"I welcome the Duke and Duchess of Armadire."

It was Count Barkaus, the one who greeted Meia by saying so, who moved from the castle of the Sigur Knights.

Impressed Count Barkaus, like a wood-carved doll and a deeply carved favorite, prepared us a decent room.

Maia is ill, which means she doesn't really go out there.

"I can't believe the absorption of magic was such a time consuming thing..."

Because it accepts heterogeneous things, or only twitches are absorbed into Maia. Moreover, since a certain number of them have been absorbed into Maia, I feel cold as if I have caught a cold.

But I feel my magic is increasing, so I can stand it.

After such a day lasted about five days, the magic of the Demon Stone finally became Maia's. Perhaps the magic power has finally been replenished only for capacity.

Now finally, you'll be able to use your witchy powers.

By the time I thought so, servants from the Duke of Armadir had arrived.

I guess the nominal brother, the Duke of Armadir, doesn't want to engage with Maia as much as possible. There must have been little confirmation of the sorting of the servants as to whether we should even return to the periphery, which is a closed destination.

There are only two Duke family members. All the rest came under the guise of the people of Idrisia.

No, it was mostly the people of Idrisia who took care of Maia in the periphery in the first place.

Many of those sent by the Duke's house returned unbearably, even with high salaries, because of the harshness of the unwarming border.

At first, Maia recalls that the people of Idrisia told her that they intended to live there.

If the people of Idrisia, many of whom possess the art of dealing with spirits, can live even in somewhat harsh lands. I was just glad to find a place to stay in for now, far from Tanastra.

It was a lot of fun for Maia to laugh with the Idrisian people and do something for them and be happy to live that she was told not to do anything, only to relate to the least.

... Until the news came that Tanastra was about to use the Holy Land to call God.

Night and a half.

The servants gathered at Maia's after the people of the Barkaus Count family had calmed down.

Of course we're going to talk about it.

"We are delighted with your change to a safe witch."

It was the skinny bald man of magnificent age who took the lead and bowed deeply to the sitting Maire.

"Master Mitus seems to be doing well, more importantly. We've got the magic for what the vessel's spread, but after this, we're already in Tanastra?

Ultimately, the plan is to destroy the sanctuary with the power of a witch and prevent it from being used by anyone, Maia hears.

"No, I still don't have enough magic or power as a witch in this state"

"But I think there are probably about 10,000 figures..."

"Pretty good numbers, but still not yet. I know it's on your body, but you can't break the sanctuary without increasing your spiritual power."

Mitus, a bald-headed man with a lizard face, looks up to the ceiling and tells him.

"Sanctuary is the place where God descends. If so, you will be strongly influenced by God and try to eliminate other magic powers. If we want to influence it there, we still need stronger power. That's more than dragons..."

"More than a dragon"

Half the dragons of the same existence as the Spirit, there must be thirty thousand by magic alone.

When it comes to going beyond that, will I have to ask you to do the same thing again? Maia is troubled.

"If there doesn't seem to be enough magic, the only way to do it is to destroy Tanastra. That is quite difficult, and many of those in the land of Tanastra will be sacrificed...... Maia said she didn't want it."

"Yeah, that's right."

Those who live in Tanastra, not everything is the enemy of Idrisia. Rather, many people will live irrelevant.

Most importantly, to stop the massacre of Tanastra, Maia decided to become a witch. If I do the same thing, I fall for it.

If I nodded, Mitus smiled all the way to my heart.

"So let's use dragons next. We will make a summons and ask Master Maia to make a covenant as a witch. If you receive Maia's blood at that time, we will ensure that the dragon's magic is transferred to Maia."

It was speculative that it was about taking the dragon's life.

But if people's lives can be saved...

Either way, if you can stop Tanastra as a witch, Maia can't be safe either. By disappearing then, too, Maia prayed that she wanted to make amends for the dragon.

... asked the dragon to destroy the ruins in Tanastra.

That would definitely put Tanastra's weapons development on hold. And Tanastra will do everything in her power to kill the rampant Fire Dragon.

That's what I thought......

A few days later, Maia fainted, having received the magic that had arrived at once.

I didn't seem to wake up for about five days afterwards, but as soon as I woke up, there was a huge report waiting for me.

"The Fire Dragon did not die and was saved by Master Lucien......?

Before going to Tanastra, the Fire Dragon was crusaded by the Lycians and the Sigur Knights, apparently.

But the Fire Dragon was not taken until his life. Looks like Lucien and the others tried to get him to break his contract.

"But the contract..."

By witchcraft, which was included in the contract, the Fire Dragon was supposed to take his life even at the time he broke the contract.

Mitus tells the answer.

"Perhaps. There are other bearers of magic comparable to witches"

At that time, it was Yura who gave Maia her head.


You can't just leave her like that, maybe you can't.

Still, Maia was reluctant to tell Mitus about it.