"I'm here to report a patrol, Captain. The south streets are fine."

Frey looks like he always does.

With him, there's no way you can hide your feelings, Lucien thinks.

Rather, it is possible that I am strongly under the impression that otherwise it is normal... because of the viciousness that keeps me from stopping in combat.

How far is he serious and leaning his heart towards Yura?

Thinking about it, I feel somewhat resistant to my mind. Yes, does it make you feel like your dog would have done it to another human being?

Suddenly, I feel like trying Yura. I want to see which I miss.

"Thank you for your hard work. I have one more story to tell you."

You'll need to tell them that Yura went to the woods alone to collect them. If I had visited Yura first, I would have known, but I opened my mouth and Frey blocked it.

"You mean Yura, right?


"I heard you went to the woods alone to collect. I didn't know it was a problem in person... But Captain, why did you only keep it a secret from me? My men seemed to know if you asked, but I heard they stopped you."

Lucien answers the question as expected.

"If it's a place where even non-combatant people can get in and out, there shouldn't be a problem letting Yura in and out. I won't have to check with you. [M] Besides, you don't like it, and I thought you might make it for some reason. Was that my concern? I'm sorry if I did."

At this time, Lucien deliberately put it in such a way as to induce an answer.

If you really don't feel like it, you should answer that even if you get caught up in these words, you're worried. Also, if you don't have a strong desire to hear out your sincerity, you would just say yes.

But Frey didn't think it was a good idea.

"Yeah... that's not a concern"

Frey says as he looks straight at Lucien. The glance seemed as if he was trying to challenge Lucien.

"I don't think I should let her out for a while,"

"But even when demons rallied in the woods the other day, Yura is usually joining the crusade to achieve results. You can't tell a man like that not to go where even an old woman walks, can you?

"She is a victim of contraindications experiments. I don't know what will happen. In fact, there were some strange things about the crusade the other day, because I fell asleep, albeit for a day. On the patrol to the alert line before that, it was okay to walk around the woods for more than two hours."

Frey just said he wouldn't give in, he said quickly.

"After breaking the magic formation, the magic that was probably used to make it work was spreading to that place. If Yura was under the influence of it and she was in a bad shape, wouldn't it be necessary to look a little further and observe it in a humane place?

"You think her fusion with the Spirit has given her a more demonic physique?

"As far as I'm concerned, I think so"

I think Lucien is here.

Surely if you look only at Yura's situation, it's not strange to think so.

I'm also relieved to find out that Frey hasn't noticed Yura's incredible anomaly. If you assumed it was because of absorbing magic, it would be a hassle.

But to keep Yura away from everything, I can't isolate her.

There's not much Lucien knows about witches either. So with that skill gained, he asked the Spirit if it would be better for her to be there without anything.

The Spirit also tells Yura she should be free.

- She's safer when she gets stronger.

So I thought learning magic shouldn't block me either.

"You just have to hide it somewhere safe," it doesn't mean.

Saying so, Frey approached Lucien and said:

Get your hands on the executive desk.

"Don't you think Yura matters?

... I feel like I've only been heartbroken for a moment by that inquiry. But Lucien is not lost.

"Protect more than you decide to protect. But she can fight now, to a certain extent. What do we do with unnecessarily restricting behavior? He just can't breathe."

If she stopped even going out to pick it up, Yura would feel deprived of her liberty.

As an accomplice in concealing being a witch, I accept the magic of following Lucien, but even that may turn out to be slight.

Lucien doesn't want to lock her up.

I want to make sure I choose to be on my side.... This is a bit like a dangerous idea, too.

Put yourself up on the shelf like that, says Lucien.

"Frey, you're overreacting a little bit about Yura. Let Yura go of you for a while. Normally, you don't have to watch her anymore."


Frey pulls his mouth together.

"I proved that I had enough power to use magic to help others. Even if you don't protect her, it means she's strong for the degree of knight apprenticeship. You won't have to keep an eye on someone like that forever."

"About spiritual fusion..."

"So far, I don't see any noticeably strange effects. Instead, for him, he just had more ability to use it. You'll have to check with Orvé every day."

Rather, there is a problem with other people seeing how they crumble. Especially in the future, when Yura's magic will increase and her abilities will increase...... Just one case of spiritual fusion, I don't know if I can be deluded.

I guess Frey thought he couldn't complain about the decision. I'm staring at my desk.

So much...... I wonder if your obsession with Yura is deep.

But is this from Frey as a heterosexual? Do you mean to think of the person you took care of as your sister? I can't be sure of Lucien.

I can't hear you clearly. I think it's too much into my personal life in the position of captain of the regiment, and even as I've been watching Yura, it's hard to hear.

And I get sympathy for the look on Frey's face that makes me do something. If it were me. If they tell you to stay away from Yura.

Of the first would have been possible, but now......

"I didn't even tell you not to have a conversation."

Unexpectedly, Frey looks up as if he's annoyed.

"Okay. I follow orders."

To Frey, who obeys honestly, just a little, Lucien felt uneasy.

Maybe that's why.

Then he said something to Yura, who took him out to the woods, confirming his intention.

Let me make sure it belongs to me, and let me tell you that I won't leave.

I felt so relieved that I didn't like it, but it was also true that I felt filled.

I couldn't decide what I should do when Frey tried to get a position where he could make a grand claim against Yura.