I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

The sales channels are going to expand all at once

"As soon as you get your tea, go to the Barkaus next door first."

Mr. Yorn, who talks, remains almost face-to-face.

"There was no such thing as a lord's handover there, so I just hung on to my fellow merchants to see if I could buy some. Still, it seemed to work well for my strength recovery. Instead, there were people who bought it because they wanted it."

I'm sure an extra order will come at a later date, Jorn adds.

"So, I decided to extend my legs further beyond that, to the Wang capital. I was introduced to a few noblemen from my colleagues who bought tea, so I decided that I would definitely sell it."

After disposing of most of the items that had been purchased in Barkaus territory, Mr. Jörn went for the Wang capital in the fastest possible manner.

That's how I visited each noble house….

"Brilliant, successfully selling tea to three aristocrats"


I applaud unexpectedly.


Excited Mr. Jörn gets up.

"After I sold it, I received an extra order as soon as possible while I was staying a few days to buy the product and go because it was the king's capital! So!

Mr Jörn said to me all the way out.

"Twice the last time...... no, not nearly triple. We want you to be able to supply that tea as regularly as possible, and we want you to wholesale it."

That's how I pointed to Mr. Maruc with my hand.

"For commerce destined for Wang Capital, I or Marc will undertake and sell. Marc is also entrusted with the shop while it is small in his hometown, so we will definitely treat the product carefully!

I see. Looks like we decided to take Mr. Maruc's hand because we have more people to sell at once.

Then what will Mr. Anita do?

I just thought, Mr. Jörn said with a nigga laugh.

"Anita heard the story and asked me to help her spread the sales channel in a different direction."

Mr. Jörn takes a seat there and speaks to Anita.

"I am a pedestrian whose father came from Tanastra. In that country, it's customary to simmer Hedel thick, add milk and drink it."

"Give me Hedell."

What kind of milk is Hedell... like a broccoli latte? It was in my previous life, but I've actually never had a drink.

And I had never heard of it in the Arlendar kingdom, and I usually had a Japanese tea feel too, so I never put milk in it. It feels a little strange.

"That's why this tea. The milk fits so well that I think it will definitely be a hit in Tanastra. There must be a lot of people who like it like Hedelmilk!

So I stand up.

Mr. Jorn, the clan seems to have a habit of getting up when excited.... Ah, Mr. Maruc is a grown-up, so maybe he's inheriting Mr. Jörn's wife's temperament.

"I would love to have my permission to sell tea to Tanastra. Can't you please, Mr. Yura!

Besides, Anita is less far-fetched than Mr. Jörn because she is female to female.

He stepped out and held my hand tightly.

"Uh, yes, I get it"

Anita let go did it in front of me, who accidentally responded -! and banzai.

Probably because I didn't have time to stop it. Mr. Eval, who was next door, tells me softly.

"Are you sure?

"... Think about it, I thought there would be nothing against me. And in expanding our sales channels, Tanastra is closer than Wang Du, isn't it?"

Besides... considering the future, it's a boat to me.

If I were to infiltrate Tanastra at any rate, I might get a lot of handouts through Anita.

Besides, at the same time as the Kingdom of Arlendar, being able to expand its sales channels to Tanastra means being able to spread tea twice as fast, right?

So I don't mind......

Why is Sola telling me to spread more tea?

I think I'll have to pursue it later, but I'll move on to discussing the amount of tea to be wholesaled.

As for Mr. Jörn & Mr. Maluk going around within the Arlendar kingdom, three times as much as last time, wholesale three barrels and entrust two barrels to Anita going to Tanastra.

It's all up front, of course.

What do I do if I get too rich...... My grandmother and I ran a small store that earned an annual income, and we're already over it...

I thought, Mr. Eval coughed up and came into the conversation.

"If you are selling within the kingdom of Arlendar, you may use the name of the Duke of Alvain by the head of our Knights' regiment."

"Holy shit!?

If you are the captain, will you also assist me in selling tea?

"Finally, you will deliver about three bags of the tea you will be purchasing to the Duke's Mansion in Wangdu..."

And, Mr. Eval starts negotiating as the Duke's house.

Anita talked to me in anticipation of the interruption.

"And that tea, it tasted so good, Mr. Yura. This tea was invented by chance?

"Ah... it's more or less like that. He wants a cup of tea with an unusual flavour... ahahahahahahaha"

I can't tell you anymore that I wanted to recreate the tea I drank in my previous life.

"Creating quantities takes a lot of time, doesn't it? Can you see that?


I wondered what to do.

Though it's not like keeping it to yourself, Mr. Eval in Hell's ear turned this way.

"Keep it a secret, Yura. If you don't keep your manufacturing methods secret, you'll soon have counterfeits out there. You should try not to leak outside the Knights."

"I see..."

However, Mr. Eval adds.

"It will probably be harder for you to keep producing tea on your own once you've expanded your sales channels more than you expected. At that time, I would like to develop a cheap product that reproduces similar flavors and deliberately flush it from here, although it has no magical effect, as you have made it."


"Oh, that's good!

Even though I was surprised, Mr Jörn raised his hands in favour.

"If this one is priced as well, by keeping it considerably cheaper than the real one, similar products can no longer be sold at higher prices. Then the price and value of real tea will be less likely to decline."

"Oh, really?

If you can't imagine for a moment and say so, Mr. Eval nods.

I don't know, but I could understand Mr. Eval even thinking about the other thing. So I'll leave it to you.

I thought so. It was me.