The departure is tomorrow morning.

Because if the Fire Dragon doesn't deal with it early, it will regain its power.

I must be ready to make tea for the Fire Dragon by then.

I think the tea itself would be fine with a larger water bottle, given what happened at Coo Sea. I was wondering if the amount of magic I'd put in was more of a problem.

"I wonder how much magic I can get in per one"

I think it would be fine if I made it more than Coo Sea. That time should have raised it by about 5,000, so could it be about 8,000?

I just want to get three bigger water bottles in case I fail to throw them in my mouth. No, wouldn't it be okay to have five for 8,000?

"I don't know what it is, so I'd like to leave my MP at 50,000 if possible."

I don't use 10,000 even if I use shield magic a lot, but I may need to chase magic in order to let the Fire Dragon break my contract.

Anyway, what we need is ingredients.

What's it take to get it separated from the kitchen, so let's go to town alone and buy some ingredients.

I flip the coffee shop bill to [closing], do the outing, and leave the room.

"Dr. Orvé, I'm just gonna go shopping."

I won't forget to speak up to my teacher.

So I glanced at the office and there was a teacher who had rarely pulled out his armor. Probably somewhere close to the Fire Dragon, because there's going to be a fight.

"Oh, shopping? It's time to get dark, and you'll be making noise about the dragon, so be careful. Go. If you get involved again, you can use magic if it's light."

Dr. Orvé, who knows elementary magic can be used, says that.

I, you just got tangled up in the meantime...... And today, as a matter of fact, it's already tangled. I knocked him out.

That's me, isn't it, too tangled up?

I didn't go outside in the first place during the drawstring era, so I can't tell if the encounter rate is going up.

"Yes, Doctor. I'm coming."

When I went outside, the sun was certainly already leaning.

The brightness of the sky is falling a lot. Oh, there's been a lot today...... I feel like it's gone fast.

Side by side with the knight on the right and left in preparation for tomorrow, I head to the castle gate.

Stopped along the way.

"Isn't it the tea master who's there"

Few people call me by my job title, so when I turned around surprised, it was Deputy Heral who was there.

Deputy Herral, who was equipped with armor and weaved his cape, looks like he's coming home from somewhere.

"It's been a while. Are you returning from a patrol to one of them?

"I went to see how the Fire Dragon was"

Oh, my God.

They went to check on the fire dragon the captain slapped down, just in case.

"I just heard from my men there, will you join me in tomorrow's crusade as well? Isn't that dangerous?

I see, he worried about it and called me out.

"Thank you for your concern. But because I wanted to. I think I can help you with the tea."

"Is that your tea..."

The deputy commander, while convinced, still looks anxious.

"I'm going to know about the effects of tea. Fire dragons are huger than that. You don't know what it is, do you?

"Yes. So I'm going to take you to the captain"

When I answered as if I wanted you to feel safe... the deputy captain accidentally mouthed a bad drink and looked weird, like I thought I had failed.

"Right, right. Hmm. Well, be careful."

That's what the Deputy Commander said, he walked away from me.

... I have a bad feeling about this.

As for the reaction, it's close to what I said when I heard them talking to each other that I assume is a couple, but I wonder what that weird face of the deputy commander meant.

Something like that, I don't feel like I'm in a warm watching system.

"Ya, but is that okay..."

I don't have that kind of relationship with the captain. It just leaves a question.

Leaving the castle gate with that in mind, I went out with someone who was just about to enter the castle.

"Ah, Mr. Frey."

"Mr. Yura."

Though I called my name, thank God the next word doesn't come up.

Is it because we are not talking today, or because we have heard strange things from the captain?

I kind of feel like I haven't seen him in a few days......

"Hello? It's going to be dark soon..."

Although I could only say something like a greeting when it was dull, Mr. Frey still laughs at me.

"Hello Yura. Is it going to get dark and you're going out now?

"Yes, well, we're going to follow tomorrow's crusade..."

When I told you this, I wondered if Mr. Frey would be mad at me.

But Mr. Frey just gave up somewhere.

"Right. But there may be things like before, so can I follow you shopping?

"Ah, yes. I'd appreciate it if you could do that."

Nodding, he smiled happily.

That's how the two of us start walking.

I wasn't angry, but I was feeling restless.

I wonder if Mr. Frey has come to think that if he doesn't have to take care of himself, he doesn't need to be careful when I go on a crusade.

The truth is, I guess I'm just relieved... I don't know, watching Mr. Frey say nothing makes me nervous.

"That Mr. Frey, he's going on a crusade tomorrow, isn't he?

I hear a lot about it.

"... that's right. Though I can't be on your side."

Mr Frey went on to say:

"The captain kept me away from your side."