It was strange that he suddenly recovered, but that doesn't bother him either.

Plus, I'm feeling a little better, so I'll keep asking Mr. Fire Dragon questions.

"Now tell me. Talk about having a future memory in your soul. Who told you that?

Standing on his hind legs, Mr. Fire Dragon speaks out in a fuzzy breath.

"I sure don't think it was that long ago. Didn't that happen just a few years ago...... Back then, I was being chased to my address to find a temporary twist."

"Did you meet someone on the way?

When I was in a hurry to ask the question, Mr. Fire Dragon moved his wings slightly if he seemed troublesome.

"Not so fast, witch. I'm not a person. I was filled with hatred for the people who drove me away from my dwelling place. If I'd met you, I would have definitely won eight."


If I count with Mr. Fire Dragon, is it an instant death course with eight hits? That's scary......

The way you put it as a hypothesis, maybe Mr. Fire Dragon didn't meet with humans. Good. Good.

But when I did, did I see a demon?

"Yes, yes, it's definitely the Spirit"

"Is it a spirit"

I see. It's someone Mr. Fire Dragon doesn't gentrify. It's not like you're a hostile species, you're half of the same race.

"That was an odd spirit"

Mr. Fire Dragon talks as he looks in the direction of smudging and the day after tomorrow.

"A little further east in the mountains, I first met a spirit with a goblin-like appearance. That goblin freakishly scared me the first time I saw him."

Surely it would be strange for the Spirit to be afraid of dragons. It's too small in the first place, and Mr. Fire Dragon has no idea what to do... So much so that I'm likely to genocide before I realize it?

"With great interest, I visited why I was frightened. Then he said," I can't believe you count on dragons. "" Fire dragons were lurking here. I wonder how many years it will be before we move out of here... 'and I started crushing. "

"How many years later...?

"That's right. Would that be strange?

Mr. Fire Dragon nods at my rumbling words.

"If I hadn't known in a few years that I would be moving from there to another place, those words wouldn't have come out. I was intrigued and asked the Spirit. I was wondering if you could foresee the future."

I spit only and wait for Mr. Fire Dragon's words.

Mr. Fire Dragon sighed.

"The Spirit said." 'Cause in the game...' "


I knew it. The Spirit knows the game!

"Well, so what?

When I urged him to continue, Mr. Fire Dragon kept saying it was puzzling.

"Of course I let him talk in detail. Then it seems that the Spirit used to play such an incredible thing as a game where every time he won a small battle, he could hear the continuation of his fabrications. I even said that the fabrication story, in fact, is about the future of this world, and that it will come true. Though I thought it was strange that the Spirit was a game. I heard there was a dragon-like story in it, and I just couldn't ignore it..."

"How far have you heard?

"Sooner or later, after a covenant with a witch, I asked him how to return to his residence, until he moved from that temporary inn. That's why I responded when I had contact because I was one of the witches."

"Yeah, but then you didn't ask me what would happen to Mr. Fire Dragon?

It's a story that's about to die...... If I knew that, I just wondered if I wouldn't even make a contract with a witch.

"The spirits are in the middle of a conversation, and the writing disappears. Exactly."

"So you only know it until you're on your way."

I see. Convinced. If I knew I was going to die, even Mr. Fire Dragon wouldn't have nodded to his contract with the witch.

But there, Mr. Fire Dragon turns a lot of blind eyes to me.

"What's that subtle way of saying... Do you know where you're going? No, being unusually interested in this story, I guess so. After you hear the word" game, "you know the same game, right?

I thought "ah" but this is like saying I already know.

"Are there any spirits or witches who can see a particular future and have some kind of exchange of information? So if you're enjoying the game feel to see if you hit it... is that what this is all about?


What should I do? Can you deceive me? and though I thought in my head,

"Witch. You, it would have been a mouthful that knew what had happened to me from the beginning. I thought you said you didn't ask me because you knew what would happen after that."


No, it was after I dug my own grave.

"... Actually, yes. I knew something similar to that Spirit."

Hmm. Mr. Fire Dragon exhales.

"So? What was supposed to happen in the future you know. You, as a witch, ended up doing it and making me smaller?

"No, Mr. Fire Dragon was killed by the captains in that place."

"The end!?

"I was forced to fly where I was dying and did my best to destroy the ruins of my purpose... Is that what the other party is looking for? I tried to help Mr. Fire Dragon this time, and the other witches, of course, seemed to be moving in the direction where Mr. Fire Dragon died and we gained strength...... What, Mr. Fire Dragon?

I had just told him everything, and when I realized it, Mr. Fire Dragon was nodding on the spot.

"Shima... Shima... No, if I did have the Spirit King's sword... but this time it was because of this witch and the suspicious Spirit Doing, so my..."

Hi, it wasn't good that you said you'd be finished lightly.

Mr. Fire Dragon seems to have been quite shocked.

And a further tragedy struck Mr. Fire Dragon.


Mr. Fire Dragon's body emitted a fluttering white snowy phosphor... which squished him to the size of a puppy once in a while.

I guess this is what Ami the Original Tree means, and I feel smudged, I just have to stare at Mr. Fire Dragon crying.

Because I supplied magic with black tea at all, and I didn't even think I'd go back to normal.

In the end, Mr. Fire Dragon went to bed, and even after waking up in the morning, he was still depressed.

... poor thing.