I was removed from my role as watcher over Yura.

To that, although Frey was shocked...... I'm relieved to find out you weren't even banned from talking about it in particular.

At the same time I thought.

"I knew the captain..."

Twinkling, activate the Devil's Sword moves in front of a forest spider as big as Oyama.

Set up a sword with red light and approach the spider at once.

The moment I slashed and tore my leg trying to capture Frey and slashed and ripped that body apart, I used another sword technique to sever the torso all at once.

Behind that rush, the spider disappeared into black smoke.

Frey breathes.

I'm probably aware that the captain cares about that. That Frey has more feelings for Yura than he normally cares.

And the captain must also be thinking about Yura in a special way.

The captain seemed to respond carefully to Frey to avoid departing from that position. I guess that's true for Yura as well.

Still, I can tell if I watch you obsess at all times. It is unusual for the captain to go that far.

The other knights also think of Yura as the captain's favorite. Many people look at it with a smile.

And he thinks of Frey like a newcomer whose captain wants to be cute.


To be honest, the fact that the captain removed me from Yura's watch made me confused.

I was definitely shocked.

Because it seemed natural that I was taking care of myself and protecting Yura with it. Yura also became Frey, because she never thought she could turn away from the way she trusted her, from being appreciated for her work.

First, Frey worried about Yura.

Are you okay without yourself? I was wondering who would protect her.

But Eval told me to be comforted.

"I know you're worried about Yura. But Master Lucien will protect you. Don't worry," he said.

Reminded. Things around you think it's okay to be without you.

But Frey's protecting her is her role. Instead, I was starting to think that I was the one who knew her well and didn't want anyone to leave her to me.

That's where Frey got confused.

Difficult to protect on the side. But I wasn't forbidden to interact with Yura.

But just interacting is not enough.

Haven't I been trying to protect Yura just because of my desire for asylum?

Speaking of subjects to protect, I think of Maia.

Frey must have been working for Maia all along.

I abandoned my life to receive the refugees in Idrisia, Maia, whom I was to lead at some point.

Even if the king decides to accept her, thanks to her move to let the Duke raise his hand while the place of stay is undecided, now Frey can remain worried about them, who were refugees.

One day, when time had passed, I thought that if there was any incentive for the King to recognize his merits or regain Idrisia, I would have to take Maia and return her freedom.

That's what I can do, when it comes to paying her back.

But I never felt an exclusive appetite for Maia. Whether there's talk of being engaged to the captain of the regiment or knowing that Maia will move her expression into the captain's story.

Because if there was something she wanted from the captain that would make her happy, she still thought it was okay.

On the other hand, I felt that this against Yura would be like a dog or cat or a sister that I was supposed to unexpectedly protect. So I don't like it when someone takes me or connects me more than I do, naturally.

... When it comes to love, there was one ambiguous feeling that was missing right now.

"Captain, we're done here."

The rest of the crew will finish defeating the demons that showed up and report back to you.

"Okay. What about Yarn?"

"I still run over there and haven't been back"

"I'll go. You guys stay right there."

Yarn is away. Hearing that, Frey turned to Yarn himself.

This is the back of the woods. It's dangerous not to let your men see what's going on.

Run in the direction indicated by your men.

And when he sees who he was earlier when he got there, oh, and Frey is convinced.

A person wearing Idrisian yellow and green distinctive patterned jackets was on Yarn's side, falling down.

Yarn seems to be sleeping. My stomach is up and down at regular intervals, so I know I'm alive. No injuries.

"Long time no see, Master Frey"

A polite man is undoubtedly an Idrisian. I also know Frey's face.

"... you tried to contact me and put our men to sleep?

"It's the left. Because it stands out near the castle. That's what Maia said."

Apparently, he's moving at Maia's will.

"Something else, you want me to cooperate?

That being said, the man agrees.

"Tanastra's weapon, it became necessary to destroy one sanctuary of the Spirit in order to stop it from operating. That move over there is faster than we expected. After Maia gained power, she needed to buy time until she destroyed Tanastra."

Frey bites his back teeth all the time.

Have the Maires decided to attack Tanastra yet?

Even Frey couldn't decide how to cooperate with Maia and the others.

Once Maia pushed me off and told me to fulfill my responsibilities to Idrisia to help her get the magic out of guilt.

If you let it go wild, Tanastra will eventually try to destroy the Arlendar kingdom as well. I was afraid of it.

But using a witch is dangerous.

So I want to make it stop......

A man who doesn't know what Frey thinks like that, keeps talking.

"To that end, Master Maia decided to sign a contract with the Fire Dragon."

"Contract with Fire Dragon?

I didn't think Maia would move to the Fire Dragon and tie it up with the power of a witch, it wasn't.

"We will summon you at the ritual of summons and you will make a pact with Master Maia"

"The contract won't tell you what to do with a fire dragon's existence!?

The other person is a creature. And someone who doesn't care about people's lives or death.

I don't know what I'm going to do on my way to Tanastra once I get to Arlendar.

If you have fulfilled your contract, you cannot discipline other actions.

To control it, we need to contain it with the power of a witch. But I guess Maia doesn't have that much power.

"But if you miss it, Arlendar will also be a target. All you have to do is postpone it with the least amount of damage and in the meantime, Master Maia, who has become a complete witch, will destroy Tanastra. And we can get Idrisia back."

The man continued with a determined voice.

As for Frey, even though I knew it was possible to use a witch, one Maia... I was anxious about the way she did it relying on the power of a witch alone.

What if something happens to Maia?

And the power of the witch is too powerful. What if I can't stop that person?

"So don't let Master Lucien kill the dragon, even Master Frey will ask you to do something about it. If you see a fire dragon, there's no way Master Lucien won't move. If we can't delay it, Master Maia won't make it to Tanastra's weapons development."

When the man just said it, he immediately walked away.

If Frey is Maia's wish, maybe he doesn't suspect it to be something she obeys.

Is that because I gave you the Demon Stone last time?

Anyway, Frey woke Yarn up and went back to the castle.