I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

To get the dragon to cool off the contract.

Check the amount of cookies.

I also have pancake ingredients, so I'm fine.

I went on to create pancakes.

Tea is the new tea I made directly from Heddell. Fine it, mix the flour, milk and sugar with the refined one.

When I put butter in the frying pan and put it on which top, the aroma of butter melted softly and spread perfumed neatly.

Bake the pancake seeds made with it and prepare three.

After serving it on a plate and placing it on a wide workbench, I used the cookies for the goblin spirits in my tears.

Before I let go of my hand, the Goblin Spirit jumps on a cookie.

Hold my finger-to-finger cookies, no, they're cute......

The Goblin Spirit feels like it touched a leaf because of its low temperature. I thought it was hot because it was the Spirit of Fire.

I tried to stop thinking a little, but I go back to sanity with the Goblin Spirit phrase "Please."

"Will you call Sola? I've got something for you."

"Mizugi? Feed, I guess? Fine."

The Goblin Spirit thumbs up his right hand and says, 'Good job!' When I did the trick, I did the trick of blowing a finger whistle.

Goblin spirits emerge from every part of the body.

That's how when I summoned Sola, like the last time, she disappeared.

"Yura, thank you for calling me"

How can it sound like a gentleman when some people in town look like goblins were confused but Sora says so in a calm voice? I wonder if it's the waist.

"What do you want me to do today? Is it related to the dragon coming?

Sounds like Sola already knows the Fire Dragon is here.

"I need to ask you something about the Fire Dragon. Do you know if there's any way to break the contract between the witch and the Fire Dragon?

The Fire Dragon has a contract, so he's about to attack Tanastra. So if we let the contract be broken, the Fire Dragon won't have to attack.

We have to clear it first.

"The best thing you can do is force your magic to break that contract."

I've been suggested to work lightly.

"What, you can...?

With my magic, I can't believe I broke the other witch's contract.

Sora nodded.

"I can. I guess it's just hard to do that. In Yura's case, we'll have to make the dragon drink tea first."

"Ah... that's also a hell of a hurdle..."

When it comes to giving a fire dragon a cup of tea, I can only think of enough to add tea to a fragile water bottle or something and throw it into the mouth of a fire dragon.

However, to do that, it is imperative that the Fire Dragon opens its mouth and doesn't move.

Even if you ask someone of the knights, you'll be pretty close to the Fire Dragon.

I just stormed in right now, can't move, but Fire Dragon is smart, so I guess I'll shut my mouth or I'll be burned down every water bottle with a brace.

Suppress it with force... Then it seems difficult not to be the sword power of the captain.

But waiting for the power of the Captain's sword to come back to life, the Fire Dragon will fly off that mountain.

"Not to be able to move more firedragons...... It's not just the power of ice, it seems difficult."

While unable to move, the power of the Ice Spirit is not restraining the Fire Dragon.

I'm just slowing down my recovery.

"It would be possible if the Captain's sword could be restored sooner..."

Perhaps if I tried to defeat him normally, I would scatter the offense when I murmured him during death, as in the game, and eventually attack Tanastra. Then there is no ex or child.

"If you can recover about half of it, you have the means."


To my surprise, Sola smiled refreshingly with a goblin face.

"Give your magic to Lucien's sword."

"Giving magic... giving..."

The first thing I came up with when I was told,

"Tea dipping of the sword......?

It was a way to soak the sword in a glass of tea in a barrel until it recovered. But a sword can absorb the magic of tea? Exactly. It's not biologically possible, is it?

"No, no, no, Yura, that's a little tricky."

Sora taught me the solution, like nothing.

"If only you could give the sword direct magic."

"On the sword... What do you mean, should it be like tea?

If you can hold the sword and enchant it, you can do it as soon as you tell the captain about it.

I thought so, but that was not easy for the inquirer to wholesale.

"Because that sword is the Spirit itself. I can't give it like water. So... is the most efficient thing that Yura can say?

What the hell!?

"Oh, you know, Sola, isn't there any other good way...?

"I know humans have some hesitation in mouthing, but it's a sword, isn't it?

When she couldn't understand why she hesitated, Sora snapped her neck.

I can't help but wonder, but I'm not in normal condition right now!

Because the captain said that earlier... I'm nervous to see you if I can, so I want to get out of here.

Though I would if I had to.

But it seems like you can give the sword magic and use it - if you just say so. I shouldn't have an explanation to be added there.

"I can't tell you to let me mouth it!

It's so embarrassing! I'm probably hesitant to tell you this, even if the captain was in normal condition?

"But other ways...... Like painting your blood on a blade? Wouldn't Lucien say it's a good idea?

"I'd love to use that way."

I answered instantly. You just need to get your sword pulled out and stick my blood together all the time, right? Much better than kissing.

"Are you serious?

Sora gave me a very anxious look. Why.

"If you get hurt first, the captain won't even say he doesn't like it now, and you just need to paint the blood, right?

"After you've painted it, you can magic it."

"Okay, okay. Then you'll be fine first!

If that would make the Captain's sword any more usable, it would also be possible to make him drink tea.

"You should also study the tea you give dragons to drink, Yura"

Sora advises me with a kind of giving up look.

"Though I don't need awakening like the Spirit of the Tree of Guidance. I guess we should make your power an acceptable cup of tea for dragons. It's like saying," Yeah. "

"I say yes..."

Should I feel hospitable?

"And then the dragon probably doesn't work your tea well. I think you can make it strong."

"Then I might have an idea. Thanks Sola!"

I just decided to run it.