The effect of the tea should have weakened, but I'm feeling a little fluffy.

But because of that, I stopped being nervous about seeing the captain. The effect of tea is amazing.

But I just came near the chief's office, and I thought it would be difficult to talk to Mr. Eval if he was here all the time. However, I think the captain will take it into account when he says it's a confidential story.

... I'm going to be jealous of Mr. Eval later though.

What a thought I had, I bowled in with the two knights who came out of the commander's office.

He's also been to the coffee shop several times, captain and deputy captain of the third unit. The captain has a haircut, tea hair, brown eyes, and a sportsman-like vibe. It may be the influence of this captain that the third unit looks like a rugby club.


"Yura, I need to speak to the captain today..."

But the captain notices my hand.

Oh, the handkerchief I covered, there's blood all over the surface. You shouldn't.

"Are you hurt?

"What, Yura's hurt?!?

When the two raised their voices of surprise, they even stopped by a knight who seemed to have been across the hallway. Seeing that, plus something seems to have happened from downstairs, about three knights come up.

Oh, wait a minute. How come we all get together?

"It's just a scratch. Never mind, it's not terrible at all"

I tried to say that with a smile on my face, but the knights won't pull it off for some reason.

"No, it's not good to leave the little scratches alone. Can't you use healing magic?

"Didn't you just make too much tea and use it to the point of keeping the magic warm?

"That's not true, is it? Um, I need to speak to the captain, so please excuse me..."

I dashed the captain and tried to leave.

But the inquirer did not wholesale it.

"Cure yourself, Yura."

"That's right. 'Cause I'm gonna do the restorative magic thing."

That's what they said, and they grabbed my arm where I tried to escape.

This is the only way to think about it.

"Yorosiku Onegai Shimas......"

Blood has a handkerchief, so we'll figure it out. I realize that there, so I agree to cure it.

The knights around him looked relieved. Then the deputy captain of the third unit did the restorative magic.

A small light clutches around the wound deeper than I thought, and then heals. Only dry blood is on, but that's something you can wipe down there.

I don't have a choice, I just notice.

... I suppose I suppressed the effect, but I, I was feeling fluffy and crazy to my judgment? When I thought about it, I should have put a little blood on my handkerchief and healed the wound and went to the captain.

Anyway, I've caused the knights trouble.

I tried to thank you.

"Thank you......"

"What's all the fuss?"

Looks like people got together and they were too cute. The office door was opened and the captain came out.

And look at me and be sure.

"Is the cause Yura..."

"Oh, isn't that a little bad?

I didn't know they would say it was the cause without asking anything. No, I'm not wrong.

Then the surrounding knights explain the situation in great detail with excuses.

"Yura was walking injured."

"I think I cut my finger off. I thought you used a knife in the coffee shop business."

"So just cure me."

"Oh, I'm a wild horse"

I'm a wild horse, too.

"Me too."

Soon, they were coming to put the laundry back, one of the aunts in the laundry was lost.

Ahhh! There's no plan to sneak up on it! Besides, this will spread my failures to Mr. Helga and the others.

This is no good......

The captain says to me even more.

"Well, do we need to talk, Yura? Then let me talk to you."

The captain whose eyes sat grabbed my arm.

I was taken to the office with a groove.

Closed the door and I finally realized.

Oh, there wasn't even Mr. Eval now. This has been a shame...... If I hadn't met anyone, my plan to restore the magic of the sword would have worked.

I mumble sad music with "ru-ru" in my heart.

The captain, who pulled me so far away from the door, just asked.

"So, why did you get hurt like that? You could cure as much as you want."

Yes. The other knights don't know very well, but the captain does. If I cut it a little with a knife, I can fix it right away.

I guess that's why I was suspicious. That I came here injured.

"Well, there's a deep reason for this."

"What do you mean?"

"You're involved in the Fire Dragon thing, and apparently I see a bit of a path that I can manage. And I really need it."

Because I don't want to talk about the heart of it, I unconsciously turn it away.


The captain ruthlessly urged ahead.

"Well, it seems that by giving Fire Dragon a cup of tea of character, we can get Fire Dragon to rescind his contract."

"But how do you make him drink tea?

"That's why we need the power of the Captain's sword."

"The power of the sword?

To the captain, I spoke of the muscles that I imagine.

"First, the captain will suppress the fire dragon with the power of the sword. If someone throws my tea into the mouth of the Fire Dragon and drinks it, I immediately flash the Fire Dragon and even make it look like the wind I heard the captain say. Now the Fire Dragon grows up thanks to the Captain's sword and a little grown up with tea! Even the witch who did it won't find out! And come up with an operation to make it look like it. To that end, I thought I'd restore a little bit of the power of the Captain's sword... how about that?

Before asking, the captain even had his forehead.

"The plan itself is not so bad. In the meantime, I appreciate how hard it is to understand that you're a witch without coming forward."

Oh, I did it. But why do you look so disgusting?

"But now I know why you hurt your own finger."

Let go of the hand the captain was touching his forehead and stare at me.

"To give your magic directly to the sword, right?

... It's a big win.