... What would I have done before?

I may have sidelined without even choosing to get my hands on the dragon.

Because I can't think of any other way to stop Tanastra than to let the witch destroy it.

Worried, Frey visits Yura's coffee shop.

"Welcome, Mr. Frey."

When Yura tells me that with almost a smile, I feel like I've been having a much worse dream. I lost my shoulder strength and was able to respond naturally.

"Hello Yura. Can I get some tea?

Whether it's because Frey shows his face to the coffee shop once a day, Yura's still doesn't seem to realize that he's had the distance.

Instead, he's full of heads about doing business with the merchants he helped, mass producing tea, like he can't afford to notice.

But... is she aware of her changes?

You can use intermediate magic, so there's no way you know anything about it. How can you be making tea in such a calm way?

The exact opposite of Maia, who shows how stuffed her feathers are.

(... doesn't mean you don't know how serious it is, does it?

Watching too little Yura aroused such suspicion.

But with a calm look, there are as many people who can kill people as possible. Because, Frey, every time you defeat a demon, you have a refreshing feeling that just a little starch in your heart disappears, and you laugh.

I wonder what I should do with Yura like that.

She probably has her powers as a witch because of the experiment.

But Yura seems happiest when she's making tea. You probably want to live hiding that you're a witch.

As for Frey, who is responsible for Idrisian humans, I don't think she should be compensated for anything.

If she wants to live regardless of the witch......

"Come on, go far away"

Shall I take Yura and run away?

Because if you do, you shouldn't have to worry about Idrisia or the witch.

But what are we going to do with running away?

The people of their homeland may be pointed backwards and, on the contrary, they may be searched out and held accountable. At that time, there is no guarantee that Yura will not be harmed.

Besides... that obsession would not allow Frey to pull Yura away from herself that way.

I can't tell you what's going on. The head of the regiment is a man on the side of the Spirit Church. If notified, Yura may not be able to get out under the light for the rest of her life.

You can't let that happen.

If so... here, we'll just have to keep protecting Yura.

For me, someone to protect.

- It was such an arrowhead.

An unknown fire dragon flew in.

Frey, who was on patrol, was in the street passing beside the woods.

Frey evacuated the people who were coming to collect them. Because the Fire Dragon was about to spit fire in the woods.

Fire dragons feed on flames. That's why I knew you were trying to burn the woods.

But some people will be in the back of the woods.

Everyone can't. But Frey, who tried to find and direct a little nearby man, just ran up to a tall tree... and saw it.

From the woods, it was intermediate magic that was unleashed on the Fire Dragon.

Would the knight have been around there? Otherwise, Yura will?

I was in a hurry, but there's no way I can make it.

The moment the Fire Dragon used the brace in that direction, Frey wondered if he would hold his breath.

Yura... maybe she's dead.

I felt like I couldn't breathe well. Still, I remember breathing, and I tried to move, probably thanks to the experience I had of tearing through the training ground a few times.

But there, Frey's a lot better.

The Fire Dragon is about to use the brace again. Does that mean he's alive?

"Enough magic to prevent the fire dragon's braces..."

If so, Yura could be alive.

At the same time, I guess she's steadily gaining her powers as a witch. Suppose you knew and sold the fight to the Fire Dragon.

"This is outrageous..."

After a stir, Frey wants to laugh.

If that's what you expect, Yura is willing to fight and confront the Fire Dragon.

I guess it was because I thought that if I let Yura turn her own feelings on the Fire Dragon, she wouldn't be attacking other parts of the forest. I might have had the confidence to prevent the braces.

Soon the captain flew in with a dragon, after temporarily retreating the Fire Dragon, it looks like he went down to the woods and picked up someone.

I heard later that it was definitely Yura and Frey was sure his predictions weren't wrong.

That's how I felt like I was finally coming to understand.

... that Yura is different.

Once I figured it out, I was a little distracted.

The captain asked me about tomorrow's crusade, and even though I was contacted that Yura was taking him with me, I thought it would be.

She would definitely go.

There's no way anyone can stop it. Perhaps Yura, if the crisis I know is right in front of me and I can do something about it...... and after I've gained the ability to really deal with it, I'll follow her later on on my own.

Even the captain can't stop it.

Probably like in that Necromancer dungeon.

But for that matter, Frey felt bad for Yura.

For I have always been content to help Yura instead of those who died and those who were 'unable to protect' Idrisians, like Maia.

The fact that Yura was dying sheltering herself was due to repeated sheltered events.

So if I protect her, I feel like the regrets of that time will be wiped away.

At dusk, I went out to town to go shopping with Yura.

It was widespread that she could defeat the demons, so she didn't even seem to particularly stop going down to town by herself, thinking that everyone was normal.

Yes, just my old self. I was trying to overlock her that far.

But that's all because I thought she was weak.

After I found out that I might have woken up to the power of the witch, I was anxious that I might be crushed by that power.

So as a person who should lead the people of Idrisia, I had thought that I should help her out of it.

But when she apologized, Yura said with a kerosene face.

"I, Mr. Frey, have been kind thanks to my regrets," he said.

I never thought they'd say my regrets were a good thing.

And that's it, that what I did wasn't in vain... And for a little while, with all the regrets I've had, I felt like I was being rewarded.

... really, someone who does amazing things.

And I feel like the fog in front of me is clear, I think.

He said he didn't care so much about Yura because this guy was the victim.

Still, I was somehow fascinated by the way I tried to move forward on my own and run free.

Oh, my God, that calms my heart.

I was the one who made a lot of sense. I just thought you liked it.

I've tried to express that feeling, but Yura doesn't seem to like taking every relationship straight.

Frey also thinks she can't push any more because she has been so dishonest with me. Now.

At least you should reach out to Yura after you get a chance to snow it.

... before that, I was looking forward to seeing how another person who was working hard on a romance move.

From what it was like when you fought the Fire Dragon, you obviously know about Yura's magic...... Captain.

"I don't even hate you, Captain. Not just because you're told to escort you in a deal with King Arlendar."