I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Magic training is one in the evening.

"So... is mass production going to work?

"Yes, you can now make tea as long as you have Heddell. It's easy because you mix a few different things, like before, and you don't even have to fry them right away. But with today's magic, if I can get it to dry quickly, I won't have to take a place."

Now I was flying over the sky.

In the evening, the captain seems to fly for the dragon's movement. We decided to take a ride and try to adjust the magic away from the castle.

Basically both dragons and flying lizards let go into the sky once a day and come back on their own. However, it is also necessary for the captain to ride regularly.

"Anyway, this will put a lot of money in! Thank you, Captain. Please tell her that Eval is grateful for negotiating with us."

Perhaps in Mr. Eval's case, the captain would be more than happy to convey his gratitude.

Then the captain says, "Oh, that's him..." slightly tired.

"You're the one who likes to deal with money. Use it at best. That's the man who wanted to be a family order more than a knight in the first place."

"Oh, I think I know"

When it comes to money, it sounds icky and I enjoy moving on the orders of the captain very much.

"In the first place, he was like," Why did you become a knight? "I can't help it either. That was originally a hunter's boy. When it came to the Duke's family order, there were family members who served all the time, so it was difficult."


If it were a lower aristocratic house, it would also remain the case that civilians were on family orders. But in the traditional Duke's house, there will be clans who have kept the Lord's secrets for generations. It must be tough for Mr. Eval, the pompous one out there, to interrupt.

"Then they decided to be knights so they could walk about the side. He was a talented fighter. Rather, even if I want to be born myself, I'm likely to put it in that position..."

You're an all-rounder, aren't you, Mr. Eval? But, Master Commander. Perhaps Mr. Eval hasn't thought about a life other than with the captain?

I wondered why I let you in so much... and I guessed.

"When you lived away from the Wang capital, did you get to know Mr. Eval?

"That's right. You got it."

I see. I trust Mr. Eval even with his troubled face, probably because he was one of those who supported me in hard times.

Does Mr. Eval care like a mother bird who protects her eggs about the captain because we met around that time too?

"Mr. Eval seems overprotective to the captain, so I thought that might be the reason for that."

To be honest with you, the captain laughed.

Looks like you arrived at your destination then.

It's a place in the woods where sampling people can't get close, but it's inside the alert line.

Here, first of all, you won't be informed of the situation even if I use magic.

The demons have been defeated in large quantities to give you traveled in one case the other day, so they're getting less.

When I got off in a slightly open place, it was time to the point where the day was still tilted but a little dimmed.

Nevertheless... Master Commander, I wonder if it would have been otherwise good to be made fun of. And, think back to what happened before you left.

Even though the captain rarely said he would take me with him, both the apprentice knight in charge of the stables and the knights who went with him had kind of a raw grin. I know... that air like that.

I remember. Or was that the side that sends the gaze in previous life.

I guess you're dating, those two...... you're going to be hiding it......

I'm actually a pet and an owner.

Besides, that pet is scheduled to escape sooner or later. I just want you to forgive me because I will return the favor, but is there anything in the way of the captain?

Though he doesn't look like he cares.

And what I recall there is the words of the captain that he is unwilling to marry. So maybe he thinks it has nothing to do with him, even if he looks at me like he's watching.

Anyway, it's a magic experiment now.

I tried magic all the way first.

"Um, don't be surprised you don't have to cast a spell, do you?

"... because that's a witch?

"Probably, I think so. Let's get started."

Let's start with elementary magic.

I looked at the status screen and it was LV2 at some point, but it usually doesn't make a huge difference about that. It's a little more damaging.... on the game.

But if I used a fireball, I would come out five at a time, and the wind would just cut it off, but I cut off the trees in a remote place and slashed them down.

"... with very little use. This is... definitely an anomaly"

"It is...... Next, we'll go intermediate."