I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

One day, in the woods, he was reunited with his abductor.

They appeared on the side of the pond, after a white flame ran to the ground.

I feel cold on purpose.

The white flame, as the two figures emerged to float, became like a single sphere of fire as they raised their voices, extinguishing them somewhere.

I've seen it - it's probably the Spirit of the Underworld.

As soon as I wonder why the Spirit of the Underworld, I realize for myself.

These people seemed to have moved momentarily from somewhere. There are few magic that can imitate that.

And if the Spirit of the Underworld is involved... Underworld art.

So I was sure.

The outfit isn't just similar. These people are among the people who kidnapped me.

And as soon as I find out it's the people who abducted me, fear crawls up from under my feet.

My legs tremble and I can't stand up. Like it was winter all around me at once, the chill hit me.

Mr. Fire Dragon, not even your opponent has been this far.

I was scared, but I could move, and I could think of no harm to the town, and I felt like trying to defend myself.

But now, I don't know what to do.

I just have to shrink, and I get a bunch of spirits in goblins from nowhere.

"Bullshit. Bullshit."

"Because now Yura is tougher"

"I don't care, I don't care"

When I say that and the goblin spirits touch me, the shudder pulls away.


I remember this feeling.

I don't know when. Thus, as soon as I was stuck, I felt scared away.

Was that because of the spirits?

But I just wondered why it stops when the Spirit can fool me... and I remember.

"Because I'm half spirited."

Because he's one of us.

Maybe a normal person can do something too. But the moment I whisper, my feelings soften, and my anxiety disappears somewhere.

Because I have the same part of the Spirit as them and that stops me from being scared?

"Yura, you're a jerk."

"Hey Nanjo, Hanbu"

The spirits say, in response to my imagination like that.

"Because if you're not Uncle Hanbu, you can't be a witch"


So what did the kidnappers do to merge people with spirits?

I was just thinking that I used such a ban to be a witch so that I could put a lot of magic into it.

But maybe it's for some different element. Without it, to give people some power, like you can't be a witch...

I finally change my mind when I'm calm and not if I'm doing that.

If you look at Mr. Frey, he's been staring at the men in black for a while.

It hasn't been a battle yet.

Whatever that purpose is, we need to help if we have to. I just stood up thinking so, a man in black said.

"Why are you sheltering that daughter, Lady Frey"


How does the kidnapper know Mr. Frey's name?

But Mr. Frey doesn't even move his shoulders tightly. You think it doesn't matter that you're not upset, because you knew they would say so?.

In front of me confused, the abductor still asks Mr. Frey.

"Step aside there. This girl is becoming a witch. If we don't end this, it will be an obstacle to this witch. Now the dragon's magic has been stolen."

"Disability... this witch..."

I was still calm by the sudden change of circumstances. Maybe thanks to the Goblin Spirit stuck to his arm.

So the kidnapper's words drank up.

They succeeded in creating another witch. Maybe that's the witch who made the deal with Mr. Fire Dragon.

And you know I got in the way when I took Mr. Fire Dragon's magic...

So I could have kept Mr. Fire Dragon's magic a lot?

On the other hand, hey, isn't this a bad situation?

They taught Mr. Frey that I was a witch.

Would you believe that?

Anyway, Mr. Frey seems to have some kind of connection to them.

Besides, from what they call "Dear," doesn't that mean that Mr. Frey belongs to some kind of organization, and he's superior to the kidnapper in it?

I'm also concerned there, but when I think I find out that I'm a witch, I'm going to tremble in a different way than I just did.

Mr. Frey might hate me. On the contrary, if you are a witch, the other knights threaten to tear you apart.

Or do you think I'm lying to you?

The only way to keep an eye on me was to turn around and Mr. Frey told the kidnapper.

"You still don't know who killed the man who sent you to the Fire Dragon."

"............... Dear Frey, what if"

To Mr. Frey's words, the two kidnappers are upset.

Because it's like Mr. Frey says he killed one of their people.

"I don't remember agreeing to make a witch. I wouldn't let her touch a finger without that."

Mr. Frey declares so and continues to confront the abductor without lowering his sword.

Whether you believed you were a witch or not, Mr. Frey will continue to be on my side. I was relieved to find that out.

"Dear Frey... that would make you sadder"

"No one grieves. This should go around and save you too."

The kidnapper who heard the answer seems to be trying to use some sort of technique.

I take something out of my nostrils, and flutter there, the spirits of water in Tobiuo, who were nearby, come to me.

It's a subtle sight, though, to look at, gathered in the bait fish you have.

Mr. Frey waves his sword to the left and right, pulling the tail of the effect shining in gold and rushing out.

"Yura, Boogie Boogie Boogie"

The goblin spirits that were stuck to my arms rushed me.

That's right. I'm not the one town girl who can't do anything anymore.