I want to know soon.

So I decided to make tea by the end of the day.

Don't let everyone get mad at you, in the evening, Mr. Helga, who worried and came many times to see how things were going, starts acting after returning to the house in town.

Fortunately, it's still a bright time.

Let's get it done before dinner.

I just got dressed and took Mr. Fire Dragon to the kitchen upstairs.

Light a fire on the kamado and boil the water.

Once the firewood is on fire, the spirits in goblins who flutter out of it start skipping with pleasure. In which kama.

That's how I prepare my tea, I think.

If we keep Mr. Fire Dragon back like this, could we possibly rampage him?

I ask Mr. Fire Dragon as he lights a candle on fire.

"Speaking of which, Mr. Fire Dragon. Now Mr. Fire Dragon's contract with the other witches is null and void, right? When we get back to normal, will we go back to where we would have made it a temporary inn?

"Say what. Of course I'm going to go get my old place back."

Oh, has that come......

"But Mr. Fire Dragon, you've moved to another land because you can no longer enter your original place, right?

"It was a hell of a trick, but another witch said, the reason why I can't go back to my original twist was the best. So as planned, destroy what will be ruins and return to the original twist."

"Oh, you still believe that!?

Before I knew it, I was supposed to take my life. Even though I was the one who incorporated the contract. Not very much if I were you, but I suspect everything.

"It's a magical matter. They set me up like a strange junction in a wide area, including my residence. If it's going to be a clue to what it takes to solve it, it should be done."

Mr. Fire Dragon sounds "shaggy" and exhales a small fire about the lamp.

"What if you can't try?

"Would it be decided to look for another way?

It was answered instantly.

Oh, this is... Mr. Fire Dragon wouldn't be willing to give up.

But as for this one, I want to avoid a fight with Tanastra. Just because Mr. Fire Dragon came from the Arlendar Kingdom, Tanastra has followed his obsession, so Mr. Fire Dragon just moves out.

Though, I say you won't tell me until I get it back...

"............... that? When we get back to normal, this building won't break."

Mr. Fire Dragon's original appearance is at the shopping center level. Even if you couldn't make it back at once, it would definitely be overflowing in size from this room.

"All right, let's go outside"

I've thought of it, and I thought of it to keep Mr. Fire Dragon safe, and I stuffed the water bottle with tea and called Mr. Fire Dragon.

"Mr. Fire Dragon, you'll grow up when you get back to normal, and you'll have trouble breaking things, so let's go outside"

"... right. Exactly. I'm no longer willing to fight with someone with you and that Spirit King sword."

For once, Mr. Fire Dragon, you didn't seem to want to fight us. Good. Good. A little, when it's back to normal, I say, "Ha-ha-ha! I've been waiting for this opportunity! I was also thinking about the possibility of an attack."

When that happens, I have to do everything in my power to defeat Mr. Fire Dragon. Unlike Quest, the Player Spirit won't come out either. Even witches find out......

After considering that danger, I decided to hear Mr. Fire Dragon's request, is it going to work?

I go out to Sumiko in the courtyard in the light of the sun leaning heavily to the west.

There are people in the courtyard who are walking, who are training, who are sitting for a break, but there is no way they are paying attention to me who is sitting right there in the corner.

At the wall of the building, I emptied the contents of the water bottle into the cup of the lid and encased the cup with both hands to magic it.

Carefully while looking at the status screen....... I stopped it once at 100, 200, 300...... 1000.

Tea became a shimmer of gold. It's always beautiful to see.

Give that to Mr. Fire Dragon.

"Yes, I've tried magic, so try to see if this is okay"

You definitely know it has magic in it. Mr. Fire Dragon receives the cup with his short hands and drinks the contents in a clumsy motion.

I have a long neck, so although drinking takes the form of sticking my head in a cup.

She looks adorable drinking in silence...... It could have been the Spirit of the Underworld, but he was so cute drinking tea so hard. Coosie waited with her mouth open very much, and that was pretty good too.

Maybe when the demon drinks his tea, he looks slippery and cute.

Watching as he thought about it, Mr. Fire Dragon finished his tea only.

"Oh...! It's creeping me out!

Mr. Fire Dragon says something like a beer drinker and is happy with the feeling.

The appearance twisted and contoured.

Apparently, even at 1000 MP, change happens.

When Mr. Fire Dragon's appearance expanded fluently and the outline was clear again......

"Hey, witch."


I shook my shoulders and was desperate to laugh. I didn't expect it to be this good.

"I told you to put it back together. I'm a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a! Isn't that enough! Isn't that enough!

I bark as I pepper and tap the ground with Shippo, and spit out about a pine light of fire.

"Oh, you're grown, Mr. Fire Dragon!

Definitely got bigger.

From about a puppy, about a big dog.

Anyway, when I let Mr. Fire Dragon drink tea with 8,000 MP in it, there was no change. They drank me by accident! And I was just angry.

I'm sure if it was about 1000 MP, I would have been right if I didn't think there would be a big change.

But I made a scene, so the other knights in the courtyard seemed to notice that Mr. Fire Dragon was out there.

"Is that the Fire Dragon you grabbed?

"I heard you got stuffed big..."

"Isn't that rampant?

"But if Yura's on your side, can you make her grow up? Look, you forced the Fire Dragon to shrink with some tea, didn't you?

"Eh, can Yura's tea do that!?

Because of the stories I heard, I learned that I was being made the culprit for shrinking Mr. Fire Dragon. No, you're not! But I can't argue...... 'Cause if I argue with you, there's an explanation of why you said you broke Mr. Fire Dragon's contract with the witch or how.

While I'm trying to do something, Mr. Fire Dragon steps on.

"Bigger! Undo it!

Urged, I made it a priority to end my discussion with Mr. Fire Dragon first.