I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

I'll try to work out a fire dragon control.

I decided to open the store because my consciousness was going to return to the matter of the captain soon.

It's not good to be alone.

'Cause it's inconclusive grandeur, something that fills my head.

Nevertheless, there's no way people are coming to the store.

The knights are very busy preparing for the Fire Dragon crusade.

So when I said who was coming, it was about this guy.

"By the way, are there any teas that can prevent flames?

Mr. Eval, who also came to deliver Heddell today, asked me that.

"There are flame-resistant teas, but can you fight the flames of a fire dragon?

If it's a demonic flame that's not a little stronger, it'll be able to contain the injury. If you're assuming that fire dragon brace, I was wondering if it might be a shield choice for the advanced magical spirits.

From the fact that I actually prevented the braces, I think so.

"Is it still weak in tea..."

"I'll do research for once, but I don't know if I'll make it. So I think magic would be better."

"I see. I'm sure you do. Please explore at once. The first batch will be out tomorrow..."


Upon receiving Hedell's fee, Mr. Eval nodded and immediately walked away.

Still, I talked to Mr. Eval about the dragon and I think my feelings have been reset more that way.

You must defeat that which is usually a force of war, more than the power of the Captain's sword cannot be used.

That's why Mr. Eval wants something that can reinforce the knights' defenses. The Fire Dragon's HP seems very difficult to sharpen...

In my game, I belonged to another Knights, and the Fire Dragon showed up for passing by, doing demonic exorcisms. So although I don't know the details. Probably the Fire Dragon is in harder mode.

"Maybe there's some kind of magic attack besides the braces."

Talking about the internet, you think if a firedragon hits a bulky firepowder, the damage will double with a later overall attack brace? You think if you let the braces throw up more than five times, the scaffolding will scrape a little bit in a certain amount of time? I've heard of falling accidentally in that range.

At least that's all I have to tell you. 'Cause unlike games, I don't know if I can do a restart or something.

If that's what you're telling me, it's the captain. Tell the Spirit I asked him and he'll be able to go.


Gosh. I remember what I just said again.

"Forget it now. I'm sure the captain didn't mean it like that..."

Originally, there was a strange choice of words on such matters, so that was also an extension of that...... But I don't know what to think of the mouthpiece.

If I were a real dog and cat, even I would be cuddly. But I'm human. When I signed a pet deal, the captain was reluctant to recommend this magic because I was human.

"No, no. At least until the time has come for the captain to say something, think of me as a pet."

Slap both cheeks properly with your hands and kick the captain out of your thoughts.

Yes. Unless the captain tells me that's how he feels, something that only floats and imagines me and just empties.

I just slapped him on the cheek and it didn't work so I brew the tea and drink it and get back on my mind.

"... uh, I hope there are other ways"

Fire dragons didn't feel manipulated, even though they were called by witches. That means I can't even de-state it with tea, like I did with the Spirit of the Tree of Guidance.

If I could at least weaken my powers, I'd be able to fight easier, and I wouldn't have to make sacrifices.

Because the magic of resurrection is something I've never heard of.

"In the first place, I wonder how you called it in"

Did you use your magic to induce me to come here?

If that's all, I think if the captain did all that, he'd run away...

Is there a deal? Then if you can give me something worthy of the price that the witch offered, I'll walk away?

"I don't even know what the deal material is in the first place...... And if we can convince the Fire Dragon."

Fire dragons were willing to kill. I don't think you're going to listen to me.

Good thing nobody's here, I open the status screen and think a lot.

Tea still seemed sooner to make flame-resistant tea, even though I saw some tips on the top effects of tea.... Let's work on this later.

"And then I'll go knock him out..."

This is a quest, so if I were to move, it would be possible to go to Sola and take the Spirit player. If you're a spiritual, you're not going to fall off a broken scaffold. For what the Spirit of Fire does as a shield, it won't be damaged.

I just wonder if I can really take it down with that.

I don't even know if I can sneak up to the mountains.

And before I confront a witch, I also have trouble finding out that I'm a witch. Until then, we have to stay in the Knights.

Besides, we have to spread tea before I leave here. I sold it to the pedestrian, so I want them to sell it in town next time.

More importantly, whether the captain will allow it......


Looking at the status screen as I roared, I found the color of Fuji Channel D changing.

More than usual, I didn't seem to notice it immediately because of the light color change.

"What, is this, communicative?

Anyway, I pushed the button.