Mr. Fire Dragon's shrinkage seems to have been a matter of the quality of magic I supplied.

"It's your fault... Firmer, because you can't just put in the magic you took from me..."

The magic that makes up Mr. Fire Dragon's body is the magic that was taken from his mouth as a flame and customized over time in Mr. Fire Dragon's body.

Even if you finally get into your body in the form of tea, most of the magic that permeates you immediately is that which I have marked.

Sometimes the magic power of Mr. Fire Dragon was turned around somewhat, and the size of his body changed temporarily. But over time, anything that isn't the magic of Mr. Fire Dragon's mark seems to get away from your body.

If I'm going to steadily undo the magic of Mr. Fire Dragon's mark, I'll have to select it from myself and make him drink it with tea.

"You said I could do such clever imitation right away?

"Sounds impossible..."

When asked, Mr. Fire Dragon also gave up about it.

"Anyway, I'll think about this and see if I can come up with some creativity again."

"Hurry up... or I'll be dyed by your color in no time, even with remnants of my magic now. Then you can't go back."

Mr. Fire Dragon rushed me, but I can't be sure, so all I can say is "I'll try my best".

... I have an idea of who might be able to do this. Master Commander, what would you say?

You don't know unless you ask me.

So I want to think about the next thing I know about the Spirit who knows about the future as a game.

Thanks to Mr. Fire Dragon I was able to find that out......

Spirit, I also thought spirits in goblins had secrets that led to games. That's like proven.

Some spirits have knowledge of the game for sure...... rather of the human being who was playing the game.

Sola is the head of something.

But when it comes to spirits of words and deeds like players, I don't know what to think. Because they feel more like people "logging in" in real life then than they do knowing and acting on what's ahead.

"Or... Playing pretending to be someone who logged in, or something?

I know you can get a little clue if you talk to me, but when the player Spirit comes out, it's usually a big commotion, and when the battle is over, the tide is gone, so I can't help but talk to him.

"Now is the time to aim for a talking gap or ask Sora to do something so she can talk..."

Why doesn't Sola want to talk in the first place?

"Especially to the captain, who said he didn't want to be seen."

So I think it's the Spirit who has something to do with the Captain.

Can we get him to talk about it somehow? I'll be a complete witch...... by the time I get to level 50 or so at this rate, will you tell me your secret?

"Or should I bake and fish even cakes...... ah!

That's where I recall.

The fact that my magic has gone up means that the price of Sola is going up, isn't it? Maybe we can't call them pancakes anymore!

"I need to think about my next treat."

You could've done with fewer bigger pancakes than cookies, so you should probably make something bigger, right?

Like a cake or a tart?

Whatever it is, there seems to be one more thing to think about.

Good morning, Doctor.

My health is fine, so I acted as usual today from my morning schedule. However, the captain told me to take a break for a while, so I think I'll start opening the coffee shop around tomorrow.

When I carry the breakfast I was delivered to my teacher, the teacher who woke up and was in the office jumped my eyebrows.

"Are you feeling all right now?

"Yes, it doesn't feel particularly strange"

"Well, just in case. Sit there for a moment."

Place the tray with the meal on the nearby tabletop and sit in the office chair.

First, the doctor's magical examination. I know I can't measure the amount of magic I have, so I take it with confidence. Thank you. They can confirm that magic is decreasing in proportion to their capacity.

So with 150,000 I'm down by 10,000, the teacher decides there's nothing wrong.

... I'm sorry I seem to be cheating on you.

He was then pulled to bait the lower eye lid, opened his big mouth and checked his throat, touched his forehead to check for heat, and touched around the lymph nodes under his ear.

I think so then.

There's nothing wrong with being a teacher...

If this is the captain or Mr. Frey, he jumps up in embarrassment and runs away. Definitely. Under my ear. Maybe, it's not gonna work.

It's the doctor's job, and I guess it's because of what I'm doing because I need it. Dr. Orvé doesn't care about that at all, and I accept it with the perception that it's a patient.

That's how I ate.

"Speaking of which, Yura,"

"What's wrong, Doctor?"

"Don't the fire dragons there have to eat anything?

What Dr. Orvé pointed out was Mr. Fire Dragon, who was following me.

I have trouble wandering around on my own, and being in your room all the time would be stuffing my breath, as a result of asking Mr. Fire Dragon if he would follow me.

"Is this the room of the human healer?"

And I said, I was looking at it all over the place just now.

Speaking of which, Mr. Fire Dragon, I don't say I'm hungry or anything, but I wonder if it's okay.

"What is Mr. Fire Dragon's meal... was it fire? Would you like to try something? Something like a fire."

When I told him that, Mr. Fire Dragon narrowed his eyes.

"That's not enough. Unless it's a little bigger fire."

Even in this mini size, is your meal a good level of house inflammation...... I have an appetite.

"It's better to absorb magic from the fire."

"Really? Absorption of magic...... oh?

So I flickered.