I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Looks like they're gonna call me something.

"Because Mr. Fire Dragon. When I said 'I knew it was funny' after I went back to normal, I thought I'd be in trouble. So prove that you can go back a long way, and I tried to make an effort to put it back, which is what Fire Dragon asked for."

Yes, Mr. Fire Dragon told me to make an effort.

That is, if I let him make an effort, even if he can't get it back completely, I should have kept my promise.

"You shabby witch..."

"Promise, you did, didn't you? You're not gonna break it, are you?

Mr. Fire Dragon, who is about the size of a big dog, but at this size, I think I can handle a rampage on my own, so I tried to be strong.

I hear Mr. Fire Dragon knows that, too.

I said it after I almost regretted it.

"I don't have a choice... let's meet the deal"

"Yay. Then go back to your room and let me talk to you carefully."

That's what I said and I got up, and I was called out.

"Yura, is it okay if I go outside now?

"Ah, Mr. Frey."

Mr. Frey walks in from the first building as dusk begins. You've been in the castle all day, and you're not wearing a cape.

"When I heard you were out there, I came worried... Fire dragons are getting kind of big, too. Are you okay?"

"Oh, I'm perfectly fine now!

"But we're all worried, so don't be impotent."

When I said thank you, I noticed beyond Mr. Frey that a dozen or so knights were watching me and Mr. Fire Dragon faraway.

Ah... there's a fire dragon, so maybe someone on guard went to get Mr. Frey for now.

Maybe it hasn't been communicated to the others that Yura stopped being a clerk, but after all, because Mr. Frey knows me very well.

And then... there's the rumor that I shrunk Mr. Fire Dragon, so I'm sure I can handle it alone, so I guess I'm rolling it away. I just don't know the truth, and maybe he was watching for me just in case.

Knights, you're full of good people. I pee.

"And what happened to the Fire Dragon? Did you give him magic? Much more... depressing, though."

As Frey put it, Mr. Fire Dragon was disappointed and silent.

He doesn't even notice wings, and he stands on the ground with his back leg.

Um, he looks cute, too.

"I made a little deal to get you to tell me about the witch you signed with Mr. Fire Dragon... She said she wanted to get back to normal soon, so I gave her tea. I'm just... dissatisfied that I couldn't get much older."

"What's the matter with you... you outrageous witch"

Gu and Mr. Fire Dragon sound. Of course, Mr. Frey doesn't understand the words, so the dragon rang, I guess I only feel about it.

"I'm sure you're unhappy."

Mr. Fire Dragon, who you don't understand, puffed me.

"Damn... if the word makes sense..."

"I can't, Mr. Fire Dragon. I never thought I'd be able to talk so smoothly."

That's what I'm talking about, Mr. Frey narrows his eyes.

"Mr. Yura... you can normally talk to the Fire Dragon"

"If I made you drink tea, it would be smoother."

I say I can talk to the Fire Dragon, so I'll be honest with you.

"I'm glad Yura understood the Fire Dragon's words because I'm glad I brought her here, but nobody knows what she's talking about."

That's what Mr. Frey says and smiles at me.

"Well, you're like sick, so you should go back to your room now. The Fire Dragon... this, do you want to walk properly yourself?

Mr. Fire Dragon is nagging now. But Mr. Fire Dragon was too big for me to carry. I can't just leave you here.

"You, if it's a hundred million robberies to move, shall we carry them?

If that's what you think, that's what Frey told Mr. Fire Dragon, who turned out to be about a big dog.

Mr. Fire Dragon, who knows what words mean, answers pompous. No, it was actually a voice called "Muggle."

"Whatever you want..."

Yes, I heard the words.

He said, "You can do whatever you want."

"Then you can't just leave me here. Don't break it."

Mr. Frey spoke up again and then held Mr. Fire Dragon from the side. Though shaped like a half shoulder, Mr. Fire Dragon's ass is on Mr. Frey's arm.


Unexpectedly, Mr. Fire Dragon held him in his arms. When I try this, it also feels cute to be Mr. Fire Dragon stuck at this size. I don't like walking on my own even though it's big - because it looks like I did.

They carried me straight to my room. Though it's narrow, it's hard to put it elsewhere, even if it's made fun of.

But when I was dropped off Mr. Frey's shoulder, Mr. Fire Dragon said it was puffy.

"... don't smell nostalgic, you"

Mr. Frey puts his neck up. 'Cause it just sounded like a short "munchkin". That Mr. Frey,

Smile at the Fire Dragon.

"I'm glad you don't like hugs for now."

Then he chased me to the bunk.

"Come on, come on, Mr. Yura's going to sleep a little more. If it was magic, your body would have been so tight."

"But I'm also tired of just sleeping... And I'd like to hear from Mr. Fire Dragon about the witch."

"While sleeping, but you can ask questions, right?

That's what Mr. Frey pushes me on the back.

I stomped on my feet.

To be honest, I was feeling a little tired because of the sudden activity. But when I lie down, I'm going to fall asleep, so I want to stay awake if I can.

"You have no choice. But just sit down."

That's what they say, and if I just sit down, I sit on the bunk.

Then Mr. Frey stroked my head.

"You have a little time to finish it. I was in that mountain, and I killed whoever seemed to be one of the witches. Something won't happen any time soon."


I had heard from Dr. Orvé. While I was bringing Mr. Fire Dragon back from the mountains, I found a fellow witch other than me and said Mr. Frey fought.

"I have a lead. So the witch thing, too, is going to hit the precautions one by one. You don't have to carry it alone, Mr. Yura. Of course, if you can ask me anything useful, I'd like you to tell me."

That's what I noticed after Mr. Frey walked away.

For some reason, I was feeling a little less tired.

"Recovery magic..."