My heart is bouncing and I'm about to hold my breath.

Why do you need to grab my wrist now...?

"Truth is, I wish I could be on my side."

"Um, no, you'll be busy..."

"Leave it to the others, you'll miss it there, you"


Uh, this expression, I figured we should talk about it as being treated like pets, right? Right?

"But you have me, because I'm the captain. I'm not anyone else and...... Well, you don't have to grab it like this, do you?

With that said, I gently try to pull my hand, but there is no sign that the captain will ever let me go.

"These days, I think I need to make it more nostalgic."

"Do you want me to connect you?

So this behavior? Isn't that strange, Captain!

"If you say you miss it, you miss it enough already, don't you? Because it's a contract..."

"Sooner or later"

The captain blocks my remarks and brings my face closer.

"With your power increasing, it will also be possible to break my covenant. You're the one who tried to defy the Fire Dragon's contract with the other witches. I thought about that possibility."



You will have to forcibly break your contract with the captain in order not to cause trouble to the captain. But if I became strong as a witch, I thought that was possible.

"Other than that, I'm looking for a way for you to make me want to leave. What do you think we should do?


Is that why you want to talk about how you want to stay away?

"When the captain does this way, maybe, in a way that drops a woman, what makes you want to leave, is that the direction is subtly different..."

What will you do if you seduce me? Yes, I just went a little farther and the captain smiled happily.

"You don't like that?


How could you ask me that! Oh, what do you want me to answer? Or are you just teasing me!?

Confused, I only found that my face would be turning red. Because it gets hot like it caught on fire.

Very embarrassing. 'Cause it's not like you're saying you don't want to look bright red.

What if the captain was just making fun of you?

Don't you think the captain is serious and you don't hate him? Because the captain is the type of person who doesn't want to get married... Maybe a light relationship, but aren't you having trouble getting serious?

What needles can be subtly avoided in the state of the subordinate agreement......

"Well, that's better than that! It's not a rush to restore magic to Mr. Fire Dragon, but I'd like the captain to sign a contract with Mr. Fire Dragon because he's saying it's dangerous to storm, destroy the castle, and fly right to Tanastra to get his address back!

I avoided answers and forced myself to change the subject.

The captain may have thought I would, without being offended, respond.

"That's where I was concerned too. But can we negotiate? You can force me to do it, but then I think it'll blow you away within the limits of what you can do."

"Good luck"

When the conversation changed, the captain let go of my hand, too. Relieved.

As I stroked my chest down, I approached Mr. Fire Dragon who went to the corner.

"Mr. Fire Dragon, I have a condition to restore my magic..."

"Are you willing to make another demand on this poor me!?

Mr. Fire Dragon, I was still angry with you. But even this one can't give way.

"Unless you drink the terms, you won't get your magic back, but what will you do?

I tried to intimidate him straight.

"I'm a terrible person... why do I always get involved with terrible people..."

"You know what that's like, don't you? Instead of telling me how to get home, you just signed a contract to get your life stolen, didn't you? But my contract is safe and secure. If you stay unraveled or unraveled, I will restore you the magic of what I have undertaken. If it doesn't seem possible to me, I will use the secrets of the contractor, the captain, but I will restore the magic."

If fire by magic could not restore magic, it felt like the Commander had taken out the magic of the Spirit of the Tree of Guidance when he was, and he was going to have me pull the magic out of him. Then you can undoubtedly restore the magic that belonged to Mr. Fire Dragon.

So Mr. Fire Dragon looks at the captain for a moment.

"Are you the owner of the Spirit King's sword... Then I think I can do whatever I want..."

Mr. Fire Dragon doesn't seem to have any differences about that either. Then I'll push one.

"By the way, the person who contracts is the leader, not me. Isn't that all that reassuring?


Mr. Fire Dragon looks back at the captain again, looking from top to bottom and leaking his nose.

"Well, it would be better than making a pact with a witch like you"

Bit, I was subtly hurt, but I think that's okay if you convince me.

That's where I come up with the fu.

"By the way, Mr. Fire Dragon can always only be a big body?

"I can even be small..."

"I think we need you to act together until we can go back to your house once we have a contract."

But if Mr. Fire Dragon stays big, I wonder if it would be difficult to get him to live in this neighborhood.

"So you want me to stay small?

"It's quick and helpful to talk. I'd like you to do that if possible. In the meantime, I'll definitely supply you with meals, and if you stay big, you'll eat more, right?

"... it sure is"

The fact that you are very small is also like a power saving mode for Mr. Fire Dragon.

"But sometimes it has to be the basic size..."

"Except sometimes, if you'll stay small, that's fine"

Mr. Fire Dragon often thinks. I want to go home to my original home. I do what I do to get home. Then although I need to wander around on the side...... and so on?

Eventually I say it like shabu-shabu.

"I guess we can secure a meal, right?

"Even if I can't, I ask you to supply me with the magic of the Knight's fire"

You shouldn't have to burn the woods because you're hungry.

"Come on......"

"Then it's up to you!

After a heavy reply, I lifted Mr. Fire Dragon and took him before the captain.

Though I'm somewhat dissatisfied with her face, I guess Mr. Fire Dragon has no problem with it because he's a grownup.

"Are you sure?

"Yes, they're going to sign a contract"

Answering the captain, the captain gave the contract as he had done to me.

"Then it's the Fire Dragon. Remember, as long as you're on this contract, you can't go against my will. If you harm this castle or the Knights man, you will soon erase your existence as a Spirit"

Wow, the words of the captain of the regiment are quite harsher than they were at my time. Is it because I almost burned the forest?

"... until I regain my original power."

I'm also saying something a little disturbing over here.

The captain turns his right hand up and casts a spell.

A circle of white light appeared over its hand, as if I had seen when it was.

It feels considerably more casual than it did to me, and the captain passes a circle of light through Mr. Fire Dragon's neck. The ring of light, which had surely become the size of Mr. Fire Dragon's neck, soon disappeared to melt and became invisible.