I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Cancellation of Fire Dragon Contract 1

"Are you going to Tanastra? Why..."

There is no need for the captain to look anxious. It's only natural to be surprised if I suddenly say I intend to go to an exotic country and need a guardian.

But in my negotiations with Fire Dragon, I had no choice but to say it because I would have had to.

"Dear Commander. Soon you'll have to go to Tanastra.... because the Spirit says that the witch will soon go there. And I heard that if you leave the witch like this, something happens that doesn't nearly call for the dragon."

"So you think you're going after a witch?

I just have to nod.

Really, if you don't stop that stranger than you found out I have other witches, the Arlendar kingdom could perish, too.

"There was no spirit who warned me like that. But... a spirit similar to the goblin you're talking about. I can't talk to them. If the Spirit were to deceive people, I know it can't be even crazy."

The captain carves a crease between his eyebrows.

"But you won't have to take the lead."

That's what the captain told me, and I'm not sure how to explain it. I don't feel the captain will convince me why I go after the witch so far, just because the Spirit says so.

So I sent it first.

"After this matter is over, let me talk to you, Captain. Anyway, the Fire Dragon."

I suppose the captain also thought that fire dragons should be given priority over pursuing this. It nods at me.

And I turned to Mr. Fire Dragon.

"Mr. Fire Dragon. I'll help you cancel the contract."

"Fire Dragon: Can You...? But the contract..."

Mr. Fire Dragon seems to have become positive, but clouds his words.

"I am aware of the recoil caused by breaking the contract"

I am calling Sora again to ask about specific ways to cancel the contract. At that time, both the Fire Dragon and I had the recoil to disarm the magic, and some damage would be done.

But you assured me I wouldn't die.

Fluffy spirits are gathering by my side to see signs of contract cancellation.

As players until just now, the spirits who were fighting have disappeared, judging the battle to be over. So it's not them, it's the spirits in goblins as usual.

Seeing the display, even in its appearance, it looks like the same spirits in rabbits as earlier, the ice spirits...... What an indistinguishable appearance.

Ice Spirit: Protecting You

Look at that letter and remember what Sora said to me one day.

- Trust me, Yura. We want to protect you, too.

Sora said she would protect me, too. The spirits may have been asked to do so by Sola. I thought it was scary on the inside to hear there was a recoil when you definitely protected me, but that calms me down too.

It's okay. Trust me.

Even when I was drunk by a swirl of magic, you helped me. The captain has also assured me that the Spirit will not lie.

"Fire Dragon: ………"

The Fire Dragon shut up for a while. Is it about ten seconds? Then he finally replied.

Fire Dragon: Okay. Responding to Termination of Contract "

"Thank you"

I asked the captain.

"Master Commander, please let me down before Mr. Fire Dragon. Otherwise, the Fire Dragon has promised to attack this neighborhood, and we can't cancel the contract."

The captain flashed his face.

"You're not really dangerous, are you?

"It's okay. The shield of the Spirit is still active, and if you're worried about a physical attack, you can use another magic."

The captain must have also remembered the spiritual shield that gently jumped the fire dragon's brace. He understood, and he descended the dragon to the ground.

You must be worried. Mr. Eval and Mr. Frey also come down to the ground.

But I can't let them know I'm a witch, so they instructed me to stay away from him except for the captain. I'm sorry you're worried about me.

Standing close, the figure of a giant firedragon even though he is lying down is so big and intimidating.

The cute spirits stick to me, so I can feel like I'm having some game-like dreams and my feet don't shake.

"Now, prepare yourself, Mr. Fire Dragon."

I say that to Mr. Fire Dragon and squeeze my hands together.

The way it was done is similar to having the Spirit of the Underworld obeyed in a dungeon.

However, this time, Mr. Fire Dragon must move my magic, which is swallowing and penetrating his body.

Close your eyes and try to feel your magic.

- Like looking for another self.

"That's the trick," Sola told me.

Feel your magic and look for the same thing.

My magic... I don't know, I imagine it's like fluffy tea.

Eventually, I somehow felt the same magic in front of me.

When I catch that feeling, I see that there is another magical power around the other person's self.

The magic I'm blending in, like a warm fire, probably belongs to Mr. Fire Dragon.

One more thing.

There is cold, dark magic. That suppresses the magic of a firedragon that twitches and burns.

I tried to get rid of it.

Probably because that's the magic of the contract.

But the cold magic is tangled like a net. It's usually hard to push it away.


You can melt it.

It collects its own magic and warms it up to pour tea into its opponent's magic. You can make it mine from the melted end.

It feels like more magic. My body is getting cold from the tip of my hand.

But it was when I took away about half of it.

- Pattin, and the magic of the other witches could play.

I thought this was over, and the firepowdery glow rises from Mr. Fire Dragon's body and starts screaming.

"What is this!?

The captain tried to hold me away from Mr. Fire Dragon.

But the Spirit stops.


"Don't die. He's gonna die."

"When I tried to break Keyaku, I felt like I was dying."