Aside from Mr. Eval's ambitions, what I should do is produce in large quantities.

Since the last time, there was a delivery of strain and Hedel via Eval, and I made it tea, so I already have storage for one barrel.

With all this, you thought you'd be able to give it to Mr. Jorn the next time he arrived.

But this is not enough.

We need five barrels in all, so we should produce four more barrels.

So Mr. Eval informed the knights.

"We will intensify the Heddell hunt on patrol. (ii) He who brings a cage shall be paid 1.3 times more."

The knights rejoiced. So to speak, you can take a bit of an inside job while you're at work, approved by the company, and it's like saying the company buys it at a higher price than usual.

That's what you do.

I didn't know how much that would bring me together, so I decided to go pick it up today too.

"Closed in the morning"

On the "Closed" bill on the door, "Just in the morning?" Paste the paper and leave dressed to go out to the nearby woods.

It's a forest near town across the street.

It is that forest that is no longer becoming memorable to begin and confirm the magical effects, or to make your first encounter with Mr. Fire Dragon.

"Back then, I had no idea you were going to carry Mr. Fire Dragon in a cage."

"Let's just say I didn't think I could put it in a cage..."

From the cage I carried, I hear a grudge festival.

But thanks to taking Mr. Fire Dragon like that, the knights who go along judge that it won't be a problem to protect themselves.

"It would be enough to have a fire dragon"

"Say hello to little Yura!

"Who's the little one, then? Oh"

Fire dragon said little one, squeaks smoke out of his mouth.

Please don't, Mr. Fire Dragon. Something about the contents of the cage seems to be burning, and it's a lot of attention from the people around you.

The fire hasn't gone up, but I don't like the taste of Raccoon from Mount Kathikachi.

"Mr. Fire Dragon, you're not taking me, are you?

Speaking to the cage, it turned into a puffy, dull smoke.

Anyway, Mr. Fire Dragon is following me very closely because he wants to gain magic as breakfast.

Without eyes, if you generate a large fireball and Mr. Fire Dragon eats it, you'll be supplied with just enough magic to be big in no time. But when they leave, that won't come true.

The only way to keep eating a decent fireball, Mr. Fire Dragon, is to grow up.

"Even when it comes to fire dragons, I am anxious to move alone in this small"

It was Mr. Fire Dragon who said that.

"Sometimes you get attacked by other flying demons. That's why we need some size just to fly around."


So Mr. Fire Dragon, who wants to be free to take a walk, wants to be able to make a big difference quickly. Even for me, I decided to multiply this Hedell hunt because it is not sneaky for Mr. Fire Dragon to be eaten or injured by other demons.

Anyway, the knights seem so dispersed that they prune far away hedels so as not to uproot nearby woods or anything.

So you won't encounter it right around here.

I walked down the road to the woods, which I began to accustom myself to, and reached the woods, where Mr. Fire Dragon had made it black scorched.

Naturally it still remains black scorched.

It's a bit of a painful landscape, but it's just right to hit Mr. Fire Dragon with magic.

Mr. Fire Dragon, coming out of the cage, stands by a short distance.

"I'm coming."

It's easy for me this time, too. Unlike in public, you don't even need to cast a spell to add or subtract, so you can press the button. That's what I thought.

Pooch, pooch, pooch.

When I get on track and hit him in a row, three fireballs come out at a time and fly to Mr. Fire Dragon.

But Mr. Fire Dragon couldn't keep up with this mechanical streak.

Fireball level 1 activated.

Three fireballs fly to Mr. Fire Dragon, and Mr. Fire Dragon swallows a fireball the size of his body.

It feels like you're inhaling smoke, but it seemed hard to swallow the three at once.

While I'm doing that, the next minute I hit him in a row is delivered to Mr. Fire Dragon.


Mr. Fire Dragon in a hurry to take it. They don't burn and they're not hot, but they look very hard to inhale and process.

"Hey, Ma..."

Fireball level 1 activated. I fly to Mr. Fire Dragon, and Mr. Fire Dragon rushes to take it and desperately swallows the flame.


Fireball level 1 activated again while you're at it. Flew away to Mr. Fire Dragon.

"Sorry, after I hit you a couple of times first! Can we stop this?

That said, I don't see a revocation button.

One of these days you won't see Mr. Fire Dragon surrounded by a mass of fireballs.

"What do I do, I'm fine!?

"... Ofu"

Looks like Mr. Fire Dragon keeps swallowing fireballs, but it looks painful.

"You can't fly ice spears, water, water..."

After thinking, I ran to the pond that was right on my side.

Just in the pond, with water spirits like Tobiuo, and goblin spirits too, so I use cookies on them.


Asked by three goblin spirits, I did every request that this was all I had anymore.

"I want that fire extinguished!


The three goblin spirits simultaneously decide on a good job pose, twirling and turning out on the water.


While I was saying, the pond water blew up like a fountain.

"Yep, yep!?

The water blew up all the way to Mr. Fire Dragon's, took him to take in the fireball, and flooded everything around him.

Though I'm done with the water blowing up soon.


I was on the side, too. Shiitake and wet.

Mr. Fire Dragon was on the ground because it was a double punch of fire pressure and water pressure.

"Or is Mr. Fire Dragon okay!?

Even if I pick it up in a hurry, Mr. Muddy Fire Dragon looks at me resentfully.

"All you witches..."

"We apologize for the inconvenience"

As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing but an apology.

Anyway, I decided to clean Mr. Muddy Fire Dragon. He said the water could take a little longer now, so take him to the side of the pond and wipe the mud with the water.

I'm the problem.


The cloak will weigh and no other clothes or skirt will dry me while I walk. Water is dripping from the edge.


The sneeze also came out. I just thought I had to hurry home, and I was called out.

"Mr. Yura?


When I replied and looked back, it was Mr. Frey who was there.