I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Mr. Frey's condition was different than usual.

"Oh, hello. You've already made your rounds..."

"Mr. Yura."

Mr. Frey, approaching with a slightly frightened face, seems to be right back from the patrol.

Did you get on the flying lizard, the blonde hair is slightly disturbed, and I feel rude in my eyes looking at this one only.

Oh, this sucks.

I immediately guessed. Probably already found out about my outing today.

Mr. Frey just said something about it.

"I heard you went to the woods alone today, didn't you? You told me you weren't going anywhere today."

"Uh, suddenly I changed my mind... But I gave permission to the captain."

I take a step back as I answer.

"I used to go into the woods and mountains in my hometown, too."

Take another step back.

But every time Mr. Frey packed the distance.

"Plus, the magic is available, so if you're in or out of the woods by yourself, you'd be fine, right? I'm not even a kid."

Shit, there's no place to back off anymore.

When I was cornered at the window, I had no choice but to enquire about Mr. Frey's trends.

I told you I'd come with you even if I said I wanted to go to the woods because I meant Mr. Frey, who has become overprotective. But if you leave me like this, I'm sure Mr. Frey is going to accelerate overprotection from anxiety and my range of action is going to narrow.

So after I got back safely, the captain should have asked Mr. Frey to talk to me. How did you find out first?

"If I were a kid, I wouldn't have allowed the captain to do it, so I can't tell you."

Mr. Frey stands right in front of me, hands on the wall and says:

"I know you're not a child. I can't even treat you like a warrant. But I can't treat you like a woman in town because of your circumstances."

You're in trouble, aren't you?

Mr. Frey, while saying so, looks down at me with eyes that make him observe.

I felt uncomfortable there. It's like you're trying to find something from the way I answered.

"Besides, he's in a special situation, and he's the one who does the most unusual things."

That's what I said and they put their hands on my head, but Mr. Frey's hands are cold...? Like someone nervous.

"It may be okay to go to the woods, but think carefully about helping people. I know I can use magic. But there are times when the demons that leaked on patrol are strong, and you don't know if you can handle them when they strike back, do you?

"Oh, yes."

What bothered Mr. Frey seemed to be his use of magic to help Mr. Jörn.

"Yes, I'll be careful"

Although I honestly nodded, Mr. Frey's expression remained the same. Or a little stiff?

"So, Mr. Yura. What kind of magic did you use?

"Ah, the magic of the fireball..."

I can't tell you the truth.

Only the Captain knows that intermediate magic can still be used. And the only other person who knows you have the magic book is Mr. Eval, who will obey if the captain tells you to take your secret to the grave.

"I see."

Although I nodded, Mr. Frey's expression remained the same. How could you?

I knew something was wrong with Mr. Frey today. Though I felt like you seemed kind of sinking yesterday. Am I not feeling well?

Doubts have come to mind, but they blow right up.

"I know I'm going to the woods, and I can't say anything more than the captain authorized. But I hope you're a little more adult and don't make me worry."

Mr. Frey, sighing and nagging, bent his back to weakness and stuck his forehead on my shoulder.


"Promise me you'll leave."

Ugh... I can't make a promise. What I'm trying to do is against Mr. Frey's will all the time. To the wishes of the captain.

But this attitude! That's just not good. Not good.

The emotional expression of people in this world is, in other words, Europe and America! Because there are so many elements, even if you're not family, if you're touched or crying, there are so many hugs.

That's not the situation right now.

Besides, Mr. Frey's probably telling me to ask him what he wants me to do if I want him to leave.

So this is finally happening, and Mr. Frey knows exactly what the impact of his actions is. Sometimes I get thrilled. Something that made me want to get away in a hurry and I would promise Mumble.

But Mr. Frey. I'm a sloppy person, too.

"I'll make an adult..."

I promise to keep my mouth shut.

My chest hurts when I hear my words and when I finally see Mr. Frey with a relieved look on his face. Because he's worried about me, and I think he's going to do this.

Anyway, it's a lie that you'll find out after not much time.

I must think a little, lest Mr Frey be surprised then, lest he be sad.

I'm sure Mr. Frey will have to hate me.

But beyond that, if you can protect this guy who helped and cared for me over and over again, I think that's fine.

I was thinking about that as I looked up at Mr. Frey's face, who had finally left me.