Honestly, there's a lot of ambiguity about witches.

That's why Frey disagreed that Maia would become a witch, but that the people of Idrisia were trying to create a witch.

"I didn't expect this to happen..."

It would be Yura who activated the magic of the Spirit's Shield on the knights and regimental commanders going towards the Fire Dragon. Witches can do that, of course. But when did you even learn advanced magic?

Did the captain, who put Yura on it and made her use magic pretend she did it, try to make Yura act the way she thinks, after laying low that she is a witch?

Thinking about that. On the dragon of the captain of the regiment, a spirit appeared.

Frey was suspicious of the abrupt phenomenon.

Perhaps he saw the illusion because he was far-sighted, and Frey rubbed his lid twice or so.

But I can see. That one in the shape of a rabbit, the Ice Spirit. Probably those who live around this mountain.

There's also a mix of spirits in goblins inside, but that would be ice spirits too.

Even the people of Idrisia, who are familiar with the Spirit, remain unsure of that variant of the Spirit in Goblin.

It started to increase a few years ago...... it was said to be the effect of Idrisia since it would be around the time of her invasion, but the cause is unclear because she is a spirit who cannot converse.

All the other spirits say is, "I don't know."

And it looks like the spirits have started to shield themselves from the spirits.

Because of this, over Vilta is the overcrowding of the Spirit. Vilta also gives a bewildered look as she stagnates.

So the spirits - surprisingly, they went to the Fire Dragon and started attacking.


I accidentally got a voice. Though I wouldn't have even sounded like a nearby knight thanks to being away on a flying lizard.

But guys, I'm aware of this anomaly.

Because the Fire Dragon only seems to be fighting a hidden enemy.

Fire dragons glittering on their own, somewhere creepy.

The knights of Frey's squad can also see far-sighted with a bewildered look.

"Captain... how are you going to delude this..."

Considering that, I felt dizzy while other personnel.

Anyway, the Spirit fought and the Fire Dragon's defense collapsed. The captain then instructs him to attack the Fire Dragon without changing his expression.

"I don't know anymore!?

Frey decides he didn't see anything and storms the Fire Dragon.

The Fire Dragon is not silent either. I spit braces, but was completely prevented by the magical shield of the Spirit, who was closer to the side of the Fire Dragon than Frey.

"... would be too effective, Mr. Yura"

Around lightly preventing the fire dragon's braces, the laughter is going to creep up because it's too half-hearted.

I am perfectly happy, there may also be the influence of rabbit and goblin shaped spirits.

That's how it damages the Fire Dragon and makes him drink tea too... it could have been thrown into the mouth of the Fire Dragon.

The captain said that by giving him a cup of tea, he could cancel his contract, as he did during the Spirit of the Tree of Guidance.

But the captain with Yura descended to the top of the mountain, and Frey realized it wasn't.

He's probably going to break his contract with Yura's magic to break it.

"Should we stop... or..."

Frey gets lost.

Wouldn't they find out that Yura is a witch? That's what worried me.

But given what the captain admits, maybe we should let him do it. I'm sure you had an idea.

"Me too... I knew I couldn't get away from Idrisia's idea"

Idrisia, a country that has valued the words of the Spirit and has set its national policy. That is why even small nations had a long history and were invaded by the kingdom of Tanastra, which craved the power of the Spirit.

Even then, the spirits helped the fleeing Freys.

To the words of the captain with the sword of the Spirit King, who is supposed to unite such spirits, Frey really feels the feeling and the trust that he must obey.

So even as I went down to the ground, Frey decided to stay away and watch.

The Spirit makes a noise.

Apart from the spirits gathered to protect Yura, the ice spirits began to run around with Wachawacha.

"Yura's not gonna blow it."

"There were only dragons, though."

"Yura's not gonna blow it."

I wonder what the hell... and Frey looks around.

And a little down from the summit, I found a spirit. It is not an ice spirit. The Spirit of the Rock.

"Master Lucien!

Eval rushes to the captain. Perhaps Yura has begun to cancel the contract. Was something set up in the magic of the covenant, spiritual power leaking from the body of the Fire Dragon becomes red light and diffuses.

I decided to leave you to the captain.

That's not what I should be doing right now.

Frey feels that the Rock Spirit might do something and slaps him.

"Master Frey!?

By the Spirit of the Rock, an Idrisian magician, who had hidden himself by assimilating his figure into a rock, appeared.

"You, what were you trying to do?

I lowered my sword and asked, and the magician answered with a loving laugh.

"We eliminate those who have disturbed our plans. Otherwise, Maia's readiness will be a bubble of water. I finally found a disturber, but that girl... she's a surviving experiment. As it were, she could eventually lose control of too much magic and destroy her surroundings."

The sorcerer speaks out with a confident look.

"The king says there's only one witch. You said no one else should exist."

"The king? My great-uncle would have died!

"We don't have time to debate that right now. I will not forgive you, Master Frey, if I disturb you."

I guess the sorcerer had already prepared it, giving magic to the magic formations he drew under his feet.

As it is, Yura is in danger. But you can't just break the magic formation. We have to kill this sorcerer......

Frey made up his mind.

You can't let Yura sacrifice herself any more.

And when I waved my sword - darkness soaked out of the magic formation.

Darkness swallows the sorcerer by making sure to cover cylindrically the inside of the magic formation.

"... higgyyyyyyy! King, why!?

To the sorcerer's scream, Frey is bewildered.

What the hell is this? Was the sorcerer killed? Who the hell, with what intent?

All I know is, it's overwhelming magic.

Normally, I don't know the amount of magic unless I magically investigate it. Frey had only experienced this feeling once.

The change was a very few seconds old. The darkness immediately pulls away and, finally, for a few seconds, changes to the rear of a person in a dark long coat.

The figure disappeared to the lid, and there was nothing on the spot.

"No way..."

Frey stared bluntly at the remnants of the magic formation.

I had seen that existence. Just once.

Deep in the royal palace of Idrisia. Existence worshipped, as stipulated, that those who have the right to inherit the throne should experience it at one time.

"Spirit King..."

But what is that pitch-black look?

Though I don't know, I couldn't be on the spot forever.

Looking back, the Fire Dragon seemed to exist even though it was smaller, and Yura was able to cancel her contract safely.