"How long is it going to flow as a product first?

I shall answer Mr Jörn's question by answering the current reserves.

"Is it about two sachets for today? So it's going to be a very small number."

I think the tea in the sachet is about a kilogram.

I also spray a barrel and make sure I have more for when I need it. Normally this is enough. Because it is the amount of 500 cups of tea that can be sifted per bag.

But as for Mr. Jörn, who goes far while doing business, I think it's a small amount.

"Me, I plan on doing business here for about a week or two, can I increase the amount in the meantime?

"I'm just studying mass production right now. I was wondering if I could offer you a bag of wheat if that worked."

A bag of wheat has about 25 kilos.

If the experiment to turn Hedel into tea later is successful, Mr. Eval will be able to negotiate to have a lot of Hedel come and get a lot of tea ingredients quickly in exchange for the price.

Then you should be able to prepare one barrel in about three days.

If you go pick it up yourself in between, you can also create considerable reserves in a few weeks.

Surprisingly, it costs money to purchase Heddell tea, Durke tea and red flowers, so if you can just handle the cost of collecting them on patrol... No, I'm talking about Mr. Eval, so will it be taken care of for labor or something?

If you ask the Knights personally, they will make you do a side job during your actions as a Knights, so no matter how loose the norm is, you will be hated in the fantasy world.

Mr. Jörn, on the other hand, seems to have decided that's all right.

"Okay. First a bag today. And if you were to sell another bag of wheat, how much would it cost? As for this rare tea, I was trying to sell it high in Wang Du..."

Mr. Yorn takes notes and charcoal brushes out of his nostalgia and writes about the price of the sara.

"How about ten gold coins in sachet one?


Gold coins!

I almost screamed! Danger. Danger.

But ten gold coins is amazing. Approximately 200,000 yen.

Even when I run a small store with my grandmother, I've rarely seen such an amount.

I mean, the price of a kilo of tea I've seen in my previous life should have been like 2,000 yen or 3,000 yen. Even though tea doesn't exist in this world, can I get that amount......

In the first place, serve this shop for 300 yen a cup of tea. Thinking about my labor costs or something, wouldn't tea leaves be a more expensive result than serving in a cup?

I almost said I could be a little cheaper... but Mr. Eval put his mouth on it.

"When it comes to this tea, shouldn't it be considered as a magic medicine? When I think of a cup as one healing pill, I think it would be worth about five cress. Doesn't that make five silver coins appropriate for twelve gold coins?

By the way, 5 cress is worth about 500 yen in the previous life of Japan.

It's a world where many people can use healing magic to heal minor wounds, so potions of healing, etc. are about the price.

Mr. Yorn offered 200,000 yen, and Mr. Eval told me that 250,000 yen was right now.

Sure, if you think of it as a healing pill.

"Oh, wait..."

"It's new, so even if it's too expensive, you won't have customers to help you"

"But if you find that your energy, which you can't recover from other than sleep, can be improved, you will find those who can even get their hands on it higher."

I made another stop at Mr. Eval trying to put me down and keep the business going.

"Wait. I'm rather surprised it's too expensive!


"You're lying, aren't you?

The two people who looked back turned a surprise to me.

"It's not a lie. Because I want to spread the word in the first place. Even ten pieces of Mr. Yorn's gold are quite expensive."

"But a cup in this store is five cress, right?

I nod to Mr. Eval's words.

"I serve it as a ready-to-drink cup of tea, including my rent. So are the recovery pills, right? But this is just tea leaves. At least half......"

"It'll be too cheap, won't it?

Even Mr. Jorn on the buying side looks anxious to me, and I'm a little shaken up too.

"If you know how it works, you're sure to sell it!

That's what Mr. Eval pushed me to, and I got lost.

"Ugh... then I'll make it the first Mr. Yorn's offer!

More than half the price converted from a cup of tea.

"But when we can do more mass production, we'll lower the price even further. I want to spread the word even in common people's homes so much that sometimes I can drink..."

Claiming so, Mr. Jörn and Mr. Eval broke me.

"I'm fine with that."

"That's what producers say, and it doesn't mean it's too low, so well. I just wonder if there's a limit to mass production, so it's going to start with the wealthy."

Even though Mr. Eval said a lot, it was good because he nodded at me.

I dropped Mr. Jörn off again tomorrow to bring the contract.

"Oh tomorrow... ten gold coins..."

When I suddenly think I have the money on hand, I blur wondering what to do. If mass production fails, should we use that as a basis to purchase tea leaves?

Mr. Eval, on the other hand, was sipping tea served later, almost with his face.

"Now you're going to be able to give money to collect ingredients, too. I'm sure you'll ask us to do it, won't you? I heard you went to the woods wanting a lot of Heddell."

Mr. Eval smiled.

Oh, no way. I hoisted the value in anticipation of that profit?

I don't think Mr. Eval is better off.