When Sola disappeared, it first took me a tea prototype.

"If it's hard to work, if you use it around the powered version of tea that calms your mind, it's a little more flexible...... will it?

Speaking of calming down, it's honey tea.

"Mixing milk with this has a weak effect...... We should strengthen it further from there, right?

I'm on the status screen, next to the name of Honey Milk Tea [!] Press the hint button.

"Multiply effect with body warmth?"

"Warm stuff?

I wonder what. It's warm.

When it comes to tea that warms your body, you mean ginger. With cinnamon tea? I also thought alcohol...... but when I add wine, the milk seems to separate.

And I can think of that in association.

"Right. It's Chai."

Definitely fits my body. In previous life, I often made milk with milk bread in autumn and winter when I thought I was going to catch a cold.

Plus all the ingredients except wine.

I checked the spices here and ran to the Knights' kitchen because two were missing.

The cook on the street, who had just come to cook dinner, was circling his eyes as surprised at me for coming with an apron.

"What's wrong, Yura?"

A slightly taller woman in her forties, a neighbor of Mr. Helga's, named Maril. She came to the laundry just before work and chatted with me, so I could get familiar with her.

With Maril, I was on duty to help with that. The apprentice knight also looks at this one.

Sorry to bother you......

"Excuse me. If I had cloves and cardamom, I was hoping you could spare me a moment."

Now that you've got what you want, you can go to town and buy more. So I was hoping you could just give me a second.

"Sure, sure."

Mr. Maril said so pleasantly and gave me the spice wrapped on the paper.

"Thank you!

Thank you, I hurried back to the coffee shop.

When you arrive in the coffee shop kitchen, prepare a small pan and start warming up the milk.

Add tea leaves as well, plus a little more ginger for my taste, and mix cinnamon, the cloves I've been getting and just a little cardamom.

That's how I said I boiled it, and I mixed two spoons of honey with my taste to sweeten it.

Cinnamon tickles his nose at the sweet aromas of fluffy aromas, milk and tea, honey and ginger.

"Chai, we're done!

Let's see how it works.

Chai Tea. Effect: Loosen your mind (strong). Skill Proficiency + 35 "

"How strong is it to loosen up?"

I think it's a superior effect of calming down, so I can imagine that it's not where I get fluffy sleepy. My heart breaks loose, so if they ask me, I'll tell them everything?

"What kind of confessor is that? I just don't think so...... If so, does it feel like you're opening your mind completely to everyone?

You think you'll be friendly if you do?... I still can't imagine.

And it smelled good. My nose moves unexpectedly.

"But I can't drink... regret..."

With so much remorse, tears are going to come to my eyes. If it wasn't even magical, I could drink it......

"Mm, magic. Magic?"

If you can add it, isn't it possible to pull it off? I simply thought so.

I decide to give it a try first.

"If you want to warm up when adding magic. When you draw magic, does it feel good to take away heat?

Transfer the chai to the cup and wrap the cup with the mittens in your hands to avoid burns.

Then make an image so that the warmth of the tea moves onto you...


It's a little messy.

It's kind of like having a cold.

"Oh well."

It's like after absorbing the magic of the Magic Formation. Just a few seconds, but I got the same feeling.

Then the tea magic should be gone?

After putting out the status screen, I'll make sure.

"Chai. Effect: Your mind may calm down. Skill Proficiency + 5"


I can drink this! Maybe my mind will calm down. So I guess it's very ineffective.

I just put my mouth to Chai.

"Amai. Yum!

For the first time in a long time, I can see myself grinning.

And slightly, I feel horrible. It has become blurred, coupled with the feeling that there is still only a little remaining fever.

"... Ha! Maybe I should run errands while I'm at it!

If you're in this blur, it's hard to remember what you just said, and maybe you can talk to the captain?

Plus now, I don't think it hurts.

Let's just cut our fingertips so we can have a little blood and visit the captain.

I take out the knife. It's what I was preparing to cut the fruit.

So I hurt the tip of my index finger a little. I just need enough blood to push my blood judgement, so I'm clear with no problem. Slightly painful, but done to that extent.

"And then before the blood dries, shall I visit you?"

Covering my fingertips with a handkerchief, I left the coffee shop behind. Of course, the store, put on the bills that are being prepared.

If the captain is absent or seems to have other business to attend to, you can heal him with healing magic once and get him out again.

"Recovery magic is convenient."

I was in a good mood and headed to the chief's office.