Mr. Frey, who approached me when he heard back, finds out that I'm a wet rat and runs off.

"Why are you so wet!?

"Actually, that."

Shit. I can't tell you it was to save Mr. Fire Dragon from my fireball. Besides, it's kind of impossible to be wet playing with the Spirit or something.

Uh, uh.

"I had a bit of a fight with Mr. Fire Dragon, but what's with attacking magic, so I slipped my legs when I watered the pond"

... it's a terrible excuse for me.

That's right, Mr. Frey, too, comes looking at something a little too bad.

Um, I'm sorry, your silliness doesn't heal right away.

"Yura, no matter how much, in that year..."

"Ohhhh! Why is Mr. Frey here? Didn't they go on patrol?!?

If this happens anymore, we'll have to block it out loud. You'll know I don't want to be asked even if it's unnatural.

Mr. Frey laughed bitterly.

"First, Mr. Yura, you should dry your clothes. If the fire dragon burned, it would be okay to burn some big fire."

"Oh, I see."

Mr. Frey, who got on with the story while I know, is a good man after all.

I just ask Mr. Fire Dragon.

"I'd love to catch fire over there, but could you light the firewood I collected?

"I don't care about that, but will you dry it?


"Then it will be a little dry"

Mr. Fire Dragon opened his mouth wide and breezed as he looked like a jerk.

Oh, no way, give me a brace!? And I tried to be vigilant, but it was the hot air that blew in.

Does it feel like a full body dryer?

"Oh, oh, this is good, Mr. Fire Dragon!

It was me hitting it with emotion, but that's just how Mr. Fire Dragon couldn't breathe out the wind all the time either.

In about thirty seconds, I'm out of breath once.

Still, my hair is mostly dry and my body is warm. Although the clothes have not yet dried.

"Wow, wow! Mr. Fire Dragon would have a very good stunt!

"Whoa, you want to praise me more!

"But my clothes aren't dry yet, so I figured the fire, could you wake me up?


Knowing that the current hot air brace was not enough, Mr. Fire Dragon was upset with regret.

Mr. Frey laughs watching it.

"You seem a lot closer together. The Fire Dragon almost attacked you."

"The first meeting did suck. Mr. Fire Dragon was about to kill me."

The Fire Dragon I met in this forest came at me with a real brace, and mine, at first, were going to take it down.

Come to think of it, it was like a huge slaughter relationship.

"Somehow, after I found out I could talk to you? Probably because we found that we could communicate with each other to some extent if we spoke..."

If I couldn't talk to Mr. Firedragon in a remote area on that mystery channel, the results might have been different.

I might have decided it was a little difficult, even if Sola told me to make you drink tea. As a result, it could have been defeated normally.

But because I could talk, I thought I'd do something to make him drink tea, and Mr. Fire Dragon loathed it on me.

Answer as you walk away from the pond.

Until the area where Mr. Fire Dragon burned, right away.

On arrival, Mr. Frey picks up a dry tree. Mr. Fire Dragon ignites when he piles up near a place where he seems to be able to sit.

That's right, when the dragon lit it, it caught fire all at once.

"Oh, warm......"

If I was crouching on the side, Mr. Frey would tell me.

"You should just take that cape off and hit the fire. Sometimes if you ask the Fire Dragon for the warm breeze just now, it will dry quickly."

"Oh, right"

If I take my cape off quickly, Mr. Frey will gently take it from the side and sprinkle it on the branch of the tree right on the side.

"Thank you"

"No, you don't have to worry"

I apologized to Mr. Frey for saying so and spread the cloth on the spot that was going to be the rug I was putting in my basket on my back.

"Please sit down. It'll just take a little while to dry out."


Mr. Frey, who responded, does not look at me, although he sat a little further next to me after it was slightly there.

Speaking of which, Mr. Frey, how did you get here? I'm not carrying a cage to put Hedell in.

I ask a question as I ask Mr. Fire Dragon to blow a warm breeze brace from the side.

"So, Mr. Frey, why are you here?

"... To be honest, I was looking for you"

"Is that me? Why..."

"Fire dragons basically recognize people as enemies. No matter how small, you don't know when to fang people, do you?

"Oh, I see..."

Indeed. If you didn't know that there was a contract between me and Mr. Fire Dragon for the transfer of magic, or that you were being made to sign with the captain of the regiment, you would be.

Is that it? Can we talk about the contract we have with the captain? Well, I'll check with the captain later. You know, just so you don't get busted, that's why I signed the contract.

"Shit, you can say whatever you want"

Mr. Fire Dragon, who stopped the brace once, poisons. By the way, the warm wind brace is that it can be served after a few minutes of rest.

You were upset, Mr. Fire Dragon flew up to Mr. Frey and kicked him on the back with his back leg all the way.

Mr. Frey, feeling up for a moment, seemed a little clapped out.

After laughing bitterly and looking at me, I get up with my gaze right on the fire again.

"One more thing, there was a reason..."

Mr. Frey, who pulled out his sword, turns his back on me and looks towards the pond that came.

"Mr. Yura stay there. I'll be done in a minute."


Having raised my voice of doubt, I took my breath when I saw two black figures appearing across Mr. Frey, by the pond.


Where I was banned from spiritual fusion. He was dressed the same way as the people who were there.