I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Magic training is two in the evening.

Ice spears, after all, came out five.

And the trees ahead that flew away become like tree ice.

I think the captain was confused because he shut up for a few seconds. He then quietly expressed his opinion.

"... if they had seen it, they would have thought that the merchant was a named crusader or sorcerer. I would have been too suspicious if I told you I was selling tea"


I can take the word of the captain. I'm really glad they haven't seen it......

"So, how are you going to add and subtract?

"Actually, come up with a way that looks like you can add or subtract it! I'll try to use the wind shield, can you see if it's normal?

Attack magic knows what to do because I'm checking on the game screen. But defensive magic. This is the most suspicious. Because even if they explain in the game that it's going to be played, they really don't know if it's going to fly or if it's just going to end up being played a little bit.

"Wind walls, streams..."

I read out the spells displayed on the status screen. But I stopped along the way.

Still, the wind gathers around me. Fluffy green colors are visible from time to time. Feeling less radiant than last time? To the extent that I can see a slightly colored wind.

When the captain picked up the tree branches nearby, he threw them lightly to the extent that I could be taken.

Hit the wind shield though, get bounced and roll nearby.

"This would be normal."

"Is that true? I knew if I used it without thinking about it, it would be dangerous..."

Three verses. Of a spell, if you stop it by two verses, it seems normal. Good.

"What happens when you use it without thinking?

"I'll give it a shot"

I pushed a little button to activate the windshield. Yeah, I knew the green of the wind was oddly sparkling. When the captain threw the branch, it flew high in the sky and far away, as he had fully swing the bat back.

"... that's insane"

I stared ahead as the captain flew away frightened.

"Now I finally know that the difference is terrible..."

I was the one who thought it was normal, it was crazy. Now I understand very well.

I'm really glad I didn't show it in public. Danger. Danger.

"I'm sure this is a terrible thing to do with the primary shield."

"Stop using it. Or use it weakly. It's suspicious what happens to senior citizens at this point. I want to avoid seeing anomalies from the castle, so that it is only for use in times of danger of life"

Copy that, sir.

Then I challenged the way to weaken the magic of the fireball.

"I want to braid some magic that I can use to dry."

"I forgot what skill it was, but it seemed like there was some kind of magic to create a hot air"

You're a magician, aren't you?

It's something that wasn't a game, but there's some hairdryer magic in this world. Come to think of it, you don't need a bath or a hairdryer in the game. That's why it didn't have to be unnatural, right?

But when I think about it, there's no way I'm going to develop a refrigerator and not a magic device that I can use as a hairdryer. It would be natural to want to dry your hair right after bathing.

"But if you use that, the wind will make the leaves fly, won't it? More like this, just add heat so you can just let the moisture fly, or something like that. I wish there was a drying method. Is there anything I can use to weaken it..."

I want to warm up and dry faster.

I would rather have been dehydrated. It's a magical tea, so you don't need oxidation or anything. But it doesn't seem like the magic equivalent of dehydration.

As a result, it was suggested that the magic did not go well and that the captain could not do something with the magic props of the hot air while in the pot. Do I have to try that one...

But because I spoke of my passion for drying it, or as the captain of the regiment relieved me.

"Looks like you're trying to get stronger in a hurry... It's a little reassuring to see you care about tea all the time."

What does it mean to be only dodgy at first but reassured that you care about the tea...... I think that one. Because I don't use weird magic while I'm brewing tea?

"Can I be relieved that I'm so weird? Because of the circumstances of the example, I think it's only natural to be protected like a child."

When I say that and laugh, the captain says, "I know," and he does his hand on my head, which has forced the magic to end.

"If you were a kid, you wouldn't have to think about it."

What kind of things...

I imagine something a little too much. No, it can't be. I just became aware because everyone turned my lukewarm gaze on me as I went.

'Cause you do, don't you?

The captain told me that he didn't want to get married. You shouldn't be willing to do that with me at all. Yet if you're conscious, it's annoying.

Though I thought it was me, I stroked it, as the captain did to the flow of my hair.


"Neither do I. I don't know if I can stay in the Knights forever. As long as you have an example and a contract.

won't be able to leave me. It's just that you're an adult. When someone comes out and says he wants to take you, I can't stop him. "

Oh, that way, I was relieved.

Even though you have a subordination contract, even if someone applies to marry you, there are circumstances that prevent you from responding, so the captain is in trouble as to how to do it.

But the captain. I don't think so, probably.

Something where there are still a lot of men, but you guys don't get along, but not one person shows that kind of look.


"But I'm not going anywhere unless I finish my contract with the captain. I can't think of a place to go, and no one's ever asked me out."

When I said that and laughed, the captain said the name.

"... what about Frey"


I'm a little sure.

For me right now, the person I feel closest to is the captain or Mr. Frey. Then the captain goes on to say something terrible.

"I heard you didn't wave away Frey's hand today"

"... mi, look..."

I thought they were looking at me, and the captain told me, "It's Eval".

"Heh... heh..."

Whoever was watching, I'm too ashamed to want to escape. I've stopped feeling that way when I need to ride a dragon or horse or when I come into contact with it, but I can't do that. In everyday life, the way Frey approached you is in the range of colour tricks.

But that's to make me say something.

But I'm pretty sure I couldn't shake it off... A little, because I was at Mr. Frey's side and had a lot of contact... I did get used to it. I made you nervous, so I felt like I had no choice.

Even me, if Mr. Helga jumps in front of me, I'll be desperate. I guess I'll even get anxious to go outside and not even let them go to the roof of the building to dry their laundry.

"Um, Mr. Frey's just a little unstable because of me... so I'll probably settle down one of these days, I'm sure. It doesn't mean anything about me."

"If so, what are you going to do?


While the captain said so, he shook my hand.

"What if they say they want to make it their own, meaning love"

The forefinger of the captain blocks my mouth, which I almost said was impossible.

"I'm not willing to let you go yet. Claim to be mine in some cases. That's what you want, isn't it?

I was in my head, I didn't catch up on my understanding.

Does the captain mean that he won't allow me to nod to it, even if others say he likes me? Or in the first place, I think it's a problem to be intimate with someone other than the captain with a secret.

But, Master Commander.

I know it means owner, but you keep talking about love, it's mine, you don't let go... you're scared I'm gonna get it wrong, right?

I think it's the words, but my face feels so hot.

Touch your lips, because of the captain's fingertips?

Anyway, I tried to get away from the captain's finger and nodded. If I poke him in the forehead, he's just embarrassed, so it's small.

But was the captain a satisfactory answer?

"Then we're leaving, Yura."

That being said, the captain stops talking and walks away to Vilta, the dragon who kept him waiting.

Though I could not keep it solidified for a few seconds, I was called again as usual and rushed to the dragon of the captain.