I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

After I brought Mr. Fire Dragon home.

Even after I got back to the castle, it was hard.

"Did Yura get hurt?......!?

He seemed familiar, the queue knight rushed over and took a look at Mr. Fire Dragon I was holding.

Hey, you surprise me with this.

Though such thoughts come to mind, it's a little hard to think more than that...... Something like this reminds me of when I caught a cold in this world.

Anyway, there are no refined medicines in this world. Conditional anomalies caused by injuries and magic effects are one shot with healing magic, but the disease can only be cured with herbs in the tunnel.

It's a world where spirits are real and magic can be used in the first place, so I don't even know if the cause is a virus or fungus, like in previous life. There seems to be a demonic balance in the body… or a stable healing of it with medicinal herbs…

Either way, if you have a cold that causes severe symptoms, you will fall asleep for a week.

You used to see your grandmother...... I miss it.

When I think of it, I want to be smaller and rounded up.

Even if the captain held me, I didn't feel embarrassed at all. Anyway, the spiciness of my body is a priority, and I appreciate the warmth of the arms that hold me or something.

When the magic moves to Mr. Fire Dragon, it gets a little easier. Although it makes me unwittingly sluggish, Mr. Fire Dragon also stands still.


And I make protesting voices.

"The dragon decides to leave it to Yura, who can speak the language. Looks like Yura woke up around the magic, she was ill and put it back first. Is Helga and the others here?

"When you're in the fifth building..."

The responding knight answered, bewildered, and reached out.

"Do I carry it? The captain will want to return soon."

"No, it's the same thing when we get here"

The captain left Vilta, who was riding, to the other knights, to carry me as he was. The knight who responded to the captain appeared to have gone to reward Mr. Helga and the others first.

As we entered the fifth building, Mr. Helga and the others were waiting.

The captain tells Mr. Helga and the others to take me to my room.

"What Yura is holding is an authentic dragon. If you do something nasty, it can catch you or burn your building. We should do something about it when Yura wakes up, so keep her in your arms or don't touch her if you wander around"

"Yes, I understand."

Mr. Helga is nodding.

I was staring at it.

Next, the captain tells Mr. Fire Dragon, who is held and says "piggy".

"Fire Dragon, if you do rare things, take the power that you are painstakingly keeping. Like I'm on that daughter's side."


Mr. Fire Dragon looks naughty and strips the captain of his fangs. Maybe I thought not to give orders, but the status screen disappeared at some point, and I'm just saying what I'm talking about.

Nevertheless, thinking that I should not cause trouble to the captain, I try to stroke Mr. Fire Dragon's head and embrace him.

Then Mr. Fire Dragon also closed his eyes with his fangs closed so that he could be flattened.

All right, all right. If you don't make a big deal out of it, I won't give you back your magic.

What a thought, the captain stroked my head.

"Well done, Yura. Rest for a while until you're tired."

Big hands tear the eyes of those around them or they quickly leave.

But I'm glad to be praised.

When the captain leaves, Mr. Helga speaks to him and turns Mr. Fire Dragon into a sleepy outfit once he has laid aside.

Then he held Mr. Fire Dragon again and slipped into his futon and slept.

... It was the next evening that I woke up.


It was Mr. Frey who was sitting on his side when he woke up.

You came in between something, and he looked like he wore a cape.

"How's it going? Helga and the others left, so I was taking turns watching with Dr. Olvé. I'll get the teacher, so you can wait."

"Oh, I'll call you..."

Even though I blurred in my sleep, that's all Mr. Frey laughed at me to say.

"Sleeping habits, you're adorable"


That's what Mr. Frey said, touching his horizontal hair for a moment before leaving the room.

"... what, now..."

Because of the blurring, I dropped him off without being able to deal with it right away. Anyway, sleeping habits. I'm not sleeping habits.

Dr. Orvé is a doctor, so he won't mind that, but it's lame.

Think about what Mr. Frey said earlier, combing his hair with his hands that would be blurry.

Honestly, as far as I'm concerned that if I saw a terrible face in my sleep, even a hundred years of love would be cold, I don't understand what Mr. Frey said.

Dog and cat sleeping habits are adorable... but that's what it feels like?

Anyway, I just tried to make it right to stay as long as I could, and I notice Mr. Fire Dragon rolling beside me.

I opened the status screen and pressed channel D slightly.

"Good morning, Mr. Fire Dragon. How about a little extra?

"Damn, I'm not back yet..."

That's what Mr. Fire Dragon said. It does stay the size of a puppy.

Hmm, is that it? It's like hearing Mr. Fire Dragon's voice straight.

Even if I tried to turn channel D off, I knew exactly what Mr. Fire Dragon said.

"Uh, that. You don't have to channel to hear Mr. Fire Dragon."

"Because I'm receiving your magic. Come on... why don't you come back soon!

"That said, you don't know how"

"In your magic, faint - my magic is mixed, but it's not enough!

I can hear Mr. Fire Dragon's voice in the audible voice, "Piggy." This unspeakable mood.

"Sounds like we're going to have to take some time anyway, right? Shall we live together for a while? Don't burn things and people around you. Make an adult."

"All the time...... But I'm sure the quickest way to get it back from you..."

Mr. Fire Dragon repeatedly troubles "Piggy".

Then Dr. Orvé came into the room, saying, "It's busy," he said.

Anyway, I was tattooed that the fever was gone, and I was still instructed to rest for three days.

Having also finished my doctor's examination and fallen asleep with Mr. Fire Dragon again, I open the status screen remembering all the more.

"I thought that would happen... but I have more MPs again..."

Yura Savell/Tea Master

Vitality (HP)/Magic (MP) … 800/150000

Attack... 6 Magic Attack... 700

Muscle Strength…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Speed............... 9 Sword Skill Proficiency...... 0

Physical defense…… 8 Magical aptitude…… 1,000

Magic Defense… 650 Spiritual Suitability…… 1,000

Acquisition capability

Tea Master...... Skill Level 19

Channel: C · D · E · F · G

Witch...... Skill Level 35

Spirit Operation LV10, Spirit Summoning LV10, Spirit Power Operation LV10

Underworld Knowledge, Magic Manipulation.