I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Fire dragons and encounting in places like this.

The dragon came out.

That's what the witch used the power of the dragon to summon.

Its purpose has not even been revealed in the configuration materials. Anyway, the dragon strikes the town of Tanastra and makes Tanastra an ingredient for the Arlendar kingdom's conspiracy because of its unnatural movements.

As it is, it becomes a source of conflict between Tanastra and Arlendar.

So it is this quest that the leader of the Sigur Knights retains the dragon with his special abilities and fights the dragon in the mountains close to Tanastra.

There are several reasons why the captain made it that mountain.

For dragons who are also half spirits, that mountain has the power to inhibit the movement of dragons.

Special ore produces it, but it weakens the power of fire, and it seems to be full of ice spiritual power.

In the game, defeating a small boss set for each tier on a stage divided into four tiers is supposed to further strengthen its power. Because a demon eating the spiritual power of ice is nesting.

If you defeat it badly, the spiritual power is weakened.

And dragons get stronger, so they're harder to beat.

... Well, even if I knock you down, Tanastra's going to be following the monkey.

Because the dragon first passes Tanastra, not Arlendar, and blows one of the flaming braces in your forest.

But we need a dragon crusade to claim we have nothing to do with it and gain an advantage.

Therefore, there will be a crusade by the Knights.

"Before that, there was damage to the forest or something!

Layla said it was flashy and beautiful - in the footage, the dragons were raging around.

Even around the castle of the Sigur Knights.

What should I do? What should we do?

"Attack the murmur, Hate, and if I earn it, I'll come down to this forest, and to call Sola to listen, I can't make pancakes here and now!

Even while I'm saying that, the dragon is about to throw up a flame.

For once, I was observing the dragon's brace of the captain, though I found out the precursor.

"Something magical, just blow it up...... hmm?

Though I was hoping I could just change the direction of the flames, let the magic say something and even use the magic of the windshield in the woods.

I just opened the status screen and stopped looking at the suspicious button flashing that came out to my right.

"Channel D…"

You, Dragon Channel!?

Anything anymore. Anyway, if that dragon can stir up, then I'm all hail. In this case, it should be hard to locate where you heard this one up close because they are too loud.

I breathe and then push the button a little.

And I screamed in my own voice.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!!

Fire Dragon: Hih!

Suddenly I hear a loud noise and the dragon is surprised. He finally shuts his mouth and looks around with glaring eyes everywhere.

Heh, I did it... I thought if I was suddenly surprised, it wouldn't be anywhere near blowing fire, but it seemed to succeed.

Why don't we just keep doing this until the captain runs off?

That won't even spread the damage. And they shouldn't even suspect me of manipulating impossible magic or anything.

All right, one more time.

Where the Fire Dragon opened its mouth, I screamed.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Fire Dragon: Ugg, Shafu

I only breathed in the breath I tried to throw up, and it seemed like I could.

But that made the Fire Dragon seem angry.

"Fire Dragon: Oh, my God, this is!

The Fire Dragon turned over and roared, like an angry mind.


I wonder if my voice also has a shock wave, the trees turn up and I fall on the spot too.

But with an unintentionally raised voice, the Fire Dragon seemed to consider my whereabouts.

"Fire Dragon: You're Around...?

Shit. Shockwave range is wide, but some place has been narrowed down.

Besides, the fire dragon is huge.

"Fire Dragon: Don't be ridiculous... I won't kill you for free..."

Hino! Too scared of words to be displayed!

Fire dragons then let out the wind.

I run away in a hurry.

Even though it's still far away, it only reaches through the trees under the wind pressure. I was about to fall and cling to a nearby tree, and when I stopped, I tried to leave, but now the Fire Dragon breathes.

"Fire Dragon: The Smell of People...... Is it the human wizard who imitates this?"

Oh, no. My smell? No, there are some people earlier, and there may be others collecting in the woods.

I cut off the channel communication and think.

"............... Shield of the Spirit. You can use it."

As it is, others are sacrificed.

I activated the Shield of the Advanced Magic Spirit.

Fluffy four different spirits appeared around me, generating a transparent shield with gemstone cut-like twinkles around me.

"This is next!

Thoughtfully intermediate magic, but activates an ice spear. I hit the fire dragon.

From the Knights' Castle, a little further away, in a place you will surely not see, on the feet of a dragon.

The Fire Dragon said, "I'm stuck! Like," I grabbed the left leg where the ice spear hit and searched for the source.

... For a moment, I think I've got eyes for fire dragons.

No, definitely. I keep looking straight at you.

"Let it be, Spirit. Water Shield"

Spirit A: Whoa!

The membrane of air that covered the surrounding area glows pale in water color.

Still anxious that it wasn't enough, I activated the wind shield a little too.

A second later, the Fire Dragon attack came.


Fire dragon braces. But you're alone, and you insulted me, so it was thin as a fire line, so it's not that powerful yet, I wanted to think.

The wind shield managed to bounce the fire.

But I can't kill the momentum, and the fire just splits, and it looks like the surroundings have turned into a sea of fire.

I felt the temperature slightly increased. Maybe this would have been hot without the shield of the Spirit.

And after the fire broke off, he saw me still standing there, and I felt the Fire Dragon slammed his face.

"Why don't you die..."

Anyway, the surroundings are burned by fire and the trees and grass are burnt black. A painting with trees shrugged like rubble and better vistas has me.

Of course Fire Dragon opened his mouth again.

Now it is time for all the braces to come. Are you sure you can stop him unharmed? The spirits,

"Spirit A: Come..."

"Spirit B: Now intercept with double spiritual power!

"Spirit C:... fire doesn't make me a servant."

Spirit D: Good luck with the wind somehow.

And I'm so motivated, and although the shield of the Spirit sparkled in three colors on its own, I'm scared!

Because the first person to use advanced magic is a dragon or something, which is a little outrageous!

Where he fled, the Fire Dragon moved his gaze.

What, did anyone else find someone else? Though I lashed for a moment, I could see the person at the end of my gaze as well.

It's a little dragon riding, though. The color of the person's hair on board is silver.

It's the Captain!