I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Fire Dragon's Contract Cancellation 2

Surprised by the Spirit's words. Was Mr. Fire Dragon's contract like dying when he tried to break it!?

"If I had known, I wouldn't have even responded to the Fire Dragon"

I am annoyed by the words of the captain. Yes, Mr. Fire Dragon didn't know that. Does that mean the witch tricked Mr. Fire Dragon into making those kind of contracts?

"No dragon magic."

"Give him more, Yura"

"And... don't be fooled"

The spirits scream with their eyes about to cry.

"Excuse me, Captain!

All I know is how to give magic, I can do it close.

So I sprinkle the captain and run over to the fire dragon.

Fortunately, the Fire Dragon is not rampaged.

Lights like fire powder are probably the magic of Mr. Fire Dragon. From what I just felt, I think so.

So fine.

I tried to hug Mr. Fire Dragon to his feet and gave him my magic.

But it's not tea, so it's hard to transfer magic.

Even if you look at the status screen, it only moves in 10 MP increments per second.

While I was doing that, behind my head, I heard glass cracking.


The feeling showed that the magic of the contract was completely broken.

Dark and cold magic is shaped like an arrow, not a net, to try to involve the magic around you and fly away.

Here I finally realized. What the Spirit said "Don't be fooled" was Mr. Fire Dragon's magic.

The other witch cursed him to death in order to take away Mr. Fire Dragon's magic.

Fortunately, that fire dragon's magic mixes with mine, too.

"... back!

I command my magic.

I feel the power to pull, but the magic that remains on me is greater. So I draw closer, and finally the power of another witch in the form of an arrow, and about half the magic of a fire dragon that was somewhat affected by it, rushes up to the sky.

But the other half stayed.

Even if you close your eyes and attract them, you can't return them directly to Mr. Fire Dragon.

My influence is too strong, or it comes into me stuck with Mr. Fire Dragon.

But all you have to do is get it back from me.

As soon as I was relieved to think so, the arms I had on Mr. Fire Dragon cut the sky squarely and I was about to fall to the front.


I fall, though at some point the captain behind me grabbed me by the hips and got nothing.

I opened my eyes and I was stunned.

Rock colored peaks with white snow and frost. There wasn't a big firedragon who was supposed to be in that one painting...


Little dragons, about the size of small dogs, sat on their seats.

"... that one"

Oh, is that Mr. Fire Dragon?

"Um, Mr. Fire Dragon?

I left Channel D pressed, I'll try to talk to him.

Mr. Fire Dragon, who was hazy, looks at me loosely and circles his eyes haha. Next I looked around and touched my body with a pet and a small hand...... I cried round the spot.

"Cuuuuuuuuuu" is getting cute even to my voice.

Fire Dragon: Whoa! My body, my body!

I can tell when I'm saying these words when I go through the interpreting function of a nice channel.

Oh, you're moaning that you're getting smaller. If a firedragon that looked strong, which did boast the size of a shopping mall, turned into a small dog, you'd be shocked.

"Um, cheer up... According to the Spirit, he just didn't die, did he?

Around me, the Spirit jumps a little,


"He's alive."

And I was happy to banzai.

"Fire Dragon: You're such a rude guy!

But Mr. Fire Dragon pissed me off.

"No, Mr. Spirit..."

"Yura, don't hunt me down."

The captain who was still grabbing my hips told me, and I was hacked.

"Right...... even though it's getting smaller"

"First, I'd like to ask you to explain the situation, Yura."

Speaking of which, although the captain hears the voice of the Spirit, he did not even explain my actions.

"Finally, the witch and the Fire Dragon had a contract, but it seems that when the Fire Dragon breaks, the Fire Dragon dies.... or like that, it seemed like a contract to take away the magic. Perhaps if the captains defeated the Fire Dragon normally, the magic would shift to the witch."

Then I know why the witch put such a curse on the Fire Dragon. Either way, the witch should have gained tons of magic.

"Anyway, my contract with the witch has been broken, but I'm full of trying not to let the witch over there take all the magic away from me..."

I'm starting to get chills about the effects of twitching and absorbing magic. I knew this would happen, but I didn't know how to get it back to Mr. Fire Dragon immediately, so I took it at one end.

Ah... this is about three days from today, I guess I'll go to bed.

"Anyway, if I transfer the magic I kept, I think Mr. Fire Dragon will revert to it, too. Mr. Fire Dragon, can you hear me? I don't have to cry. I think I'll be back in a minute."

Then Mr. Fire Dragon came. He turned this way all the time. Oh, there's tears in my eyes... What do I do, sweetie?

"Fire Dragon: Is it true...?

"I don't have any certainty, but to some extent, can we do something about it? However, I don't really know how to transfer it, so I think they'll have tea again."

Fire Dragon: Another Tea...... Phew. Guess I don't have a choice... "

Apparently, Mr. Fire Dragon convinced me.

"If you don't mind, I'd like to see if I can touch it and move it, can I move it?

With that said, Mr. Fire Dragon floats flutterly and comes this way moving his puffy wings.

It was just the right size to catch and hold with both arms.

Although I try my best to feel like I manage to transfer magic to my tea in that state, I still only twitch. Or numerically, it's something less efficient than when you transfer it to a giant Mr. Fire Dragon.

One MP every five seconds or something. Too slow.

"Hmm, looks like you can't, but it's very inefficient..."

And there I tremble.

It's getting kind of hard to get the force of my arms in, too.

"Hey, Mr. Fire Dragon, I think I'm going to drop something. The power of my arms..."

Fire Dragon: What, did you use magic?

Is this about magic?

"What's up, Yura?"

I hurry to explain to the captain, who even had me at his feet.

"After absorbing a large amount of magic, it's always like when the heat comes out. This time, I think I'm going to fall asleep like this... or when I'm standing..."

While I'm saying it, consciousness tries. That's all I have to tell you.

"Dear Commander... to everyone, deceive me that it was because I went to the cold mountains and caught a cold..."

"Okay. Okay, so hold the dragon."

"Yes... Mr. Fire Dragon, please don't leave me. I'm not going back to magic..."

I will tell Mr. Fire Dragon not to rumble or go anywhere for once and put it down.

In the meantime, the captain lifts me up with complete legs. Standing on my own is the limit, so I'm relieved.

"We recovered the Fire Dragon. It seems less harmful now that it's smaller. Return to the castle!

I didn't lose consciousness, so I hear the captain giving instructions with his eyes closed.

"Frey, I let it go later. Find out if there are any strange or magical signs around here."

... Oh, speaking of which, my fellow witches were using that stone-eating bird to free Mr. Fire Dragon early. Then we need to find out...

With that in mind, I was heading back to the castle while I was blurry.