A few days later I made the tea at once with the Hedel supply I had been asking for from Mr Eval.

Heddell gathered like a mountain thanks to a clear collection of forest patrols and patrols along the streets

"You can have 20 cress a cage."

That's what I said. Mr. Eval smiled and piled up outside the coffee shop window.

... No, I don't mind that in one cage, but I was surprised that I caged 20 cages at once and was pretty massive.

I gave my money to Mr. Eval and just made some tea.

Drying tried my best with the dryer magic of hanging a cloth to keep it in the pan and not flying away. I cooled the leaves with the lid open. When I use it later, it dries quite quickly.

And delivered it to Mr. Jörn and got even more enormous money.

From the purchase value, I make a lot of money, and I can't stop laughing at something. Ugh. I've never had this kind of money for a few days of labor.

"What shall we do with this money? Spend money on the interior of the coffee shop first?

But when I asked to repaint the walls, I had to close the store. Well, come on, let's think.

"And then little by little, keep your money in storage"

One day after I get stronger as a witch, when I publish that, I think I'll need to come out and live alone.

At that time, of course, you won't be able to produce tea for your peeves.

"... oh well. Should we keep it in mass circulation for that matter?"

Then all you have to do is sell it everywhere and walk in the guise of people reselling tea flowing to the market. Slow down, you can knit out a slightly different way to produce tea and go out to another country and sell tea.

"Once the witch problem is solved, though."

If we keep this up, I will eventually bump into people trying to make witches. They can experiment, so powerful magic can be an enemy.

If we're going to fight, no doubt even witches are going to find out.

The next day, I decided to go pick it up again myself.

I want to get used to going to the woods and, if possible, to normal magic.

I've been thinking a little bit since then, if I get used to saying only one verse of the spell, I should be able to use magic without looking at the status screen. I think it's more suspicious because you can use magic without acting suspicious.

"Well, I don't want to get hurt, so I'm gonna defend myself with a regular windshield," he said.

I just walked into the woods and stopped seeing people, and activated magic.

The light green wind surrounds me, as confirmed by the captain. There are only low-level demons out there, and there should be enough enemy attacks here.

As such, Heddell doesn't have to collect it herself to get a ton of it, so she decided to look for some kind of kiwi fruit like she had collected the other day.

The other day Kiichigo ended up jamming it.

When you add it to your tea, "Kiichigo Tea. Effect: Avoid attack (weak). Skill Proficiency + 15 '. Makes for a pretty good cup of tea.

It's just that the knights don't really like sweet tea, so they don't serve it in the store. So I still paint it and consume it when I eat bread.

If I had other nuts, I'd like to try them, so I'm going to collect them.

"Ah, wild strawberries"

Same strawberries I normally sell, but this one's native to the woods. Strawberries that unexpectedly grew as long as the soil matched were flowering white or bearing red fruit on one side of the spot they found.

I picked strawberries so hard, I stopped and got up where my little bag was full. When I looked back, strange people were approaching me from afar.

"There's a guy just wandering around by himself."

"And a woman."

"Oh lady. I'll give you a lift out of the woods."

A typical cuttlefish complaint? Is it conscience to just take the money away and just give it back to me......

And I remember just thinking about it.


These people must be from your quest to make money. When they ask me to come and get the bad guy who cuts off in the woods, knock him down and hand him over to the Knights, he's the one who gets paid.

Even if I belong to another Knights, I can tell because the fine quests are pretty much the same.

Besides, aren't these people the ones who tried to snag me in town before?

I thought I'd just have to give you the money and get away with it then...... I'm fine. I'm stronger now.

"Roll the vortex. Atmosphere..."

Speak only one passage in a low voice. That activated enough magic.

A tornado of two widths for two adults that occurred hits the three of them, bouncing them off trying to escape.

"Because when the damage comes in, it's easy to work...... all the time. Put a book of the night on its eye lid..."

Using the magic of sleep, the three people who fell to the ground quickly fell asleep.

"Like it works too well? Oh, well."

When I thought about it, my magical aptitude was a terrible number. There's no way it won't work.

That's how while I let them sleep, I tie them up with rope.

Just in case, it's good to have a thin rope to put Heddell or something together.

"Oh, I can do that, can't I?"

If it's all done and you think Banzai, they roll further away in the gust. Because of the tie with the rope, the nearby trees didn't even grab it.

It probably hurts to bump all over the place, but it wasn't if I cared about them either.

Relax, stick to the trunk of the tree on the side.

That's how I looked up for the source of the wind, and I would have opened my mouth to Pocahontas had it not been for the wind pressure.

It's like a giant building.

The figure grew scales of reddish brown color...... lizards.

But what's not lizards is that they have sharp fangs on every single head of construction and four horns.

And big skin wings on the back.

That's exactly in dragons.

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!

As I nearly blocked my ears from the sound of the dragon...... I was, obtuse.

"Why the dragon..."

Because if the witch doesn't call, the dragon shouldn't show up.

Someone else already... has become a witch enough for a dragon to call?