I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Mr. Fire Dragon, it's tea time. Five.

"Fire Dragon: Become..."

Mr. Fire Dragon seems to have gone straight through the water bottle.

"Fire Dragon:... Knock, knock, shit! Whoa, whoa!

Mr. Fire Dragon repeated his attempted vomiting motion as he squeezed his forefoot around his chest, which seems very painful to watch.

The knights retreated over one end, saying they no longer had to attack.

"I wonder if you didn't like tea so much..."

I was angry to be drunk tea, and I thought I was trying to spit it out, and when I snapped, the captain said.

"Does that tea mean poison to the dragon?

"I don't have that! It was okay for me to taste it."

"Is it possible that dragons have problems, even if they are good for people?

"Are dragons that weak?

Honestly, all I could imagine was that I was fine with eating rocks, so I'm surprised it's delicate when it comes to food.

You don't think eating anything but flames breaks my stomach? I wonder if the water bottle material was bad...... It wasn't iron or stainless steel, it was a water bottle made of bamboo-like material, so I thought dragons would be handsome.

... I'm getting kind of worried.

But while I was saying that, Mr. Fire Dragon lay down on the spot and stopped moving.

"... have you done it?

"And I won't die, I guess. 'Cause that's just tea with magic..."

Yes, while returning it to the captain, the narrative tail is weakening because I'm losing confidence.

Really, what if it's something that doesn't fit the dragon's body? But I think tea is about a drop of rain grain from the body of a fire dragon.

When I thought, the red light floated slightly over Mr. Fire Dragon's body and disappeared.

Still not moving, so when the captain lowers his altitude a little...

"That wound is healing."

The wound on the body of the Fire Dragon was healing.

But as soon as I snap, the Fire Dragon starts moaning in the same position as rubbing his cheeks on the ground.

"Fire Dragon:... What a humiliation... Huh! I'm so sorry to hear that you drank such an unexpected cup of witch's tea..."

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

When I looked back to the captain thinking of the interpreter,

"You don't have to tell me. It's more or less predictable if you look at it."

Somewhat tired look made me say that.

"Oh, you got it!?

"Anyone can imagine seeing the circumstances and statements you have interpreted earlier and how they are sloppy even when the injury is healed. You won't be willing to attack me anymore.... It's kind of pathetic, so why don't you run errands early?

The captain recommended me and I decided to do so.

Be the first to confirm.

"Is your body okay, Mr. Fire Dragon? If the injury hasn't healed, why don't you have another cup of tea?

Fire Dragon: The Chase of Giving... Hardly.

In actual audio, I'm making a small "ooh" voice, but that sounds like a mourning voice to see how I fixed it to a language.

In the meantime, if I recommended tea, they told me it was a chase, so I don't have to let them drink any more?

So I'm going to cut Mr. Fire Dragon's errand.

"Then let's end the tea. By the way, I talked to you the other day about breaking the contract with the other witches, would you accept that?

"Fire Dragon: Come on, I didn't say I would cancel it if I had tea!

"We certainly haven't made any promises about this. But did you understand from this situation that this one can defeat Mr. Fire Dragon at any time? If you don't continue to cancel the contract, you won't be able to."

Fire Dragon: Damn. A witch can force you to disarm her, too? But my hometown... "

Mr. Fire Dragon still looks obsessed with getting his hometown back.

That's the same thing... Because even though he knew he couldn't go home at the time of his own death in the first place, Mr. Fire Dragon didn't give up his attack on Tanastra.

"I'll help you with that. Without tying in a contract."

"Fire Dragon: Not Tied With Contract...... So?


I answered clearly.

Anyway, the fact that there are other witches means that even if you stop Mr. Fire Dragon, other quests are likely to occur. If that happens, I will also set things up with Tanastra.

... Although I can't imagine what would actually happen because it would be out of the game situation.

But as it turns out, if Tanastra's national power is shredded by another witch, something strange should happen.

If the witch exercises her powers in Tanastra, the power of the country will surely decline. Before turning it into a wilderness to surrounding countries, Tanastra turns a fairly large area into a burning field.

I don't know how far I can intervene and stop the other witch.

Besides, I can't imagine who they are or where they are until they probably show up in Tanastra, so I just have to deal with them.

But if I can clear the witch issue, I think I can also get a chance to help free Mr. Fire Dragon's former residence from Tanastra.

"I can't make a sure promise. But don't you think it's better to keep trying to fulfill your contract than to fall down here without fulfilling it and end up without looking at your hometown?

"Fire Dragon: I..."

Mr. Fire Dragon has been told so far and seems troubled.

"Yura, what are you gonna do with that promise?

The captain, on the other hand, grabbed my shoulder and said not to listen.