"Could the breeder possibly expose the subject from the owner?"

There was no point in Eval saying that either.

If Frey didn't think he'd come to report it, he was visiting Yura's first. Eval saw it from the outside, but Frey was too close to Yura.

Even while Lucien thinks this is the second time... Eval says with a puzzled look.

"I understand that Master Lucien treats her specially, and I know roughly why..."

"Wait a minute, Eval. Well... what do you mean you know why?

Raise your voice to a word that you will not hear, and Eval snapped his neck.

"Didn't Master Lucien feel more comfortable with someone he didn't like lying to for a long time? Master Sirene, who was my grandmother, also didn't like lying. So is my mother."


Lucien breathes.

It's about Eval, so I was anxious that a hell of a word might come out, but Lucien was relieved when a very normal word came out.

"And then... you must be the one who finds out I won't betray you. Yura doesn't lie to Master Lucien... isn't that certain?

Lucien clings his mouth to the pompous and continued words.

I haven't even told Eval about being a witch. Even if we know he'll never break his promise to Lucien, yes. In obtaining the Magic Book, he only talks about "I say tea master, because magic seems to work, to get him to be strong fast".

But Eval seemed to have something to feel from the end of the word.

"That's why Master Lucien. I was wondering if we should do it so that we don't let go of those we can trust. If it was for that, would Frey use any hand to keep away, how would you like it?

"You, Frey and I would have been close there, wouldn't we?

Lucien is puzzled by Eval's words, which sounded somewhat radical. Eval with lots of togues everywhere, but because Frey and I should have been doing well. But Eval gave me a decent look back.

"If it's going to be an obstacle to Lucien, it's not as much a problem as it is."

I laugh at Eval's biased subordination while feeling somewhat powerless.

Ultimately, I suppose you think only Lucien and a few others can believe it. Neither that nor this is because I have been involved with Lucien since I was in a position to be isolated and despised.

Those who give back their hands or are surrounded only by those who look good on the upper side, are the ones who made Lucien feel bad for a long time.

"It won't be enough to get that far. It is also my responsibility, given that I was originally involved with Yura on my orders. Plus narrowing Yura's options..."

Yura says she belongs to Lucien. She laughs that's okay, she doesn't feel like she's running a dangerous thing.

She is not the Spirit, though the said Lucien feels as though she has all her rights.

If you can let go of that power that made you a witch, or if you have the art of sealing it, you will no longer need a contract, and you will live freely.

Is it a good thing to stop, even if such a Yura was trying to give her heart to someone?

Anyway, I haven't broken the position of a friendly guardian. Because I like it, and I don't even know if I can break that position...

"If that's what you're saying, I will"

If Lucien opened his eyes to see what he was going to say, Eval said with great pleasure.

"Shall we persuade Yura about tea to negotiate the right to commerce as the Duke's? When it comes to management and funding also being assisted by the Dukes, perhaps Yura will start thinking only about tea and not at Frey's. If Yura herself was the Duke's keeper, it's possible to keep Frey away. And all of a sudden, you want to do R&B so you can make tea, even if you don't have to grab some strange magic like Yura... Dear Lucien?

Lucien unwittingly laid his hand on his forehead and got annoyed.

"You don't have to go that far... Eval"

"Are you left-handed? Okay, let me know if you need it. Oh, because it's in the possession of a mess and a mouthful to run a coffee shop."

Nod about it there.

It seems that Yura has some business knowledge because she was selling small items at home. But many people see their feet when a woman is their opponent. It would help if Eval were here.

"More than that, what happened to the demon stone thing in the example?

Magic formations that were collecting demons. That could have been broken, but the demon stone that it was there was gone. As a precaution, Lucien had someone set him up around to find out if there were any traces of him recovering.

"I didn't seem to find anything in particular. There are too many demons gathered in the first place to see if there are people around..."

"Right. When was the first time you made sure there were no demon stones?

"You're from Frey's squad. Anyway, it's not a big one, so it's something you can't confirm without going nearby, so we haven't been able to confirm if it was right after we broke the magic formation."

"Is Frey always the same?"

Eval nods.

He said it was almost a battle.

... and that's where the door was knocked.

Eval opens, then sends Lucien his gaze once before letting him in, and he leaves the room.

It was Frey who came in.