Mr. Fire Dragon's motive for trying to burn down the forest was to 'secure rice'.

The spirits and demons should be replenishing magic from food.

That's why fire is so magical, right? In the case of the Kako world, does it feel magical to everything?

What if that was a magical fire?

If it's a magic attack of fire, wouldn't a fire dragon hurt you?

"Mr. Fire Dragon, can you eat the magic of fire?

Asked, Mr. Fire Dragon seemed to think of it there too, making a niggly face.

"I see. Maybe it's a decent idea for you."

"Well, he wants to get a little approval from his boss before he runs it..."

Unlike tea, which can control the amount of magic, I can't imagine what happens when it's the magic of fire.

For when it all goes back to normal at once...... I'd like to ask the captain for a moment and ask him if he can ask for something.

I just said that much, and I remember.

Yesterday's behavior of the captain.

... What shall I do? Like I want to see the captain. Like I don't want to see him.

But this is part of your job. I can't tell you I won't see you... and if Dr. Orvé is here, are you okay? No, no. We can't have Dr. Orvé present us because we're going to end up talking about witches.

Should I keep my distance?

Besides, I asked my teacher to check my health today, so I don't even have to ask the captain to look at it.

I guess you guessed what I was trying to do, even as I was asking, Dr. Orvé nodded as well.

"I guess we should check with the captain. It's not a good idea to hang around with a fire dragon. Tell someone to go get him, so wait next door for a little while."

That's what Dr. Orvé says, he leaves the office.

I was going to be surprised when the patient arrived, so I had Mr. Fire Dragon moved to an empty hospital room for now.

The captain arrived shortly.

Wow, that's fast. I thought he was just coming over to try to show his face here once in the morning.

"Whatever, it's a fire dragon. I heard it shrunk yesterday after it got a little older..."

Even then, the captain lifts Mr. Fire Dragon, who was under his feet. Totally cat or puppy.

Look at that, I'm a little relieved.

Master Commander, it seems normal today.

No, no, don't be alarmed. Something that I don't know when or when to do that makes people's hearts stop.

"Yeah, don't hold me up like that!

Mr. Fire Dragon, who was watching yesterday's scene but didn't care at all, gets lifted up and gets his hands and feet splashed.

The tail hits the captain's arm, but where does the captain blow? You're a big dragon tail puppy......

"Better alive than yesterday."

"Dear Commander... like such a fish"

It's not like the freshness has increased. Maybe yesterday or the other day, I was an adult in a shock that got smaller.

"So, Orvé told me you wanted to talk to me?

Only the commander of the normal street cuts me out like that, normally keeping my distance, even after you unload Mr. Fire Dragon.

... Looking ok today?

"As a matter of fact, I gave it to Mr. Fire Dragon yesterday with just a little magic in my tea and tried to see if it could be really big. It's about 1000 MP."

"A thousand? Sure, then..."

Mr. Fire Dragon's original size also convinces the team leader that it would be a small amount.

"Stop, you con witch! You were such a dick!

Mr. Fire Dragon was angry when he was listening. I'm pissing the floor with my tail.

"Didn't you explain that yesterday? When I put it back together at once, there was a crisis that Mr. Fire Dragon was going to renege on his promise and run away."

That's why it was a small amount. Mr. Fire Dragon, were you going to drink a little more magic because you could have gone back to that size?

"And I mean shrinking right down like that. It was supposed to be that everyone would have gone back small in the big attention if I'd let them blow their braces and let them go back to normal. Isn't that better than that?

After you make it look great, if you get tiny and cute...... maybe Mr. Fire Dragon's psychological damage will be amazing. If I were you, I'd be on the run.


It will, Mr. Fire Dragon. But I didn't say any more objections.

The captain laughs at the couscous.

"Oh, Master Commander, you can't. Mr. Fire Dragon is too depressed to laugh."

I tried to stop him, but Mr. Fire Dragon tells me like he messed with me first.

"Shut up, you shitty little girl. You're worse. Now what..."

With bumps and tweets, Mr. Fire Dragon dived into one of the sleeping quarters nearby.

"Oh, I knew it. I messed with you."

"As always, you're a fire dragon for something like a child's bickering."

The captain does not care to say such a thing.

"It's not a bickering, Captain. I'm so serious. And I thought it would be better to tear it up a little bit, and Mr. Fire Dragon wouldn't get angry either."

"Okay, okay,"

The captain, laughing, puts his hand on my head.

He's being scolded. I'm a little thrilled, but on the other hand, I also wonder if you're asking me seriously. But I'm also sorry to doubt it, so as not to persevere.

Yeah, we need to talk first.

"Um, by the way, it's a way to put Mr. Fire Dragon's body back together, but I'd like to give Mr. Fire Dragon his dinner first in the form of fire."


As I inquire, the captain puts his hand from his head.

"Mr. Fire Dragon says fire is the staple food, and he also replenishes his magic from it. So he wants to feed my magic to Mr. Fire Dragon in the form of fire attack magic..."

Probably going to be a hell of a sight to throw the magic of a fireball at a little dragon.

The captain must have been worried about that, too.

"I care about my surrounding eyes..."

"Just a little bit, and Mr. Fire Dragon is confident that he won't get hurt to that extent, so I think he'll be okay"

"If you know what to do. But you're too much. Just like I'm gonna do with a little restraint."


I gave him a nod, but the captain still seems anxious.

"You're worried about letting me be alone. I'd like to put someone who manages on my side..."

"So if the captain is relieved, I have no problem. Mr. Frey or Mr. Eval...... they're both busy aren't they? But it's only about Mr. Fire Dragon's meal."

"Do we have to do that? Hopefully, I'll stop keeping someone on my side too long."

The sighing captain holds my wrist.