But if they're grabbing my wrist, is it because I feel towed? I wonder what to say.

This is probably embarrassing if people see it. At my age, I can't just pretend to be a kid. Before I get mistaken, I need you to let me go......

"Um, Mr. Frey"

"If you don't want to, why don't you just stay like this?

When they say that, I can't say I don't like it.

I find it discouraging to act reluctantly. And there's nothing disgusting about it.

I'm confused because it's not just an occasion for you to protect me. How the hell did you do that?

Mr. Frey opens his mouth if he doubts but stays put for a few seconds.

"I told you I was off duty, didn't I?


"... I thought about it again. About you, about yourself. I wonder if that's what inspired the captain to be removed from my role."

I'm hazy. Because I've felt the same way before.

With what the captain told me, I decided to move on and be a witch. I felt like I figured out what I needed.

"I did get too close to you. I still feel uneasy about your behavior. [M] I was just wondering if I should apologize to you if that's just regret not being able to protect you... since yesterday"

"Apologize, sir? Mr. Frey needs to do that..."

It's my fault. Even if that's the only way, I'm sure it surprised Mr. Frey.

But Mr. Frey shakes his head to the side.

"It's not like there's no one in the world who acts like you. That hurts me anyway. I can't do knights. I mean, I've been meaning to do that. I've tried to help people die many times."

Mr. Frey, who told me to exhale, stops there.

"Long ago... I've seen so many people trying to help someone at the expense of themselves. Like you did back then, throwing yourself out and trying to save someone."

Mr. Frey's gaze is directed at the sky, which is being stained with dusk Zhu.

I guess I remember the old days.

"That went on too long, and I gradually stopped feeling anything. I started to think that there was no other way. But someone who was supposed to have nothing to do with us did the same thing to throw away his life and help me and someone I knew. I can't just sacrifice even unrelated people and leave them feeling nothing. I felt like a goddess about her."

From the tone of speaking, I can see that I feel very grateful for that 'girlfriend'.

If I did get saved by someone who wasn't involved, it would seem like a god.

Where they were experimenting, when they were about to kill me, too, the captain who helped me looked like God. And I was struck by worship.

I think that's probably what 'she' is to Mr. Frey.

"Then somehow, I've acted to make sure she doesn't make a sacrifice. Even if I can't be on her side for that, I didn't think I had a choice, and if it helps, that's fine."

Mr. Frey speaks that way in a sincere voice, then shifts his gaze to me. Keep your wrist in your hand.

"You were... in a position to be protected. Even when I heard you were about to be killed, I didn't think it was that painful. But I wonder if it's because I got poked through a reassuring gap. It's been a long time since I've been shocked like the first time, and I can't wait to remember the old days..."

Mr. Frey touches my shoulder with his free right hand.

"Somehow, I think there was a part of me that was trying to clear up the regret that I wanted to protect this time by helping you. I've always felt sorry for you. Once upon a time, the blame she had for helping me was on me... but I couldn't get out on the arrow."

Mr. Frey laughs bitterly.

I didn't understand everything you told me. But thanks to you, I understood how Mr. Frey wanted to apologize.

Once upon a time, it was helpful that Mr. Frey was sheltered by someone, and I very much regretted that the other person was dead. You wanted to say that you were overanxious because I did the same thing.

Then there's only one thing I can say.

"After all, I don't think Mr. Frey needs to apologize to me. It's natural that you want to make sure you don't regret it, right? Because even if I had someone similar to my grandmother in front of me, I'd remember when I couldn't do anything with the pull-in idea, and now I'd like to try to be useful, or be nice to her until I couldn't."

Would you have said it well?

I got anxious, but I think I'll have to tell him in my own words.

And then I realize, I touch Mr. Frey's hand, who grabbed his wrist. Mr. Frey must have found out that he was afraid that I would dislike him when he told him this, and he grabbed it.

Am I weird that I felt weak even though I was an older person and thought I was a little cute?

"I, Mr. Frey, have been kind thanks to my regrets. After being alone, even after a situation I couldn't figure out, it was gratifying to me to start living in an unfamiliar place. Much appreciated. So I want you to think it wasn't a bad thing."

With that said, Mr. Frey gave me a calm grin after seeing me blurry.

"It's not up to you... I'm anxious about your weakness, and I'm not starting to care about you, 'cause now I know for sure. I don't know about that, because they let me go with you."

I laughed and tried to say to Mr. Frey, who said something like a verbal complaint again.

... because it makes funny moves, like a threaded doll, right? and.

But before that, Mr. Frey takes his right hand off my shoulder and lifts my hand, which he was grasping.

I wondered what the hell I was going to do, and on the back of my hand, Mr. Frey sat back and spoke.

"... uh... eh!?

No more words.

Don't get me wrong right now, Mr. Frey's lips touched my hand!?

And the soft, tickling sensation on the back of my hand...

Though I almost pulled my hand unintentionally, Mr. Frey won't allow it.


I rather ask that to the upper hand.

"Well, that's not what I mean...... so why!?

To me I asked unexpectedly, Mr. Frey gives me a pleasant look.

"I want to thank you and give you a little impression right now."

"You don't have to thank me or anything!? I don't need that, but what's your impression?

It's a punch for me. Really, how could you do this?

Mr. Frey slowly returned to his posture, but said that his connected hands would never let go.

"There's more I want you to know. But I still can't be honest with you... If I can protect you next time, I want you to listen. Besides, the captain says it's okay to talk to you just because you've been removed."

Having made a declaration I'm not sure about, Mr. Frey tried to take my hand straight back to the castle.

"Um, that's just embarrassing if people see this"

Though I could finally get my hands off me for saying that.

After breaking up with Mr. Frey, I still felt the feeling of tickling disappear, and when I touched the back of my hand, I shrugged my head.