Shut up and watch the status screen.

At first nothing was displayed.

But eventually, although there is a lot of "…", the letters start to appear.

"Fire Dragon:... even though there isn't. Hurry up... go home..."

I knew it was a fire dragon.

But I'm pretty sure it's that fire dragon? I thought so, but it was just futile to suspect. Because since Channel D was added, here, the color of the button has changed since that firedragon arrived.

And the Fire Dragon. Does that mean you want to do something early and go home?


Think for a second. Distance from that mountain. And given that the Fire Dragon can't move, can we talk now?

"If, Mr. Fire Dragon"

"Fire Dragon:!? Also... from somewhere..."

He seemed surprised to hear a voice even though there was no human figure on his side. Speaking of which, even before the battle in the woods, I was surprised.

But that's right, Mr. Fire Dragon didn't just seem surprised and anxious

"Fire Dragon: Others... A Witch?... Now... Let"

Oh, it looks like we can talk about something. And Mr. Fire Dragon seems to recognize this one as a witch, and he talks fast.

But the radio situation is bad.

It's a mess, and it takes slightly longer to understand what the Fire Dragon wants to say. I wonder if I can do something with magic, like antennaize it. Or poor contact?

I thought so, so that I could magically turn it off once and switch it back on.

The color of the D button became clearer earlier. Take a look, my MP is going down by a point every second. Does that mean we've got a magic supply?

Fire Dragon: Hey, are you listening?

Oh, I think the comms are cleared. It was just what I thought.

And the Fire Dragon word reaches this far, possibly in a different range, depending on the magnitude of the opponent's magic power.

Coosie probably has a wider channel reception range than Goblin. Let's try it again.

Another way to use the channel spread......

No, no, now it's a discussion with the Fire Dragon. Somehow, I just need you to come home.

"Uh. Uh, I'm a witch, but how did you show up around here?

Let's check the situation first. If you don't know what's going on with the Fire Dragon, you can't grasp the end of the persuasion.

"Fire Dragon: That means you're still a different witch than you called me... Why so many witches?"

Probably because of the experiment!

I thought so, but the story is going to derail, so there's no comment.

"Fire Dragon:... I see. Was that girl who blocked my flames earlier a witch?"

"Thank you."

I thought I didn't have to hide anything, and I replied.

"Fire Dragon: Was that forest your garden? Shit... unlucky to make"

I've never seen a firedragon tongue punch or anything like that before. It's strange that I'm able to talk to Fire Dragon in the first place. Around there already, I'm not that surprised because it feels like a game.

"Um, why did you try to burn that forest? Did the other witches tell you to attack?

In the first place, in the game's trailer footage, Fire Dragon was voluntarily trying to burn the forest. It feels like the destruction of the town is next. So I thought it was confirmed that there were others, the witch's instructions.

Fire Dragon: The source of my power is flames. Because it was not enough, it almost created a flame and replenished it. If it's full, the Spirit King's Sword, etc... "

"It was because of the meal!

I can't believe you baked the woods in the making of rice, luxurious or annoying......

Mr. Fire Dragon, I really want you to go back to your nest. So pursue the cause.

"What have you been commanded by another witch?

"Fire Dragon: You little bitch! I can't believe I'm ordered!

If I was nearby, I thought the Fire Dragon would bark and yes, but unfortunately this one is a character display, so I'm not afraid. I was lucky with the sense of chat.

Like an email, this channel is pretty good to be able to chew and handle their words even for a little while.

"So you made some kind of contract?

Fire Dragon: How to Retrieve My Hometown and Make a Deal

"Uh, hometown?

Was this Fire Dragon losing its place to go back to in the first place?

Fire Dragon: People have lost the power of the fire in the mountains where I live. The way to get it back is to destroy it. The purpose of the witch is to destroy the ruins. "


The place where the captain dropped the fire dragon is near the border.

Speaking of which, the firedragon, who was about to be defeated, before he died, is throwing out a fireball towards Tanastra and destroying Tanastra territory.

Thanks to Tanastra, "I would have let the Fire Dragon attack you!" which caused the Arlendar kingdom to become obscure.

Could there be a ruin there?

... If we can stop it, there will be no more conflict?

That said, Fire Dragon apparently made a contract and undertook the destruction. Do I have to break that contract and find a place to move? It's so tight......

Thinking about it, Fire Dragon laughs.

"Fire Dragon: Cook...... You're thinking of getting rid of me somehow, little girl. But I can't cancel this deal unless you get my hometown back."

After all, because of his high intelligence, Fire Dragon seems to foresee this idea as well.

But you shouldn't do that. If we succeed, instead of everyone getting hurt, we can also make quests about the conflict.

Even if I want time to spread tea while living in peace, I have to hang in there.

That's why I decided to cut off one end of the communication.

"Thank you for your valuable feedback. We'll be in touch."

"Fire Dragon: What? I'm contacting you again!?

I was confused as to what the hell the Fire Dragon was, but I pushed a button with Pooch to cut the communication.

All right, I have to talk to Sola first.