That's the captain.

But I'm more familiar with the Spirit than I am, so naturally...

"You didn't think I knew?

So pursued, I start making excuses.

"I was going to sneak up on you more than if you knew the captain."

"How were you going to sneak up on my personal effects?"

"It was grand there, and I was going to ask you to let me touch it. Tell us normally that once you refill your magic, you will be able to use it once or so…"

I didn't mean to hide it there. However, there is a way to replenish the magic, only the first thing Sola suggested... I really can't tell you.

"So, he said he was going to use blood when he touched it. Is it the Spirit who did the wisdom?"

"Sir Left."

I nodded.

"That, the Captain's sword also has elements of the Spirit, because it is difficult to transfer magic just by touching it a little like water... When I asked him how, he suggested this."

"Yura, there would have been some way you wouldn't have bothered to get hurt, would there? Why didn't you pick that one?"

The captain says with a scared face.

"Oh no, Master Commander, you know that one too..."

I said, I recall to the lid. Before, when he restored his magic to me, the captain spat on my forehead...

Let's... Eh.

Master Commander, I knew it!

"Oh, but you know, you recommend that to me!?

It's today! Keep that dangerous statement, but kiss me...

Oh, what should I think? After all, Master Commander, you don't think anything of me...

So today was a pet statement after all?

My head gets confused.

That's what the captain says to me.

"Why do you hate me so much"

"You don't like it, you're embarrassed"

"The opponent will be lifeless"

Ugh, I want to cry something. And Master Commander, are you the one who doesn't care what you do if you're biologically free? Or that you arraigned me... Have you ever spoken to the Spirit to give him magic?

I felt like I was kind of stuck in my heart.

What is this? I, the captain, do that, don't you like it?

"Can the captain possibly even his spiritual counterpart do that?

That question pops out of my mouth because I feel weird.

In response, the captain answered with his neck hanging.

"You wouldn't feel the same as people, would you? Unlike dogs and cats, we can have a clear conversation, but we don't feel the same way about contact. If you do it poorly, it will feel as good as a plant."

"No, I understand..."

The Spirit is close to nature. I don't have the same feeling about people. Pets are still closer......

"Given the subordinate magic thing, pet feeling?

"Oh, is that closer? You'd make it a dog or a cat, too, wouldn't you?

Lightly said, I go all the way.

I do...... I was kissing the dog I picked up or something. Although he died soon after he was ill.

But you can't admit it here. As soon as I nod, I have to kiss my sword.

Besides, in front of the captain!

"Um, no matter how many pets, I don't really do that, so ha!


The captain said with his face close.

"Transfer the magic to me?


Oh, what do you mean?

"This sword is accumulating by receiving magic from me. Even if you give me magic, you'll be able to do the same thing as a sword. What do we do?

Ru? "

Don't let the captain mess with you. I gave you a grin.

Hey! Master Commander, are you making fun of me?

"I'll turn it into a sword"

If this happens, we just give the sword the magic, and we just have to run. When I thought about even mouthing in the hands of the captain, I thought the sword was much better, the embarrassment turned away.

"Right. Then we can't use blood anymore, so we should do it another way."

I guess it's because time went by while we were talking, and the blood hardened.

The captain offers his sword.

"Honestly, even if the power of this sword returns, it will be quite easy to defeat the Fire Dragon."

So the captain seems to have noticed.

"I don't know how much I'm going to give your magic to the sword, but aren't you going to fall or something?

"Oh, right. Unlike before, it's magical, so I don't think you're going to fall asleep..."

Previously, I fell asleep being pulled out of my magic before it became my magical out-of-the-box number.

Honestly, with a hundred grand, it won't be a problem where it's somewhat reduced. It will be the Red Line after the rest of the magic reaches 1,000 or something.

"As far as I'm concerned, I think this will fill the magic of the sword, but I'm curious what the Spirit said about half of it. I was wondering if half of them could be replenished in these ways."

I didn't think it was because of the amount of magic. Anyway, with a hundred grand, most things get changed, right?

"It's a special sword. There must be a difficult part of just giving magic normally. Look, here it is."

I spit only and tried to receive the sword the captain removed from each sheath.


It was pretty heavy. I tried to hold it with both hands, but I almost dropped it, and the captain will hold it back.

"I'll have it"

... Ku, what's the situation with this?

I felt like I was about to blush, but it happened again.

Isn't it something more hurdled than kissing the sword that holds it or normally doing it in front of you!?

But I'm the one who said I'd do it. I can't stop now for a purpose.

But I'm worried about the captain's gaze!

"Um, excuse me. Could you at least try not to look at this one?


Please, the captain turns his face to the side with his sword over to me.

Still, it's unsettling to be on your side and say something. But if you grumble, the captain with the sword will also be tired.

Do it all at once and get it over with in no time!

So determined, I said no to the sword pattern.

Imagine using magic to breathe in. I felt like the heat in me was moving to the sword so I could be pulled by that image.

But how far should I go with this?

I keep breathing power and observe how much magic has shifted on the sneak status screen.

At 10,000... 20,000... 30,000, the MP stopped decreasing.

The image that blows in also kind of makes me feel like I can't get my mouth blocked. Probably this is a cup.

I finished in about five seconds in total. Relax and try to get your face off the sword.

"Done, Captain"


I'm going to reply...... The captain can't quite turn this way, keeping me sideways.

By the way, I feel red around my ear.