you check with the captain or someone else?

That being said, I decided to visit the captain for the first time.

Remove your jacket and gloves so that you can go out to the store before moving to the building where the team leader is located.

"Are you going to open the store?

Just out the entrance, I can speak to the magnificent knight. He's becoming a regular at the coffee shop.

"Yes, I'll open the store in a little while!

Answered, I first put the basket with Hedel collected inside the coffee shop, then headed to the chief's office.

Speaking of which, aside from delivering tea, this may be the first time I have visited the chief's office by myself.

I'm a little scared, but I'm talking about work, so don't do it, or shut up and put it down.

I knocked on the door.

"Excuse me, it's Yura. I have a report for you..."

Before I could finish, the door opened.

When I hurried away from the front, I could see that the captain had opened it himself. The captain who grabbed the door knob looked down at me with a relieved look.

"What's up, Yura? You had a problem picking something up?

"No. That's okay. Yes. Instead, I've been helping people, and I'm getting involved with it and I want to report you."

"Let's hear it anyway"

That's what I said, the captain let me in the office.

There just didn't seem to be anyone in the office. Speaking of which, Mr. Eval had been called in for Mr. Jörn's business by now.

"You didn't get hurt?

"Yes. The magic books I received made me learn magic to advanced, so the area was perfect. I thought there was a lot of magic, so I kept activating the wind shield the whole time I was collecting it. So the animal that hit me was bounced off, and he flew off somewhere."

Speaking, the captain's eyes changed from worried to frightened.

"As for magic, sure, I wouldn't have a problem extending it if it was your amount... The animal flew away?

"Here's the big rat, pounding and sky-high if you think he's coming in"

Is something wrong? Wind Shield reduces Hit Rate and Attack Damage by playing enemy attacks with wind, right?

But the captain taught me to bite and include.

"Yura. Playing animals high in the sky with a windshield is impossible if you're not quite familiar with it"

"Impossible...... eh"

Don't you!?

I could see why the captain had a frightened look on his face.

Shit...... Even though I remember magic damage reduction values and magic character descriptions, I just thought that if I could put them down in real life, I would definitely be able to do this much.

"If you're a normal person, the animal will be to the point of bumping into you and rolling back. Think of ways to weaken it if you don't tell anyone or use it in public. Or we'll find out about your anomaly soon."


Oh, good for you to tell me. If it stays like this, in front of Mr. Frey and the others, "I'm fine. Yikes!," he said, almost letting Bashibashi demons play and fly.


"Perhaps your magic should be observed and taught a normal response or not used."

The captain thinks.

"Eh, I have trouble not using it. I'll manage to contain it! Attack magic is a bit uneasy too, because it feels dangerous if you don't figure out a way to contain it."

"And attack magic?


I told you earlier about when I helped Mr Jörn.

The magic of an ice spear that only comes out once if I remember it, that five have come out.

"So the merchant managed to avoid being able to help and be seen, but when I used it in public for a bit, it felt bad. When I learned elementary magic, it didn't happen."

Yes, when I bought the elementary magic book and showed it to Mr. Frey, it was normal. It was really the magic of the fireball and the magic of recovery that seemed to be elementary.

"There will be one difference. After using elementary magic, I would have let the Coo Shy and the others break the magic formation to absorb the magic. Didn't that give you the magical power to use?

When you absorb magic, does it act like your skill level goes up on its own or something? But all levels should be 1...

To me roaring, the captain said as he slapped his shoulder.

"I'll go check to see if your magic is something I can control in the near future"

"Yes, please"

I can't ask anything other than the captain to confirm it, so thank you.

"So that's it. I promised the merchant who helped me to have some tea, okay?

"There won't be a problem. All you have to do is say it's like magic medicine."

"Thank you"

I got permission from the captain, so I'm just going back to the coffee shop, boiling water and keeping the door tag 'in the open'.

Until Mr. Jörn arrived, I washed the Heddell I had picked. I only add leaves to it because I have two pans.

At the end of that task, Mr. Jörn came with Mr. Eval.

"Oh, it's so fresh to have a shop in the Knights' Castle"

You look surprised, Mr. Jorn.

Surely it would be unusual for a store to be open in a castle like this. I have memories of a previous life. For me, I've also seen a landscape with a convenience store in the bureau or a cafe at the end, so it could be in a Knights castle, right? I felt about it.

"It's in the Knights' Castle because the owner's tea is a substitute for the same treatment as magic medicine."

"Holy shit!?

Mr Eval gives an explanation, and Mr Jörn is surprised.

"When tea is magic medicine... is it like a herb?

"That's right. Although the effect is that you can get tired. I'll serve you some basic tea, so try it. I want you to tell me what you think of the flavor, because it's fine."

I gave Mr. Jörn regular tea that he should drink rather than explain.

"Thank you, then."

Mr. Jörn, who put his mouth on the tea,

"Well, it smells good and it doesn't taste bad..."

On the way to mouthing my taste thoughts, I stop the words and keep an eye on them.

"This... is certainly a magic drug. What a sickness this feeling of being able to get tired all the time"

"Even the knights can be sure that the restoration of their strength is confirmed by the measuring stone. It's rare, isn't it?

When I said so, Mr. Jörn nodded firmly.

"It's a great cup of tea. Where the hell are we producing this? It's as rare as you'd like to get if you could, and there will always be plenty of people to buy it if you sell it."

I thought in my heart that "it took" Mr. Jörn's words.

"I'm making it magically. I can only produce small quantities, but I wanted to spread it to all kinds of people. First of all, I'm just trying to make sure that those of you in this Knights know how good this' tea 'is."

Don't put forward the desire to sell too much. But I'll try to know you're willing to sell it. That's how I would love to hear it from Mr Jörn.

If I had been able to make something that you could say so, Mr. Jörn would do his best to ensure that he spread the word, and I can believe that even if I were the business partner, who is neglectful about business, I would not do anything aggravating.

That's where Mr. Eval snapped.

"I see... are we talking about a sale"

Turning around, I felt Mr. Eval's eyes glow blindly.