Until Mr. Fire Dragon's crash site, just go with a dragon or flying lizard.

In the game, before you fight the Fire Dragon, a problem arises.

That finally begins, witch jamming.

In order to set the Fire Dragon free quickly, your fellow witches unleash demons to reduce the spiritual power of the ice.

In fire, they are hit by the spiritual power of ice, so the enemy uses demons of earthly attributes that are resistant to the cold. When they found the players, they were supposed to attack this one as well.

Because of that, the players are going to fight as they climb the mountain.

I shall tell the information in my body that I have heard from the Spirit.

Anyway, to put it straight, you would wonder "what does that mean" as well. The only people who have access to such information are the enemies.

That makes me a less trustworthy person for the Captain than revealing that I'm a witch. It must only sound like a deception, like a memory of a previous life.

Instead, during the experiment, you were magically called upon to listen to the enemy, and you were given information to act in times of need, or something that might call you suspicious.

... You're starting to hate it when you think about it yourself.

"... Master Commander, the Spirit said there was a 'rock-eating bird' on the side of the Fire Dragon"

It's a rocky body bird. He's a bird, but he's got fangs, he's got sharp claws, and more importantly, he attacks with a stone crush.

It prevents dragons from boarding directly onto the summit.

As long as I keep you informed about the rock-eating birds, the captain will realize that it is difficult to attack the Fire Dragon like this.


Calling his name, the captain sent Mr. Eval some kind of autograph. That's what Mr. Eval told the others.

Getting laid.

"I told him about the possibility of a demon."

"Thank you!

Now we will be able to take care of the rock-eating birds. The captain who heard the demon's name arranged it, so it should be fine.

As for braces, I guess it depends on the next negotiation.

"Master Commander, I'll talk to Fire Dragon for now, so can you just wait for the attack?

"... talk?

The captain frowned.

Oh, shit. I didn't tell the captain that I could talk to Fire Dragon.

"Actually, I could talk to dragons, like Goblin and Coo Sea."

"... as insane as ever"

With that said, the captain just laughs bitterly.

"It wasn't until now that you could talk to the demon. So what did the dragon say?"

I was honest, relieved that you accepted.

"I do have a few remarks against this one that hint at the killing by the braces"

"... you mean burn it down or something?

"That's exactly it. But when I said I'd call you back and leave you alone, I missed you."


The captain was out of line.

If you're talking about lonely dragons, I was wondering if you could think of Mr. Fire Dragon as a little cute, couldn't you?

"Uh, anyway. At the right time to throw the water bottle into your mouth, I was wondering if you'd be comfortable aiming for the moment when the Fire Dragon was distracted by the conversation. It seems like it can be thrown in during the precursor motion before throwing up the brace, but it seems dangerous when approached."

Talking operationally to the captain, he was silent for about five seconds.

Oh, I think I've bothered the captain...? No, could this piss you off?

When I was frightened, it was slight and the captain said.

"Anyway, I get it. It'll be safer than just before you throw up your braces. I was planning on letting you throw it on my signal from the beginning... let's do something about it"

"Nice to meet you"

Didn't piss me off, good......

Come to think of it, Goblin, I was able to talk to Coo Sea, so even if I said I could talk to a dragon, it might have been easy to accept. Dragons talk about intelligence more often than not.

I think so. I wonder if I can talk to Vilta, too? But Channel D has not been activated until now. I wonder why.

"It's time to go over, Yura. Grab hold of Vilta and stay down. And whatever you want, just start talking to me."

That's what the captain tells me, and I grab the saddle grip firmly and feel down.

Behind that, I heard the captain pull out his sword.

I put out the status screen and press the channel D button.

"Fire Dragon: ………"

Looks like Mr. Fire Dragon is the only one left after all. It's a little strange to be able to have simultaneous conversations with multiple people because they've also been through goblins and coosies.

Put that question aside and do your job first.

"Uh. Mr. Fire Dragon, your usual witch, how are you?

Fire Dragon: Ki, you. You're finally here... Huh!

That. Is this the pattern you've been waiting for?

"I heralded, so you waited for me to come, I'm glad. We're here to make deliveries."

"Fire Dragon: Deliverables...?

Mr. Fire Dragon asked me normally. Interested in deliveries? I thought, I heard a tired voice coming from behind me.

"Yura...... are you calling on Fire Dragon in that conversation?

The captain asked me, so I will reply honestly. When I looked back for a moment, the captain had a rare but flashing look.

"Yes. If it's a very serious way of speaking, I think it usually just incites harm..."

"No, rather you're not stirring up?

Am I right?

Looking at the screen, Mr. Fire Dragon seemed to hear my response.

"Fire Dragon: Who are you talking to... I'll blow you away with a brace..."

It's noisy, but it's also toned down. I think this is a good trend. Because at first I felt like burning it down with the woods without question.

"Even if I'm constantly inciting you, you're definitely going to attack me first in battle, so the other knights won't be targeted, so I was wondering if it's okay"

Anyway, with the shield of an advanced magical spirit, I know I can prevent braces.

"Looks like you're gonna listen to me for the rest of my story, because I think I got you interested in the delivery."

"... is that true?

"I was questioned, but I'm probably fine. Because right now, I want you to care more about the deliveries than about the raids."

Then the captain looked up into the sky for about three seconds.

"... you're used to it"

I laughed and turned away, though I heard a twinkle with strange emotions.

Anyway, let's reply to Mr. Fire Dragon.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Leave me alone. Would you like some tea, Mr. Fire Dragon?