That night. I slept early.

Because when I remember what happened with the captain of the regiment, the pulse went up and it became painful, and when I remembered what happened with Mr. Frey, I hit my head against the wall and thought because it was happening at the end of it.

You were tired, and I fell asleep.

But I woke up when the sky was still starting to whiten. It was before sunrise. Too soon.

Still, I feel calmer than before I fell asleep.

Well, rather than calm down, I don't even feel like I've moved a little away from consciousness as an event in my dreams.

"How the hell did this happen..."

Somehow, there's a sign that we're both thinking about something outrageous. I feel that, but I don't know why.

"It's so plain, it's nothing. It's not a beautiful warrant, and it's a threaded toy I give you, why?"

Much better than being hated. Even I want to be liked.

But wait. I am a witch.

When you get along with me, it's not about lying about kids jealousy and getting out of company, it's about being real and crappy later.

"Especially the captain! How do you know..."

No way. You don't care? That's not true, is it?

"No, it's possible... we can't throw away the possibility yet. 'Cause, Captain, I wasn't so surprised when I confessed."

Even if you say you're a witch, if you don't find out, you think there's a problem? No, there's no way the captain is thinking in such light shape. It's not me.

"Using a position where you can put pressure on the church, if anything, you're willing to crush it? I think it's better that way..."

Even so, it must be to burden the captain. That's not what I meant.

Though it's dangerous even though I'm doing it with the intent of a pet.

And Mr. Frey is more serious. I can only hope that doesn't mean more than gratitude and greetings.

No, it feels like I'm better looked after by not having to thank you...


Sigh. Anyway, let's get our consciousness off about the two of us.

I have trouble remembering reality.

In order to solve the situation that has been cut off, the battle will not quit.

"When it comes to fighting firedragons, I can't keep it plumb! But how... Hmm?

Yeah, come to think of it. I decided to make a morning call.

Open the status screen.

Switch on channel D.

"Fire Dragon: …………"

I'm not talking about anything. No, it's also frightening to say that I'm crushing myself in the frosty state of the colder ones in the mountains.

I coughed up and talked to him, thinking I might miss him alone.

"Hello, this is the person I contacted the other day. Mr. Fire Dragon, would you like to join us?

Fire Dragon: Ki... Kisama! I wondered how long you didn't hear from me! You fucking mortal!

From the reply, I feel signs of anger.

"Oh, no way. Have you been waiting to hear from me again? I'm sorry about that..."

Fire Dragon: Who do you think I am, saying what I want to say and cutting conversations unilaterally?

"It's Mr. Fire Dragon, isn't it?

"Fire Dragon: That's Not What It's About! Whoa, whoa, whoa, I'm pissed. Whoa!

Looks like you oiled the fire.

Normally I'd be in a hurry if I was in front of you, but the letter interaction is great. I could also afford to reread Mr. Fire Dragon's reply. And notice.

"Excuse me. You've been waiting for me... I had a situation, too, but it made me feel lonely. I apologize there."

"Fire Dragon: No more... I want to go home..."

Something came back to me that seemed like I could hear you crying.

I don't know what to do, I didn't mean to bully you. If I thought so, it was a fire dragon even if it rotted.

Fire Dragon: Goddamn it, you and the others will blow it out.

They gave me a murder notice. Then I have to get back to you.

"Oh, I was going to ask for your heart's sake because mine, too, are going to let you break the covenant you made with the other witches. We have a purpose."

"Fire Dragon: Angry Ugh!! I'll wipe it out! You're the only one I won't forgive!

"What's wrong? Is your blood pressure high?

"Fire Dragon: It's Your Blame. Oh!

"Don't worry. If you can break your contract, you can also go home right away. Doesn't that better fulfill Mr. Fire Dragon's wishes?

I'm sure he didn't say anything bad for Fire Dragon either. If the Fire Dragon really tries to execute it, I will attack Tanastra after a death fight with the captains, Mr. Fire Dragon is dead and all.

Happier to avoid that, too, Mr. Fire Dragon. Don't make me happy, too.

"Fire Dragon: I told you I made a pact to get my hometown back..."

Are you tired of screaming, Mr. Fire Dragon seems to be finally calming down and responding.

"Is Mr. Fire Dragon's home in Tanastra?

Fire Dragon: I don't know anything about humans. Anyway, people took fire from my place. "

That's how I couldn't live, he said.

I imagined being cut off from the wires leading to the house and freezing in the middle of the winter.

"Construction...... no, can I go home if I put that fire back?

As for the question, the Fire Dragon silenced for a few seconds like a mundane.

Fire Dragon: … Details will not be given unless the contract with another witch is broken.

I see. I don't care what happens, I have to let you cancel the contract.

"Okay. I'll visit you later, thank you."

"Fire Dragon: Not a bad raid trailer..."

I think it's milder than the murder notice, but couldn't it?

With that in mind, I pressed the channel button and disconnected.