I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Let's take the dragon to the mountains.

The captain goes straight to the dragon.

And I raised my sword.

Lights like the one that reinforced a meteor's flash of brilliance abound.

It was enough to turn away unexpectedly until I did.

Did they use any technique, screaming like a fire dragon would suffer, rising away from the captain?

In the meantime, the captain stepped down to me. At any rate, there is only one place where 20m squares were burned. I was standing there pompous, so I guess it was easy to understand.

"Yura, are you all right!?

"It's intact!

"Then get in!

I don't know why, but I don't have time to ask why. Before the Fire Dragon came here again, I turned off the magic of the shield and put it to the captain's side.

The commander pulls up his extended arm and sits on the dragon.

Immediately the dragon floated lightly as if his weight had disappeared.

We should have gone up to the sky in no time, but the fire dragon that fled high in the sky is returning.

"Lead that fire dragon to a place where it won't fly around"

"Yes, Mt. Gulveig."

It's a mountain where you fight the Fire Dragon.

But after I say it, I realize I was accidentally in my mouth.

"How did you know?

The captain asked me, and I panic in my head.

I don't know how to say escape... In case of trouble, Mr. Spirit, you can count on me!

"Um, like I heard the Spirit say that the Fire Dragon would let him stay in Gulveig!

Tell me for yourself. What do you mean, like I asked?

But since the situation was exhausting, the captain seemed to listen to me.

"Okay. I'll drop a dragon on that mountain anyway."


Keep your doubts in your mouth, me, I know. That the captain beat the Fire Dragon to the mountain with dragon braces and spiritual art, and took the power of the Fire Dragon with the power of the sword he had.

"If we manage to use the power of dragons and swords to the fullest, we can go. Instead, for a while, this sword will only be capable of normal force, and by the time it becomes available, the dragon will be flying again..."

In the words of the captain, oh, I thought so.

I was wondering why I couldn't stop Fire Dragon from stabbing him if the game made him keep him in the mountains but he had all that power.

Even with the power of the captain, you couldn't do anything about it right away, like you're out of magic or something.

But we need to hurry up and defeat the Fire Dragon, so he said he went crusading in the Knights.

Because if you let it go, the Fire Dragon will regain its power and be able to shake off about the spiritual power of the mountain.

"Keep your eyes closed for now"

The captain turns to the fire dragon and waves his sword.

I hurriedly closed my eyes but felt a strong light through my eyelids as well.

I can hear the dragon scream.

By the time I opened my eyes, the Fire Dragon was trying to escape from our side.

The captain chases the Fire Dragon as he rises high.

Did the Fire Dragon take a lot of damage earlier, and the speed of flight is slower?

The captain's dragon gently arrayed over the fire dragon.

With the unnaturally white mountain of purpose in front of him, the captain waves his sword down.

Now it wasn't a strong light.

A sharp purple thunder is unleashed, striking the Fire Dragon.

As pushed by the shock of thunder, the Fire Dragon safely fell to Mount Gruveig, covered in white and frost.

While swirling the dragon, I observed it with the captain, but the dragon is unlikely to escape from it just because he is distressed by pain.

Eventually the wings of the Fire Dragon began to have white frost.

"That'll do. I can't move for a while."

So the captain finally breathed and stared at me.

"I'm glad you're safe, Yura. I must be over there worried because I thought it would be you"

"Speaking of which, you said you knew where I was."

Accidentally, I tend to forget, the captain's pet magic. He said he did know where he was.

"That's right. And then, if I watched the dragon move strangely, I could have imagined it roughly. If you have a demon who behaves strangely, you're usually involved."

"I don't think it's necessarily me..."

But the Fire Dragon made a strange move because of me. I can't argue with you.

"I would have magically attacked you. Don't be impotent. Keep it as long as you want to."

The captain seemed to see me all the time.

"But Master Commander. The forest as it is..."

Even part of town could have been damaged.

"I know. But you don't have to do more than you can. Leave it to me otherwise."

"... Yes"

I just nodded and the captain hugged me all the time.

"Really, you just keep blubbering me"

"Um, captain?

That. I've been in contact with the captain a lot, but I don't really hug him. Is that it?

"I'm sorry I made you worry so much"

"Oh, I thought I was worried. That's why I picked you up first. I don't want the Fire Dragon to stick to you."

I see. So you picked me up first.

I was just convinced, the captain said another reason.

"Besides, the Fire Dragon caused damage only in one place where you were. Soon the other knights will be in a hurry. I couldn't leave you. What happens if Frey finds you..."

"Thank you for your help"

I almost accidentally piled up Mr. Frey's trauma. Danger. Danger.

Something Mr. Frey might suck at this time.

While thanking you, I wanted to worship the captain of the regiment, but he is more attractive to the captain than I thought, and I can't move.

I wonder why. The captain is different than usual.

That's where I was anxious. But when I'm stuck with the captain with only a wide sky in sight, that disappears a little bit too.

Normally, if you stick with the opposite sex so much, isn't that exciting? No, although I did get excited sometimes.

No way, because a fraction of me is spirits, right? So much so that when you're with the captain, you calm down.

When such suspicion aroused my mind, the captain said to see through.

"You don't always resist me."