The captain breathes.

"The contract was made. And then there's Yura, like keeping this fire dragon under control. I'm about to go because I have business to attend to, but I'll leave Eval alone. I hope he's out in the courtyard."

"Yes, thank you"

Now I can just give you a meal without worrying about Mr. Fire Dragon going wild.

I was the one who thanked him with relief, but the captain of the regiment when he walked away was not alarmed.

"Don't push it. If you need anything, just call me... okay?

The captain, who said so as he approached him, whispered the last word in his ear.


The captain leaves the room, laughing at how I am holding my ears down and circling my eyes.


Why have you become so, so bad for your heart!?

In the meantime, I tried to hit my head against a wall nearby to calm my head. Ouch. But a little sanity came back. And think.

I don't know what caused this.

"... I think that one. Could it be that you're used to taking the captain's tag off?

I thought there had been a lot of contact with the captain lately.

At first I was hesitant to stroke him, but if I thought I could hold him more often...... I've been kissing my temples on purpose lately.

I feel like I just had a hesitation the first time, but now I can't see the reluctance.


I guess the reason I'm bothered is because, after all, I expect it.

Guys, you should want someone to like you.

If you think that's great, you'd be glad to get a favor. I hug them, so I know they don't hate me, which is why I'm going to expect extra.

"I have a pet contract..."

Parents and protected persons. A subordination agreement, signed with the head of the delegation to create that relationship.

Since then, I have been trying to be a pet so as not to mistake the favor of the captain, and the captain treated me like a pet.

So until these actions, when you start to suspect that it's an extension, you feel like that and there's nothing you can do about it.

"No, no. One day we're gonna leave."

I shook my head and snapped like that.

So no matter what the head of the regiment does, it shouldn't be serious.

"Let's have dinner first"

I took Mr. Fire Dragon and went outside.

Walking in the courtyard with Mr. Fire Dragon, who flies with wings on his back, the knights, who had a street in their face of oops, turn this way.

"That... the dragon made smaller by Yura's tea, right?

"Yada or wow. Me too."

"If you get your hands on it, they'll bite you. It's a firedragon for once... Fire Dragon, what is it? I'm sure he's in shape."

"If it was difficult to persuade me, I would crusade, I was listening... Oh, no way. You didn't deliberately turn it down to take me walking, did you?

There are some strange rumors spreading.

I didn't mean to. It's wet!?

But I can't tell you the truth, so I just have to silence the rumors. Is there something I can tell you about helping Mr. Fire Dragon, who was about to be deprived of his magic, or that I absorbed so that no other witch would steal his magic...

"Well, I wonder when Mr. Eval will be here"

Arrange in a corner with no courtyard people and wait for Mr. Eval.

Eventually Mr. Eval arrived. From this timing, it looks like he rushed right after the captain told him.

Or he's running.

Mr. Eval stops in front of me and Mr. Fire Dragon, who stays in his embrace, and takes his cut breath.

"Hey, is something wrong?

It wasn't supposed to be such a rush to come.

But he finally calmed down, Mr. Eval said, staring at me with a kick.

"Kee, I hope you don't mind! I heard it was more of a fire dragon meal than that?

"Yes. I was going to feed Mr. Fire Dragon. But I wanted to use the magic of fire, so I asked the captain to keep an eye on me just in case..."

"Yes, that's what Master Lucien told me. Shall we start eating now?"

Come on. Come on. Mr. Eval will rush you. What's the matter, Mr. Eval? Not like always......

"Uh, if you do, Mr. Fire Dragon, you'll be away for a little while. I'm afraid of the aftermath."

"... you're going to hit something that's going to hurt you in the aftermath when you say it's this weak-looking look of me?

"No, not really. It's okay. I'll add or subtract it."

"Yes, add or subtract it. I'm just worried about attacking that little firedragon with the magic of fire..."

In between, I wonder if you understand the conversation between me and Mr. Fire Dragon, Mr. Eval said.

"Oh, does Mr. Eval understand the language of dragons?

When I accidentally asked, I was looked at like I saw something sincerely unfortunate.

"I'm just listening to what you're saying. Because I say aftermath and things that surprise me that I'm assuming I'm going to do everything I can. I'd definitely like you to add and subtract it."

"Oh, yes, was it Master Left..."

I did reflect that I might be a little surprised.

"Well, let's do it once."

I was watched by Mr. Eval, so I cast a spell carefully, adding and subtracting the smaller Fireball Level 1.

"All right, come on."

That's what Mr. Fire Dragon says, so he hits the fireball.

And Mr. Fire Dragon, like a dog catching a ball, ate a puckered fireball.

"I see. You eat."

"Absolutely.... Right. Wouldn't this be better than what we did with the tea earlier? Give me more."

Come on, come on, say it. Mr. Fire Dragon floats with his patties and wings on his back.

So I keep releasing the other one, the other one, and the fireball.

Uh, open your mouth and wait for Mr. Fire Dragon, a fireball that gets sucked in. After eating, it looks kind of yummy.

I don't know, it feels like a hundred knocking exercises in this baseball club.

But there are only about ten of them that you can make a big deal of.

"That, what? Fire Dragon Bully?

The knights I witnessed misunderstand something...

And I thought Mr. Eval wouldn't say anything, and I looked back, keeping my mouth down, turning obliquely back, and somehow plumping my shoulders.

"What do you mean the Fire Dragon is... small and adorable..."


I, Mr. Eval, can see why I came in a hurry. You wanted to see Mr. Fire Dragon getting smaller. He said he was impressed with the dining landscape.

What, Mr. Eval is a little animal lover?

In the meantime, I'll stop feeding here. If I keep doing it indefinitely, that's exactly what makes my anomaly noticeable.

"So, Mr. Fire Dragon, what do you say? You think you can grow up?

"Well, yeah."

Mr. Fire Dragon once jumps up with his wings and goes higher than the roof.

So I wondered if it emitted red phosphorescent light, and my body fluttered and grew larger.

Oh, about the size of a big dog?

Mr. Fire Dragon had been flying slowly over the castle for a while. That's how I voluntarily descend into the courtyard and get smaller.

"You still seem more efficient with fire. No sign of going back."

"Shall we make the rest this way, then? But I'll see you later."

Anyway, I figured out how to get Mr. Fire Dragon back, so good.

The day after I was relieved that way.

Before the opening of the store in the morning, visitors arrived at the continuation of Mr. Fire Dragon's refill.

"I'm here to buy you more tea! Big boom, lady!

It was Mr. Jörn, the merchant.