I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

I want to expand my sales channels for tea, Mr. Jorn.

Yorn, in a grey beret-like hat and a grey jacket that seemed more tailored than before, waited in front of the coffee shop.

And I'm not alone.

She had a blonde woman who looked a little older than me and a younger boy with gray hair.

"It's been a while, Mr. Jorn!

I rush over.

Then, for some reason, the younger boy, who was behind Mr. Jorn's diagonal, took a step back with a slight face. What's wrong with that?

Mr. Jörn, as before, has laughed and offered his hand with Nico.

"It's been a long time since you've been here, young lady. No, I already had a lot to talk to you about. We hurried up and cut the deal and got here."

"Thank you for coming. If you are with us, are you in business...?

"Oh, my niece and I are my sons. I would love to treat these kids to your daughter's tea, so I came to say hello."

I see. Were you there? Especially if you have a son, he has the same hair color as Mr. Jörn, and if you look closely, he does have a similar face. Around a firm jaw?

Thought you were doing business alone, but your family seemed to be working with you.

"That's what you're talking about! Hi, it's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Yura."

"It's Anita, thank you"

Mr. Jorn's niece Anita offered her hand and shook her hand as she cared behind me, though with a grinning look on her face.

"It's Marc. Please soften your hands..."

I guess I had to get my hands on it myself. Very frightened, Mr. Maruc came with his hand.

In the words of Eval, who seems to have guided Mr. Jørn, although I wondered how the hell they both reacted that way, I see why.

"Yura... how flattering... can a Fire Dragon not fly on its own?

Oh, and I realize. Because there's a firedragon stuck on my shoulder. It's stuck on my shoulder like a cunt.

If you had something obviously dragon-like on your shoulder, that would certainly scare you.

Mr. Jörn remained in a good mood and finally noticed the Fire Dragon.

"It's a new ornament. That's right, lady. I don't have eyes for rare things!

Mr. Yorn didn't normally recognize Mr. Fire Dragon!

"Well, it could be a dragon for real."

I grabbed Mr. Fire Dragon's mouth and blocked him while explaining that, but your angry Mr. Fire Dragon still protested.

Muggy! And he's roaring. Oh, he's blowing smoke from the edge of his mouth. Good thing they stopped me before I blew the fire.

"Uh, when I fly in the building, my wings hit things, and it's hard to fly, so I think I chose to be transported on my shoulder, Mr. Eval."


As Mr. Maruc is a little grumpy, he is crushing.

"I knew you were a firedragon."

I whisper and Anita twinkle, but she has an intriguing eye for the frightening but firedragon.

"10,000 gold coins when stripped..."

Shit. I think Anita heard some hell of a word. No doubt she is a merchant.

But I and the captain have to protect Mr. Fire Dragon more than I signed the contract, so I want you to spare me the stripping.

I took an unexpected step back and Mr. Fire Dragon, who understands the human language, moved from shoulder to back sticking shape.

He may have been wary of being hunted by humans because his original size and strength have not yet returned.

"By the way, didn't they have a business meeting with Yura?

Mr. Eval also trivially leaves in front of my oblique to protect Mr. Fire Dragon, and yes asks Mr. Yorn.

Mr. Jörn slapped his hand with a pound,

"Yes, yes, yes, it is! Your daughter's tea has sold so much already! I'm here because it's gone in no time!

"Is that so?

A merchant lets go that far and says, "Sold! 'Cause I'm pretty sure.

"I went on to ask you to arrive more there. I want to expand my sales channels!

"Sales channels"

Oh, I think.

Does this mean a good opportunity to spread more tea?

Anyway, I got him inside the coffee shop.

To have a business conversation, leave a closing bill on the outside. Something that deals with customers and doesn't have an ex or a child when this story goes away.

I make and serve tea for the number of people.

At Mr. Jorn's rate, he doesn't seem to negotiate money or anything like that like he did last time, and let's get him to recover his long journey fatigue with regular tea and have a lot to talk about.

Serving tea, Mr. Eval helped too.

"You're the key person in this situation," he said.

... Somehow, I have a feeling Mr. Eval is going to be a good husband if he can get married. I'm sure whoever became your wife would be very grateful to Eval for moving on with the chores.

No, no, not if you're thinking about that now.

Ask Mr. Fire Dragon to stay on the table away. I don't mind Mr. Jörn, because Mr. Maruc is frightened, and Anita is in danger.

That's how after she sat down, Mr. Jörn told me about it since then.