I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Mr. Fire Dragon, it's tea time. Three.

The knights who strike first approach Mr. Fire Dragon.

"Fire Dragon: All of you, go to hell..."

"Mr. Fire Dragon, won't you let me guess the damage three times?

Seeing the disturbing words, I accidentally made tea.

"Fire Dragon: Ahhh!? What the hell! I told you I'd knock you guys off normally, too!

Mr. Fire Dragon, who opened his mouth to the knight, spit a lot of smoke.

Meanwhile, the attack on Mr. Frey and the others began, but Mr. Fire Dragon only fluttered his tail to avoid it.

Still dangerous, the knights aboard the flying lizard dodge vividly.

Mr. Frey strikes from behind a firedragon who spits smoke in the direction of the day after tomorrow, making him appear to have sent.

As Mr. Frey waved his sword, the blue and white light pierced the fire dragon like a needle.

"Fire Dragon: Damn, no!

The knights who tried to continue were interrupted by the wings of the Fire Dragon, and although no further blows were inflicted, the blow went in.

But it seems the Fire Dragon got angry and quickly turned his gaze to the main cause.

That is me - on board, the dragon of the captain.

"Fire Dragon: You witch...... Get out of the way! Get out of the way!

"Master, Mr. Fire Dragon seems a little angry."

"I guess so."

The captain had a subtly tired look that was difficult to say in the middle of battle.

"I have a lot to say, but do you want to put on the end of the dragon first? I don't think they'll shake you down, but be careful."


If I may say so, the captain lowered altitude at once.

"Oh, the brace."

Fire dragons were preparing braces for us like that.

At that moment, although one knight threw the water bottle, the Fire Dragon cautioned and slapped it off with his forefoot.

It was a waste, but it was certain that it created a lot of gaps.

The captain switches the fire dragon brace without difficulty.

I took a breath in the flaming belt running directly beside me, but the captain looked cool and waved his sword.

I hurriedly closed my eyes. Strong light, also visible through the eyelids.

The dragon screamed, but I don't know what you're talking about right away. Because I had too many eyelids and I couldn't get my eyesight back.

When I opened my eyes, the Fire Dragon was just about to wake up.

Looks like Fire Dragon thought it was very bad here.

"Fire Dragon: I heard the Spirit King's sword couldn't be used any more than that, but I didn't expect to be fooled... I've already been hit and damaged."

Fire dragons roared and appeared fog of flaming colors, wondering if they had brought every cry. The fire dragon's body was covered with red mist, making it harder to look like a sight over a slingglass.

"That's a hassle."

The captain snaps as he distances himself from the fire dragon.

"What is that?

"It's a dragon defense. A shield made with the spiritual power of fire, so there are effects similar to those of the advanced magical spiritual shield, as well as physical defenses. Almost nothing this one can do."

"No... Then a third attack will be difficult."

The captain nodded with silver hair in the wind.

"Wait for the Fire Dragon magic to expire... we'll have to repeat the attack and break the defense"

That's how the captain flashed his sword of escape.

"Even with normal attacks, this sword can be used well enough. If you hit it some, it will break.... Can I use the Spirit Shield?


"Definitely put it on yourself. In case, you're the one who has the most influence. He's under the magic of a dragon, so he'll be much more protected than any other knight..."

"Can I call the other knights, too?

The captain seemed to think for a second.

"Up to three. Beyond that, even if I did it, I'd be suspicious."

The captain waves as he says.

From among the knights scattered at a certain distance from the Fire Dragon, a squad comes near the Commander.

This is Mr. Frey's team.

I know what the captain instructed me to mean. Because they thought it was the best way to break the Fire Dragon's defense, with the team leader from now on.

The captain whispered to me.

"Those who can use some magic of their own defense against the Fire Dragon, but the most powerful is Frey. Frey will manage with his own magic. Pick three others."

Mr. Frey is fine, and the captain seems to believe it.


I choose myself, the captain, and the three men to activate the shield of the Spirit, as I was told. The three enchanted people looked a little surprised, but seemed to think it was what the captain had done. I show the captain a salutational trick.

Relaxed, I still want to do magic to Mr. Frey and the other five. But the only thing that's stopping me is to make sure I don't know that I'm a witch. So I have no choice.

After worrying, I decided to talk to Mr. Fire Dragon again.

"Mr. Fire Dragon, are you not sure how to defend yourself?

Fire Dragon: It's Not About Confidence! It hurts me too! Especially the Spirit King's sword there!

"Though I guess so."

I can only guess that because I did three degrees of damage with the captain's sword and Mr. Fire Dragon couldn't move out of this mountain.

But I don't need to attack anymore, so I'd like you to have a nice cup of tea.

"Then why don't you change the conditions by no later than Damage Ni? Then we'll have tea, won't we? It's magical, so I thought you'd recover."

Fire Dragon: Recovery... Gu Gu

Because of the damage, Mr. Fire Dragon seemed very attracted to the word healing. You must be. You must be.

But it can't be a glimmer.

Fire Dragon: What are you going to do with that tea... I'm sure something will go wrong. It's about you. I'll definitely do something!

I've been completely alert.

This will harden my defenses more and more. It was when I was in such a hurry.

"Stop the line."

"Stay together."

A spirit lined up in a row appeared pounding around the dragon's neck.

It is a bipedal rabbit, decorated with blue and white, sparkling ice crystals. But two of them are definitely spirits because they look like goblins with ice crystal ornaments on them.


"... be!?

The captain in the back was also surprised.

That would be so. You don't even call me suddenly, but you shouldn't think that aligned spirits come out because you're the leader of the regiment.

The Spirit is basically free, and he doesn't make any moves that were organized like this...

"Battle Jun Bi -"

"Where's the buff?

"On hand!

"The flame-resistant one, Tamu"

Continuous recovery. "

Because we don't have this conversation.

Oh, well. That's why the Spirits as players appeared! Yay!