I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Mass Production Challenge and Magic Adjustment

After that, a few customers came and pulled up with Mr. Eval.

The customer is gone, so in the meantime, I'm going to make a mass production challenge.

Leaves with two pots. How many tea leaves can this do?

"Lets Challenge!

Cup with water first. I can put a little magic in here. It's going to be outrageous if you can get a lot in, so about three seconds.

Be a tea - keep in mind.

Add water to a small pan and bring to a boil.

It boiled right down because of the low amount. There, grab a leaf and put it in.

Then a goblin spirit appeared out of the fluttering hot air.

"Ooh, success is the same already!

Before me, which makes me happy, the spirits on the pan twirled around, and at the same time the leaves rose with the hot air, and a moment later they fell flat.

The moist, wet leaves are discoloured and turned brown.

Fluffy spreading around is just the scent of tea. Looks like you don't have to mix Durke tea.

You can make tea with one kind of tea leaf, right? I thought I made it with Hedell alone, but it's going to work.

"I want to brew it and check the color and taste, but you should dry this"

I kept the pan on fire and flew a little water. There were just three customers there, so I took them off the fire and spread them out on the table.

I looked after dropping off the customer's response and the leaves in the small pot were dry and curly.

"Well, see what you can do."

When you open the status screen and touch the tea through the screen.

Tea A. Effect: Heal your qi +20. Skill Proficiency + 20 "

"That's working and stuff. I mean, tea a?

What is it, quality? But I don't think it's a bad idea.

But will this change if we put more magic into it?

"… so yes"

I'm getting excited, so I'll try to make tea again.

Now I put plenty of magic into the water, boiled it in a small pot and added leaves.

It rises so that the hot air can play.

From there, all three goblin spirits came out and danced in circles, and when I thought they had disappeared, the pot was already out of water.

Instead, the sparkling brown leaves still shine there.

"It's glowing"

Tea leaves gleam in pieces. What is this? Anyway, I tried to dry it.

In the meantime, I'll have a taste of tea a just now. Aroma, flavour, color. Exactly everything is tea.

"Hedell alone really made tea!

This is easy because you don't have to buy a lot of things.

If you ask Mr. Eval to collect Hedel, he can make infinite tea. Finally, we just add magical water to the pan, bring it to a boil, and then add the leaves in just a little bit. You should figure out a way to dry it off. As it is now, I take the place.

"I wonder if I can add or subtract it with the magic of fire"

Let's reconsider when we have a magical confirmation with the captain.

The leaves containing a lot of magic were also dry when I checked after responding to about five customers who came in again, whilst I wandered through my head about that.

"And I knew it was glowing..."

More than just now, it glitters in the light of the sun. It looks like a jewel in the shape of a round brown leaf.

"or, Confirm"

I opened the status screen and thought I would be.

"Witch's Tea. Effects: HP Recovery 1000, Atmosphere Recovery 100, Magic Recovery 500, Skill Proficiency 100"

"Can I say tea no more... this"

But I convinced myself about the other day's cou cy thing. I did magic on tea, but it probably worked like this on Coo Sea, too. That would make you happy to recover your magic.

"Let's just..."

I know I'll be using it on quests again, but I can't show it to people yet. I put it in a small container and it went inside the shelf.

Still no customers came yet, so I decided to do another two.

"First let's see what happens in about a second"

Magic to transfer to water. I wonder what would happen if this were about a second.

I just ran it and put some leaves I grabbed in the boiling water.

The spirits in goblins appear from the kamado when the hot air soars. So when I rounded the hot air and made it look like a ball, I hit the pan and went back to Kamado.

"... Sounds like it's turned into some kind of different tea?

I think throwing smoke is the same tea I've been making.

Look it up, you're right.

"Black Tea. Effect: Heal Your Strength +10. Skill Proficiency + 10"

I made the same tea as before.

But now I know.

"Right. Add or subtract magic."

The magic I used today to help forests and people is buttoned. Could it be adjustable if it's a way to cast a spell?

"Attack magic is going to be bad..."

I bring a vase decorated in the guest seat.

I folded one on the way and tried the healing magic with one button.

The folded spot is undone. On the contrary, new stems came from the base of the leaves. It is definitely not LV1 of recovery (small), but about recovery (medium) effect.

"Deep place, source of life..."

When I start chanting, I feel a stream of magic that I didn't feel back in the day go from me to the flower in front of me. I somehow stopped the spell on the way and touched the broken part with my fingertips.

That's all I do. The place that had been disconnected all along came back to normal.

"I see. I guess I should stop along the way"

As for attack magic, let's add and subtract it when trying it out with the captain. Maybe we can stop the spell sooner.

"It's cool to skip the spell or something...... But we need to find a way to make sure Mr. Frey doesn't find out."

You think I'm gonna whisper? Let's try different ways.

I was just thinking about that, and people came into the coffee shop.

It's Mr. Frey.