"Fire Dragon: Tea...? Dragons don't drink tea."

I got a very light reply. But I don't snag here.

I see Mr. Fire Dragon under my eyes, but he hasn't blown a fire, so it's probably not nagging.

"I liked the Spirit and the Coo Sea. Please be a repeater."

I've never gotten that feeling from Mr. Spirit, but I'm not lying about Coo Sea, so okay. It would be tolerated as much as a whisper ad exaggeration.

And Mr. Fire Dragon seemed a little intrigued.

"Fire Dragon: Hmm... spirits and demons? Well, if I could get this far, I wouldn't have to think about it. If only we could cross this many rock-eating birds."

"Ah, yes. So if you knock down a rock-eating bird, you can drink it, right? Thanks!

"Fire Dragon: Oh, hey, I didn't promise to drink..."

I pressed the button a little and informed the captain.

"Dear Commander, until we defeat the rock-eating bird, the Fire Dragon will not attack us. She wants to decide if she wants to have tea afterwards. We'll have another conversation then."

Turning around, the captain looked at me with his eyes.

"Mostly. Okay. Let me knock you down, you won't be able to do anything about it. You don't have to think about it if you can, do you?

"... Master Commander, you're sharp. But Mr. Fire Dragon is a dragon that waits while my contact is twitchy, so it shouldn't be an immediate attack."

"Tung...... I'm not sure, but well. That's what I'm gonna do."

The captain sent signals to the knights around him.

At the same time, the flying lizard descends.

I don't go down upside down, I drop altitude clockwise, so it feels like a vortex watching from the rearmost dragon.

At some descent, the rock that was on the side of the fire dragon flies.

It's about two times smaller than a flying lizard. I guess that's the rock-eating bird.

A bird that combines rocks like wire immediately engages the knights.

Many golden effects flashed.

Perhaps that one uses sword moves and demon swords of the attributes of thunder. Because the target is a rock, so it's hard to get through the damage with flames.

Aerial warfare is the second time, including firedragons, but it still hurts.

They are knights who have sorted to fight the Fire Dragon, so they will defeat the rock-eating birds without difficulty.

I could see the broken rock wings falling, turning into black smoke and disappearing.

On the way the torso drops to follow it, it turns into smoke.

At the head of the knights is Mr. Frey.

By shaking his blonde hair and waving his sword over a flying lizard, he thunder on a remote rock-eating bird.

Where the damage was sustained, the chasing knights, in such a way as to strike at the passing, showered one machete after another, and one rock-eating bird in the stream was dropped and went.

Seeing this sight, I was glad I didn't climb mountains like a game and fight on foot.

If it weren't for the flying lizard, it would have made the Fire Dragon attack very unlikely and more worrisome.

Quickly the battle is over.

The captain also lowers the dragon's altitude. Because most rock-eating birds were defeated.

"Master Commander, it's time to contact Mr. Fire Dragon!

I pushed the D button a little bit.

"Fire Dragon: You're lying. Hey... This... No, no, that one said it on its own..."

Rarely did Mr. Fire Dragon seem to have said it alone. As soon as I pressed the button, the words appeared.

"Good day, Mr. Fire Dragon. As promised, the rock-eating bird is going to end, so I thought I'd continue my conversation about tea."

"Fire Dragon:... Oh, you're here! Hey, no, I don't know. About the tea. That's what you said."

Mm-hmm. Apparently, to find out from every single person just now, Mr. Fire Dragon is thinking of rebelling his promise to me.

"Didn't you promise me? Mr. Fire Dragon is a big, very fine dragon, so I'm sure he'll live long, and he's a knowledgeable and thoughtful person, so I thought he'd make any promises he made to such a small human being come true... That wasn't a mistake, was it? You're not the smaller one with the vessel, like you broke your promise after you fulfilled the conditions presented to you, are you?

Fire Dragon: Ugh... Khuuu. What the hell is this guy!

"I don't like it, Mr. Fire Dragon. You said you were a witch."

Without evil, the Fire Dragon moved his forefoot under his eyes. There is soil smoke going on.

"Fire Dragon: I know that. Oh!

Meanwhile, I heard a sympathetic voice behind me.

"I didn't know the day would come when I would feel sorry for dragons that were likely to cause harm to people..."

Dear Captain, I think compassion forgiveness is fine after you're on your side. Because firedragons are half demons, and they can be enemies that should be defeated.

While I thought so, I gave Mr. Fire Dragon a bad push.

"Then please fulfill your promise"

Fire Dragon: KOOOOOOO!...... hmm?

Fire dragons stopped twitching. He came up with something, and he looked up at us up there and Fire Dragon said.

"Fire Dragon: I don't have to think about it when I get there," I told you. That's why I've been thinking about it. If you damage me three times, I'll drink it. But this one's usually gonna knock you out. "

To that answer, I did hail.

"Dear Commander. I made a commitment that I would drink it if the Fire Dragon did three degrees of damage, please! but advanced defensive magic, can I use it?

I checked because if the leader can't use advanced magic, he could suspect that it's just my magic if he does it all over.

"If you're the shield of the Spirit, you can do what I did. You attack because it's just too risky."


I got permission to defend the knights for now, so I'll stick around and respond to Mr. Fire Dragon.

"Mr. Fire Dragon, I understand. Then you won't be able to drink it."

"Fire Dragon: How can you be so confident in this situation..."

The letter of your reply is lined up like a scratch.

Shortly after returning it, the captain gave instructions.

Raise and wave down hands that do not have swords.

Once, Mr. Frey and the others stormed simultaneously.