I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Mr. Fire Dragon told me an unexpected story.

For one day that day, I decided to make it easier anyway.

I feel comfortable with the sudden action of the captain, and I can't help it.


Did the captain do that twice?

I was surprised the first time.

Fire Dragon's attack, and after making Fire Dragon unable to move once, even if it's too worrying...... what's wrong with you, Captain!? Because I thought so.

I think something happened. I've been caressed in the head before, and what I say should not be directed at women! It's true that there were a lot of things that felt like that.

Mostly I was wondering if the Spirit was treating me like a pet because he was going to do it even against them.

But that mouthpiece...

One day the mouthpiece on my forehead was meant to restore magic to me.

Last time, I convinced myself that it was because I was worried, and I was forced to treat myself like a pet.

"It's impossible that the captain has lost his mind twice. So I guess it's intentional."

Can I make a mistake?

But I can't wait to do that, if I really meant to be a pet. That's why I was embarrassed to ask the captain, and decided to forget about it for the first time.

"Do something troubling, I don't think the captain should. I can't even ask..."

I'm afraid to ask. I know I can't move on because of myself. It would be awkward, though, as much as if I could not be in the Knights if I were mistaken.

"The contents of the game…"

The fact that there are other witches has become decisive. I have a contract with a dragon.

Ha ha there.

"Mr. Fire Dragon!


"Tell me about the witch you signed with."

Yes. All you have to do is ask Mr. Fire Dragon about the witch!

"You were a woman."

"... No, I don't think so."

Because if you're a man, you probably don't call yourself a witch.

"Why do you want to know the characteristics of other witches in the first place?... right. To find it early and finish it off."

Mr. Fire Dragon, I'm afraid of the idea!

"I want you to stop because it's going to be dangerous from now on, depending on whether you want to end it or not!

That one is closer to the witch who definitely destroyed the country in the game. Thanks to you, it seems certain that I'm not a lass boss, but if you don't stop her, people will die a lot and this neighborhood will be wilderness.

I want to make tea and live quietly.

If possible, I want to make a coffee shop and a second store or something, and sell more of the tea, and spread the tea around the world.

Above all, I want to make the captain more of a tea lover, and I don't like the other knights who have gotten along to die. It was a little hard on me in Castle Town, but the culprit didn't beat me up during this time, and I've never wanted anyone else to be gone.

So you stay this way with all countries, and I want you to survive peacefully. I'll have trouble losing it.

Mr. Fire Dragon, who heard my words, narrows his eyes to a large extent.

"You... can you see the future?

Oh, yeah. If you say what's to come, you can't help it if they say so...

I get lost for three seconds, I snap my neck.

Even if I told Mr. Fire Dragon, the captains can't talk. However, I wonder if the fact that you are under contract with a human means that Mr. Fire Dragon can also talk to ordinary people.

"Um, can you have a conversation with someone other than Mr. Fire Dragon and a witch?

"It depends on their magic. As long as it exceeds the standards, by my magic, I can convey my will. We know what you're talking about, so we'll have a conversation."

"... What do you mean, you can talk to the captain?

"You mean earlier, the man with the Spirit King's sword? Well, you can. And with the power of the Spirit King's sword, we'll be able to have a conversation from that man."

Then there's a chance you can talk to the captain... a little bit naughty.

"Like earlier, how could you be dissatisfied and not tell us about it?

"Why should I bother to tell you a story?"

Yeah, and Mr. Fire Dragon snorted.

This is probably going to be spoken to by Mr. Fire Dragon if he wants to argue with the captain.

I decided to think again for three seconds and speak with a fluffy expression.

"I'm not looking to the future. It's not like I have that kind of special skill... You mean the soul remembers the events of the future"

I don't know if dragons can understand it by saying it in a previous life. So I made that expression.

"Ho? My soul... I think I heard that somewhere..."


Someone like you? That means.

"Tell me, that firedragon! Where did you hear that!?

Lift Mr. Fire Dragon up, and shake him when he turns back.

"Hey, stop it, witch!

"Oh, excuse me"

Mr. Fire Dragon stops me, stops my hand.

"So, can you remember? Where did you hear that?"

What, the soul remembers the events of the future, and you're not the one who was Japanese in his previous life and played the game? I wonder what the hell is going on with that person. Maybe we'll find some company.

If someone else helped me, I might be able to help stop the witch sooner.

So I wanted you to tell me, but Mr. Fire Dragon laughed niggardly when he saw my desperation.

"You want me to tell you so much...... But I need you to make an effort to get my body back."

I came to offer you a deal to tell you when you were done.