In the early morning morning morning morning call, my consciousness turned to the direction of thinking about Mr. Fire Dragon now anyway.

Thank you, Mr. Fire Dragon, and thank you.

While I was awake and making dressing and morning calls, the time was at 6: 00 in the morning.

Even if we leave in the morning, this time the tea is not all that much needed.

If the water bottle level is fine, it's enough after breakfast.

Finish cleaning up your room or something like that, carry breakfast that can be delivered as usual, and have it with Dr. Orvé.

"Are you feeling all right today?

"Yes, I slept a little rough, but I don't feel bad."

To answer honestly, Dr. Orvé laughed bitterly.

"Exactly because it's not the doctor's turn to talk about people-to-people relationships."


I just said I don't sleep well, and the word relationship comes out...... oh no way, Doctor. No way.

When I was depressed, Dr. Orvé snapped my neck.

"You're not sleeping well, are you, Captain and Frey?

"What, yeah, yeah, yeah!?

I screamed and then I said, "Shit! I think." It's like confessing yes to this. I was tempted.

"What are you talking about? I'm concerned about today's Fire Dragon Crusade..."

"The captain gave priority to picking you up over chasing the Fire Dragon."

... I keep my mouth shut.

They all didn't seem to touch that, and they just discovered me in the woods normally and interpreted me as picking it up...

But Dr. Orvé was different.

"The Fire Dragon got out of the woods. Your crisis was supposed to have left, but you picked it up on purpose, so I wonder how worried you were."


I shut my mouth. No, I pretended to eat dinner, and I didn't say anything.

"I heard Frey and I were kind of holding hands."


I put it in my mouth with bread. I rush for soup and still drink tea because I can't cough it up.

"Eat slowly," he says to me, suffering in tears in his eyes, with a lukewarm grin from the Orvese.

It's the teacher's fault! Who the hell was watching me in the first place...... In front of the castle gate, I had Mr. Frey let me go properly.

I'd love to hear it, but if I did, it would be something I admitted.

Dr. Orvé laughed at me, having no choice but to shut up in trouble.

"Some watchmen can use far-sighted moves. Now be careful, okay?

"... advice, it hurts..."

Yes, it was. I have a far-sighted move. With dragon skills rather than knights...... Yes. Anyone who could manipulate a flying lizard had dragon skills.


I think they were watching, and the rest of the meal doesn't go through my throat.

Seeing that, Dr. Orvé said, "Did you make too much fun of me?" I say and laugh.

"I was the only one who saw Frey's. You're only supposed to be talking to me, so don't worry about that one. It's harder for you to go on a crusade without eating well."

That's what they said, and I felt a little load off my shoulder.

But embarrassing...... I can't believe my teacher was watching me...

I managed to pack the meal in front of me in my mouth, but I had a feeling it was going to bring my stomach.

Besides, I have to go on a crusade today.

I just made tea after breakfast.

"Does Mr. Fire Dragon like sweet...? I hope you don't hate cinnamon. Sounds like some people don't like it... but I'm gonna let them in."

Add plenty of milk to the pan and simmer out the tea.

Smells like soft milk and tea, very nice. I'm going to put spices and honey in there.

Just like the milk, it has a good aroma, although it is mixed in about five times the amount.

When I checked it, I was able to create it properly.

Chai Tea. Effect: Loosen your mind (strong). Skill Proficiency + 35 "


I'll put the ready chi in the water bottle and go. I turned the lid tightly and closed it, then put just as much magic into each one.

MP 8000 minutes as planned. I've lost about 40,000 MPs in five, but I'm still 60,000, so I'm perfectly fine.

Finish your tea and I'll change into outdoor clothes.

Now it's cold if you can fly through the sky even if you don't have as many flying lizards as you do, even though you'll let the dragon ride you. And this time, we're going to a place full of ice spirits to seal the fire dragon's movement. You should think it's an extremely cold land.

Firm trousers under the skirt. Boots on socks.

Weave a cape after wearing a coat on thick clothes. I also equipped myself with gloves.

And I went outside with a tea bottle in my bag.

Outside the window, a dragon was seen descending.

In the courtyard, there was already a gathering of knights leaving this time.

Because it's a cold place this time if you look at it, everyone was wearing it exactly. Most people in capes from the top of their coats.

The captain is also in a thick coat and feels a little different than usual.

Silver hair is going to assimilate into the snow scenery... If buried in a snowfield, I'm sure the captain will be the most late to discover it. What a terrible thing to think.

If you don't distract yourself in that direction, you can't talk to me very normally. Guess...

"Dear Commander! Ready!

If you take the water bottle, the captain will respond with a calm look as usual.

"All right, keep that with Eval. You ride the dragon."

Nod, I said hello to the dragon Vilta myself and tried to ride.


As usual, the captain silently put him on top of the dragon.

Anyway, we left for Fire Dragon.