"This increased magic. I wonder if it's for Mr. Fire Dragon..."

Fifty thousand...

But it's less shocking than the first time I saw a figure of 100,000, whether it's because of the original 100,000, the feeling being kind of mahy, or the still sloppy. I don't know if that's a good thing...

"What? Fifty thousand? You got the magic?

Mr. Fire Dragon, who was lying down like a turtle on my side, woke up a long neck as he said, "Around."

"You absorb that amount of magic so often, you can live..."


Are you absorbing too much?

"A normal human being, if he absorbs five thousand, his body will begin to fly."


Oh, what's that scary about? I tremble unexpectedly. But I also feel like I've heard something similar from someone.

"Hum. Wouldn't it be a shame if you were a witch..."

Mr. Fire Dragon, with his nose, blew a small smoke.


Hey, it's smoky, Mr. Fire Dragon.

"Besides, you said fifty grand, and I think it's beyond my powers."

"Huh? Isn't that about half of Mr. Dragon's magic power or something? This."

Sounds like a magic contract put on by another witch. Because of that, Mr. Fire Dragon's magic was about to be uprooted, and I was so obsessed that I absorbed it and pulled it off.

I don't even know if it's half.

"No... but I'm half as good as the Spirit. It could be part of the magic that had been allocated for existence."

Speaking of which, I heard that Mr. Spirit is all magic = being. Sure, to the captain.

"Existence values use magic so much..."

Crushing, again, I remembered the horrible story of flying in the first place when there was too much magic.

"If there's too much presence and that's what happens... could you possibly gain weight or something?

"Are you nuts?"

I was pissed off by Mr. Fire Dragon on the fast track.

"The weight that people think doesn't dwell in magic"

"But in the mountains, when I was twitching, it sounded so loud and smoky."

It was a place with ice and frost, so there was something glittering with the soot and smoke.

"It looked so heavy. So I thought it might be the right size and weight."

"Originally it was magic. I can do it lightly! Otherwise you won't be able to fly!

Shaggar! and Mr. Fire Dragon throws up fire while angry and still small.

"I said I'd burn a little. If I burn you, I won't magic you again, Mr. Fire Dragon."

"Hey, what?!? I didn't know you'd take my magic hostage... Huh!

"It was my generosity to stop the magic and help Mr. Fire Dragon in the first place, wasn't it? You don't have to give it back..."

"Whoa, whoa! You bastard witch. Yeah!

Mr. Fire Dragon said, "Geez!," he lays down and moves his just legs. But I don't throw up fire, and she's cute to be moving a short one.

I don't really care if you talk ill because you've been communicating with me in letters for a long time. I know it's because you got smaller, but you're not afraid to blow the fire.

That's where the knock sounded.

"Yes. One moment, please"

I wake up from the top of a simple, spawned piece I'm sleeping in, woven with red and black checked shawls.

I'm sure it's Dr. Orvé. I'll get you some water, so you told me not to move all day today.

I received your water at the door, and I thought that would be it.

"You look a lot better"

It was the captain who opened the door.

"What, that"

Because I was alarmed, I wander off.

Doctor, I thought it was okay because I was dealing with him, but because I had no intention of face-to-face with the captain while he was asleep.

No, the captain has seen me awake twice. I was dressed properly once and twice. I'm not even wearing a futon, so this is embarrassing.

Speaking of which, before I went to sleep, I remained held by the captain. Whoa, whoa, whoa, I remember and I don't have a double place to put myself.

But if you're the captain, you don't seem to notice that.

"Was there a problem? I wanted to see how the Fire Dragon was doing."

"Thank you......"

I take the offered decanter. That's how I got the captain inside to see how the Fire Dragon was doing.

Having placed Decanter on the bedside tabletop, I approach the captain approaching the fire dragon, which had been tucked away on the bed, as I met him in front of the shawl.

"How's the fire dragon?

"So far, you've made me an adult. I've been trying to move my magic around holding it for a long time, but it doesn't work like tea..."

If you are the captain of the regiment you were listening to, lift the fire dragon that you do not want to do, and see it shiatsu.

"Put it down, you humans! Besides, if the handover of magic via your hands is subtle, why not from your mouth!


If I ask the Fire Dragon, I say, "Don't you even know that?"

"People emit magic from their hands and mouths. So try it, witch."

So the Fire Dragon turned away from me. This could be, like, a mouthful on the back of your head?

Well, they're little dragons, so I don't find them particularly embarrassing. Strongly put, though what the captain is seeing can make me feel restless......

"Master Commander, can I borrow Mr. Fire Dragon for a moment?

I asked for it, and the captain gave it to me.

"What does the Fire Dragon demand?

The captain can't hear the fire dragon. So I explained.

"He said mouthing is more efficient than fire dragons receiving magic from their hands..."

"It's a last resort."

The captain took the firedragon from me, who was supposed to let go, with no expression, and said:

"You'll have the means to make me drink tea. Probably more efficient there."

"Oh, I was"

Then I will make tea now... and the captain who placed the fire dragon on the bed grabs my right arm and pulls it toward me.

"At least not after tomorrow. At least it's not something a person would do who received a ton of magic and stayed asleep for a whole day... you'd be worried?

One step closer to the captain of the regiment, I wandered away without being seen that face staring at me.

"Excuse me."

On my cheek like that, the captain touches me with his right hand.

"I want to see how you are too. Take on all that magic and see if it's really okay. Stay still a little bit."

That's what they say, and the captain closes his eyes with his hands touched.

I don't know when it was, but this is how they confirmed my magic, and I've been making a big deal of it.

"... well fine"

The voice of the opposite captain approaches.

When I thought, I was being spoken at the temples.

The soft feeling was pressed and tickled like a feather, and my head was about to turn bright white.


How dare you check on me! Though I suppose, I can't move one finger.

Confused by the feeling of being caressed purposefully from the side head.

But I don't feel like I don't like it. I'm the one who's crazy. I can't believe I want you to stay put.

But that time doesn't last forever.

The captain leaves.

He looked at me stiff with his eyes open and laughed. "Magic seems stable," the captain said plainly.

No. Better than that. Um, what's that...!

Mr. Fire Dragon, there was nothing before or after the crusade, so I was awfully alarmed.

What happened before that was some kind of distraction.

But it's the second time! Does this feel arrogant to pets?

Which is it......

"Don't push it, just like you're still off today. And if you want Fire Dragon to drink tea, do it outside just in case.... I'll come back tomorrow to see how it goes"

The captain left the room telling him what to instruct, as if nothing had happened.

I stare slowly at the door the captain went to for about ten seconds before finally pulling out my shoulder strength.

"Heart... I thought it would stop..."

Ha, I sighed, Fire Dragon said.

"I don't know, don't die yet. After you put me back."

Dragged back into reality by the words of the Fire Dragon, who conveys his request straight, I had to laugh "ahahahahahahahahahahaha, Dryoksimus" and laugh blankly.