I was distracted.

In harsh words, for a moment, there was also the illusion that the wind had stopped.

And I recall the slightly tight expression of the captain.

- I took it out of my service to make you observe.

The captain added an explanation because I no longer needed watching, but there seemed to be a more cynical story with Mr. Frey. I feel that kind of nuance.

For more reasons, I guess we shouldn't pry. It's between the captain and Mr. Frey.

I don't think even Mr. Frey wants to talk about the negative event of being kept away.

That's what I thought, I was trying to find another topic.

"You have no choice. 'Cause you must have looked like you had your hands on someone else's."

Mr. Frey laughed and said so.

"What the hell belongs to someone else..."

You said something like a verbal complaint, you're kidding, right? Trying to say...... I'm going to be bloodthirsty.

Oh, you know about the pet contract...? Did you do anything to impress Mr. Frey somewhere?

Except at the time of the contract, it should have been normal. Does that mean Mr. Frey was sensing the magic in the dungeon in some way?

I didn't think this was a good idea.

If the captain used such magic, the position of the captain......

"I wonder why you look frightened there. You're really weird. You're funny."

When I was upset, Mr. Frey laughed at me for some reason.

"Hey, is something wrong? Besides, I'm not a thing."

Mm, you laugh because it's weird, so it wasn't about the magic of the contract? I hope so, but then Mr. Frey's words mean a bit like this, to the kind you can't really take.

To me with a confused head, Mr. Frey tells me something surprising as he walks.

"If it's an object, I can decorate it beautifully. I know very well that you're alive."

I stopped by surprise. But Mr. Frey doesn't change his pace, so he rushes after him. If I'm shocked, I don't like it when people think I'm very conscious.

I can't believe you want to keep it beautifully decorated, it's, like, a verbal complaint, right?

My heart bleeds.

I don't think you like Mr. Frey or anything, but if anyone tells you anything heterosexual, it's gonna be like this, right?

I wonder if I might like myself. I wanted to get bored, but I was embarrassed.

No, no. I just feel sorry for my clothes, whether you leave them like me or put on beautiful clothes... I just imagined it, and I know it would only be an exposé. I think I'm going to cry a little for myself like that.

"I don't think you know yourself too well."

Mr. Frey comes after me even more, but I honestly find it unacceptable...

Isn't that it?

This is the kind of phenomenon that parents would look very cute about their own children. Mr. Frey just seems like the cutest chicken in the world because he took too much care of me, too.

Oh, but maybe chickens would be cute if they were beautifully decorated?

Imagining myself as a bird, I calmed down a bit. Thanks to you, thanks come out of my mouth all the time.

"Thank you for the compliment. Exactly, if you say" right, "I, I'm going to be stoned by people, and you can be confident like Maia, not as beautiful as 10,000 people admit."

If you are Miss Maia, as beautiful as a doll, you will see tremendously in a room in the royal palace of White Asia, just let her sit dressed in a light ocean-like color dress that shines like a pearl.

When it comes to someone who sighs and does just imagine, it's me Miss Maia really comes to mind.

"Noble women are. Because I can be raised from a young age, demanded to wear praiseworthy beauty. I guess your goodness is a little different than that. [M] For example... it feels like dancing when you wrap a screw around it."

Compliments...... is it? It feels subtly different, but it's more of a shoulder strain.

It calms me down better when people say it's funny. I can't help it.

"You mean you want to have fun watching me do weird things, right?

"I wonder if there's such a part. The captain, too, probably the same. I guess they didn't want to take you for their favorite, and they pulled me apart."

When I was given the expression of the captain's favorite, I remember when I was really on a dragon.

Many sweet words were uttered and my head was about to melt.

I don't know what to do because I've been told a terrible story. Looks like it's not about me.

I wonder if Yura, the drawstring, is on her way to reading some romance story and even having a good dream.

My feelings like that, Mr. Frey, seem to be above understanding.

"You make your face red when it comes to stories like this, but you run away. You do, don't you? But I'm not stopping you today because I want you to listen to me."

"Hey, what are you talking about?

I don't mean to be shy about listening to Mr. Frey, but what the hell do you say?

I feel scared and I want to run, but before that, Mr. Frey said.

"Yeah, but it's already in town. You can finish your shopping first."

If you ask me, I was going downhill from the castle and trying to get inside the town.

I certainly can't talk about this because I can see a lot of people.

That's why I made shopping a priority.

I only had spices to buy, and the town was noisy because of the emergence of the Fire Dragon. So I decide to leave town early.

But when I think Mr. Frey's story will resume, I'm not comfortable.

I guess it's the story you want me to hear again.

I'm scared, to be honest.

Something is going to change if I ask.

The first thing I do, I do something nasty, and I think it's better to be angry or something, or something.

But Mr. Frey didn't say anything until he was on his way home. As soon as I left town, I didn't say anything, so I thought you stopped saying it.

On the way, he grabbed me by the wrist.